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ECW Hardcore TV 2/20/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
Date: 2//20/1999
From: Queens, NY

1.) Chris Chetti defeated Little Guido

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) ECW World Champion Taz steps out of a limo arriving to the building and the crowd greets him with an ECW chant. Taz tells them to hold up and says they have the belt. Taz does his catchphrase.

2.) Judge Jeff Jones cuts off a match involving Steve Corino and Kronus because Corino hit a powerbomb. Sid arrives and he’s pissed about Corino using the move. Sid grabs Corino by the throat and chokeslams Corino over the top through a table at ringside. Sid grabs Kronus and plants Kronus with a powerbomb. The fans want for one more powerbomb. Sid grabs Corino and plants him with a powerbomb in the ring. Fans chant again for one more powerbomb. Sid pulls Corino up and delivers another powerbomb. Sid puts his gum into Corino’s mouth for taking his soul. Sid pulls Kronus up and plants him with another powerbomb.

3.) Joey Styles is in the ring as the fans are cheering for the company. ECW World Champion Taz comes out to be interviewed by Styles. Taz says that someone at Living Dangerously is going get choked out or tapped out. He will choke out anyone that steps through that curtain. He also mentions that he is New York and he’ll be New York dead when that time comes. That was a short promo.

4.) Joey Styles says that there has been a rumor of Shane Douglas retiring from ECW tonight, which will be addressed tonight.

5.) Chetti backs Guido into a corner with a high kick but Guido bails to the floor. Guido shoves Chetti down but gets met with a few kicks before taking Chetti down to the mat. Guido gets arm control but isn’t able to get a submission. Guido taunts the crowd once Chetti reaches the ropes. Chetti and Guido counter each other a few more times on the mat. Guido low blows Chetti and nearly wins with a rollup. Sal trips Chetti, but Guido misses an elbow drop. Chetti decks Sal and avoids a crossbody by Chetti, who hits the floor. Chetti spin kicks Guido for a near fall. Chetti goes to the top rope hitting a crossbody for another two count. Guido works over Chetti with a few strikes on the mat to get control. Sal drives Chetti back first into the ring post before throwing him back into the ring. Chetti misses a springboard clothesline and Guido hits an elbow drop for a two count. Chetti drops Guido with a neckbreaker. Chetti runs the ropes to heel kick Guido. Chetti plants Guido with a powerslam for another two count. Chetti punches Sal on the apron. Guido almost collides with Sal and gets dropkicked into him. Chetti hits a Tiger Bomb and a double springboard moonsault for the win. (**1/2. Is this not the biggest win for Chetti’s career on television? Easily the biggest win in recent memory, I’d say. I enjoyed this and thought Chetti looked solid in there with Guido.)

6.) They have been really driving home the angle that the Dudley Boys have gotten rid of the Public Enemy. During the last match, it was mentioned at least five times.

7.) Dudley Boys are in the ring to cut a promo on Public Enemy. Bubba says that Public Enemy has sold everyone out in New York City. Bubba insults them by saying that Grunge was too high to be here anyway. Bubba says they have been here for three years and they have never backed down from a fight. They take credit for splitting up the Eliminators and are the team that stayed in ECW through thick and thin. Bubba says the fans weren’t there for them when they broke Sandman’s neck and broke Beulah’s neck. They are the greatest tag team of all-time and nobody can dispute that.

Naturally, New Jack comes out with a stop sign to dispute that. Jack has a microphone and questions what Bubba was just talking about. Bubba laughs that New Jack will get Kronus or Spike to be his tag team. Jack waits a moment and looks behind him. Mustafa appears with another trash can! The Gangstas are back in ECW! Mustafa and Jack clean house!

Mustafa turns on New Jack hitting him over the head with a guitar! Jack proceeds to be beaten up by the Dudleys and Mustafa with various weapon strikes. Jack has been busted wide open. Spike Dudley comes in causing everyone to back off, but Spike gets taken out with a 3D. The fans are chanting for Sid to come out for the save. The heels knock out Kronus, Spike and New Jack. Mustafa pays off the Dudley Boys and is revealed to be the mysterious benefactor. Mustafa continues to beat on Jack while the Dudleys enjoy the wad of cash they got.

8.) Shane Douglas and Francine enter the ring to address the rumors that Douglas is retiring. Douglas has his boots in his hand and is clearly getting choked up. Douglas says they lead a revolution in this industry. The last year and half of his life has sucked in every aspect. Francine is getting emotional. Douglas puts his boots down. Douglas says reports about his health have been greatly exaggerated. Douglas says his arm injury could have led to retirement, but he fought on like a champion. Douglas says he has always said that his last match would be his greatest match and even though he lost to Taz, he’s proud of that match. Douglas knows when it is time to pass on the boots. Douglas will never lose the sport because he can do things behind the scenes to keep the revolution going. Douglas says it is time to call it a career. The person who will carry on his legacy is… Douglas stops to embrace Francine.

Justin Credible and Jason come out to cutoff Douglas promo. Credible says he heard that Douglas is a smart man. Credible says that Douglas has made a decision of a lifetime. Credible says he beat Dreamer within an inch of his life. Terry Funk made him his protege. Credible thanks Douglas for passing the torch to him. Douglas looks confused.

Lance Storm makes his way out to the ring to apparently put his name into the hat. Storm says that he can do it all because he’s Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Storm is going to carry ECW like Bret Hart did for the WWF. Storm says he’s the next franchise. Douglas gets their attention and says that neither one of them are a franchise. Douglas says that Tommy Dreamer is. Francine saves Douglas from a kendo stick shot, but gets met with a shot to the face. Credible nails Douglas with a kendo stick shot. Dreamer enters the ring and eventually gets beaten down by Credible and Storm. Francine is bleeding from the face as she’s protecting Douglas. Credible kicks Francine in the face. Storm and Credible stand tall to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
Man, quite a bit going on here. I’m not thrilled with Mustafa being the mysterious benefactor. I’m hoping that was switched due to Public Enemy just leaving the company. That reveal was a major letdown for me. The final segment was done really well and Francine bleeding from the mouth makes Credible and Storm look like even bigger assholes. They have quickly inserted themselves at top of the top heels in ECW with that segment.

Thanks for reading.

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