ECW Hardcore TV 2/27/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
Date: 2/27/1999
From: Queens, NY

1.) Super Crazy defeated Tajiri
2.) FTW Champion Sabu fought Skull Von Krush to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Joey Styles is standing in the ring as the fans are erupting with cheers. Well, we go to the Dudley Boys who are somewhere backstage (Heymans grandmothers basement) and they cut a promo on Public Enemy. Bubba lists some of the matches that Public Enemy won during their time in ECW. They are the men who ran Public Enemy out of ECW to go to the WWF. They promise that New Jack will not get his hands on Mustafa because he’d have to go through them.

2.) A video promoting the feud between Dudley Boys and Public Enemy is shown. The video highlights the challenge, Dudley Boys dressing up as Public Enemy, Public Enemy arriving to brawl with the Dudleys and then Dudley’s getting revenge in Detroit. Also, the eventual reveal that Mustafa was the mysterious benefactor.

3.) Crazy dropkicks Tajiri to start the match but walks into a superkick. Tajiri sends Crazy into the ring post and tosses Crazy into the front row with a suplex. Tajiri takes Crazy out with a springboard moonsault into the crowd. Tajiri kicks Crazy on the apron into the ring. Tajiri puts the tarantula on Crazy but has to let go quickly. Crazy plants Tajiri with a sit down powerbomb for a two count. Crazy locks in a surfboard but Tajiri refuses to give in. Crazy switches to a dragon sleeper, as per usual. Crazy dropkicks Tajiri to the floor and places Tajiri into the crowd. Crazy takes Tajiri out with a springboard twisting moonsault. Crazy hits a springboard moonsault into the ring for a two count. Crazy slams Tajiri to the mat and hits a springboard moonsault for another two count. Tajiri crotches Crazy on the top rope and hits a baseball slide dropkick while Crazy was in the tree of woe. Tajiri continues with several kicks and a dropkick to a seated Crazy. Tajiri nearly wins with a German suplex. Crazy low blows Tajiri and misses a knee strike crashing over the top to the floor. Tajiri hits a somersault dive to the floor. Tajiri kicks Crazy but Crazy comes back with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Tajiri plants Crazy with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Crazy hits a springboard missile dropkick three times. Crazy hits a springboard frog splash for the win. (***. They have a formula and sometimes they add different things to the match to spice it up a bit. However, there is no question they have the same handful of spots in there and just go out there to entertain the fans.)

4.) Von Krush powerslams Sabu and hits a middle rope elbow drop as the match is joined in progress. Von Krush comes off the ropes to deliver a leg drop and taunts the crowd. Von Krush elbow drops Sabu on the groin. Von Krush misses a splash off the middle rope. Sabu baseball slides Von Krush to the floor and tosses Von Krush rib first into the guard railing. Sabu sets up a table outside the ring. Von Krush puts Sabu onto the table outside the ring and climbs to the top rope. Sabu crotches Von Krush and hits a superplex into the ring for a near fall. Sabu puts Von Krush onto the table and proceeds to dive onto Von Krush in the crowd. Sabu jabs a fan with a spike in the crowd? I think he’s beating up a fan.

I’m confused. Sabu has a young male and is beating on him at ringside with a spike. Joey Styles is silent. Von Krush gets a chair shot from Alfonso and Sabu splashes Von Krush through a table. Sabu gets a microphone and wants Taz. Taz makes his way out and brawls with Sabu! That leads to a giant pull apart in the ring with the locker room emptying to keep them apart. (*. I mean, the point of this was for the aftermath. It wasn’t anything special, just kinda happen.)

5.) Lance Storm makes his way down to the ring and is greeted with jeers. Storm says that Tammy Lynn Bytch isn’t in ECW anymore. Joey Styles notices that Don Callis is in the rafters above the ECW banner. Storm says that Dreamer needs some plastic surgery so that he can fit into some wrestling trunks like everyone else. Storm has a new manager and brings out Beulah! Well, it’s not Beulah. Instead, it’s Tammy Lynn Bytch pretending to be Beulah. Tommy Dreamer enters the ring and beats on Storm. Justin Credible slides into the ring and beats on Dreamer! Dreamer is double teamed by Storm and Credible. Dreamer gets whacked over the head with a kendo stick. Shane Douglas enters the ring and cleans house with right hands to make the save. Douglas is fired up. Francine spears Jason! Francine is pummeling Jason with right hands. Dreamer gets to his feet and looks over to Douglas. Douglas and Francine do the triple threat taunt and want Dreamer to do the same. The crowd wants him to accept it too. Dreamer thinks about it and he does. Douglas and Dreamer embrace!

Final Thoughts:

The closing segment is the major takeaway for me. Douglas had turned on Dreamer before, but this is a personal matter and their partnership appears to be warranted to take on Credible and Storm. That tag feud has been enjoyable and the Sabu/Taz feud is always entertaining. For me, those are two strong matches to headline Living Dangerously.

Thanks for reading.

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