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JAPW Wild Card II 1/7/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

Jersey All-Pro Wrestling presents Wild Card II
Date: 1/7/2006
From: Rahway, NJ

The Outcast Killaz cut a promo to start the show backstage talking about their tag title shot tonight. They aren’t going to cry about not getting title shots. This is the year of the killaz. They didn’t lose a match last year. Despite not losing a match, they didn’t get a title match. SAT and the Backseat Boys were given title shots before them. The Briscoe Brothers got three title shots. They believe 2006 will be their year.

Monsta Mack is backstage chatting with Monty Brown. Brown has arrived and there can only be one. Brown says his opponent will feel the Pounce tonight.

This is a show where nobody knows who they will be wrestling, at least most of them. Monsta Mack cuts a promo about his upcoming match with Trent Acid. They were part of two promising tag teams and Acid got a second chance. Mack has always brushed off people saying his partner is better than him. Now, it is his time to show how good he is. He’s not going to allow Trent Acid to work half-ass. Mack gives all his effort every match he has.

Backstage, Mercedes Martinez says she’s here for one reason and that is to take over the women’s division. She believes that Alicia hasn’t had competition previously.

Backstage, Alicia argues with Monsta Mack and shoves him telling him that he can be ready to be by himself.

Opening Contest: Mercedes Martinez vs. Alicia: Early on, Mercedes works over Alicia on the floor before they return to the ring. Martinez dropkicks Alicia as she’s trapped in the ropes hitting her on the back. Mercedes delivers a few chops, but Alicia sends Mercedes into the corner. It looked like Mercedes was supposed to go rib first into the post, but the momentum didn’t allow that to happen. Alicia forearms Martinez off the apron and continues to hammer away on Mercedes on the floor. Alicia dropkicks a seated Martinez for a two count. Martinez plants Alicia with a spine buster. Martinez messes up a front slam and takes Alicia down with a doubler under hook submission. Johnny D gets on the apron to cause a distraction. Martinez counters a rollup with a back suplex. Rhino comes out and GORES Martinez!

Jay Lethal runs down and hammers away on Rhino, but here comes Teddy Hart! Hart and Lethal dropkick Rhino to the floor to make the save. Hart wants to shake hands and Lethal seems to be weary of it. Lethal decides to shove Hart and leaves the ring. (1/2*. The women’s match was rather awful. However, the aftermath to promote Lethal/Rhino for later on was a good touch.)

Trent Acid grabs a microphone and says that it is a New Year and he’s planning to destroy everyone. I should point out that Acid is wearing a Pro Wrestling Unplugged t-shirt, promoting his own company.

Second Contest: Trent Acid vs. Monsta Mack: Acid jabs Mack several times and beats on Mack with the microphone. Mack tries for a back suplex, but Acid fights out of it. Acid big boots Mack a few times and hits a spinning flatliner off the middle rope for a two count. Acid avoids a press slam and comes off the ropes looking for a sunset flip but is met with a sit down splash. Mack tosses Acid into the guard railing back first. Acid regains control of the match in the ring with a few forearm strikes. Mack tosses Acid with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Acid low blows Mack and comes off the middle rope to hit a tornado DDT. Acid puts an abdominal stretch on Mack and keeps Monsta on the mat to keep control of the contest. Acid exposes his ass to taunt the fans. Acid comes off the ropes to deliver a few clotheslines, but Mack fights back with an overhead suplex. Mack plants Acid with a powerslam as Acid comes off the ropes. Acid avoids a chair shot and Acid slingshots into the ring to DDT Mack onto the chair.

Acid delivers a few yakuza kicks to drop Mack to the mat for a near fall. Acid tries for the T-Gimmick off the middle rope, but Mack fights off. Acid goes to the top and Mack press slams Acid off the middle rope. Mack tries for the cover, but Acid kicks out at two. Acid delivers an elbow, but Mack decks Acid with a running clothesline. Mack hits a top rope frog splash for the win. (*1/2. Well, I was not expecting Mack to win the match. It makes sense considering Acid has been disrespectful and Mack is standing up for the company. I’m not sure if this was a successful attempt in making Mack a bigger deal in JAPW, though.)

Monsta Mack gets on the microphone and says he taught Acid respect tonight and hopes Acid has some respect now. Acid gets on the microphone after Mack left and proclaimed he is not a “punk bitch”.

Backstage, Frankie Kazarian is singing “the best around” when Xavier enters the scene and reminds Kazaeian they are wrestling tonight. Xavier tells Kazarian that he didn’t forget what happened last time. Kazarian says he’s going to win in five minutes instead of six. Xavier says Kazarian will be on the floor crying when he gets defeated by the all around best. Kazarian goes back to singing.

Third Contest: Frankie Kazarian vs. Xavier: Kazarian delivers a yakuza kick in the opening moments of the match. Xavier nails Kazarian with a high knee strike to send Kazarian to the apron. Xavier takes Kazarian over with a northern lights suplex. Kazarian kicks Xavier in the corner followed by a dropkick. Kazarian slams Xavier and goes to the apron to hit a slingshot leg drop for a near fall. Xavier sends Kazarian to the floor with a springboard dropkick from behind. Xavier takes Kazarian out with a forearm on the outside. Xavier delivers a knee strike in the corner for a near fall. Xavier misses a somersault splash in the corner. Kazarian delivers a yakuza kick and a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Kazarian gets a two count after a back suplex. Xavier takes Kazarian down to the mat and locks in a crossface, but Kazarian isn’t giving in. Kazarian gets dropkicked to the mat. Xavier delivers a backstabber and they trade rollups. Xavier elbows Kazarian and they collide following stereo clotheslines.

They begin to trade forearms until Kazarian kicks Xavier to the apron. Xavier nails Kazarian with a forearm strike. Kazarian fights back with a quick neckbreaker for a two count. Xavier hits a weird looking GTS followed by a cobra clutch suplex for a near fall. Kazarian drops Xavier with a reverse piledriver for a two count. Xavier slams Kazarian off the middle rope and hits the 450 splash off the top, but Kazarian gets his boot on the bottom rope. Kazarian hits the Wave of the Future of the win. (**1/2. A solid match, but nothing all that memorable. I didn’t find myself interested in it because Xavier didn’t come across like he’d be a serious competitor to Kazarian. They worked a solid undercard match and it served its purpose, though.)

Backstage, EC Negro cuts a promo and says it doesn’t matter who gets in his way in JAPW. 2006 is going to be the year for La Familia and there isn’t anything anyone can do it. He’s going to be the next heavyweight champion.

Fourth Contest: Monty Brown vs. EC Negro: Brown is jacked up and the crowd went nuts for his entrance. Brown goes right after Negro hitting a press slam and sends Negro over the top to the floor. Negro tries to runaway, but Brown stalks him back to the ring. Brown tosses Negro to the floor and comes off the apron with a double axe handle. Brown tosses Negro into the crowd. Brown dumps Negro down the steps. Negro gets a few strikes on Brown and sells his knee. Brown takes Negro out with the Pounce and the fans just lose their minds. Brown gets the three count. (*1/4. This squash match went exactly as you’d expect it to go. Brown was super over with the crowd. That made it fun to watch.)

The next match was originally going to be a regular tag match, but the lights went out and the Briscoe Brothers appeared to make it a triple threat tag match.

Fifth Contest: JAPW Tag Team Champions The SAT (Joel & Jose Maximo) vs. The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark) vs. The Outcast Killaz (Diablo Santiago & Oman Tortuga): Santiago dropkicks Joel in the ring, which didn’t look too great. As you’d imagine, all six men slide in and out of the ring hitting moves. They end up on the floor and brawling into the crowd. While in the crowd they are hitting each other with trash cans and chairs. The fans are enjoying the brawling as the Killaz hit a side Russian leg sweep on Joel in the crowd. Briscoe Brothers work over Joel with a running boot in the corner for a two count. Mark comes off the ropes and Joel hit an overhead suplex. Jose tags in and beats on Mark with a few strikes. Mark gets kicked by the SAT in the corner for a near fall. Santiago slams Mark but Jay enters to deliver a knee strike. Tortuga enters to drive Mark chest first down to the mat. Tortuga drives Mark down with a reverse DDT lifting slam. Mark stops Joel with a Samoan Drop and Jay enters to hit a snap suplex.

Jay puts Joe in the tree of woe and comes off the top to deliver a knee drop. Mark comes across the ring to hit a dropkick for a two count. Jose gets dumped onto his face. Tortuga puts a surfboard on Mark for a few moments. Joel powerbombs Mark and avoids a few strikes until Mark comes back with a suicide dive turned tornado DDT on the floor. Jose does the same to Mark on the floor. Killaz double team Jay with strikes in the corner. Jay tries for the Jay Driller, but Tortuga counters and the Killaz hit a double team dropkick/slam combo. Santiago sends Joel into the guard railing. Mark spikes Tortuga with a Burning Hammer. Santiago plants Mark with a double leg slam. SAT go to the top rope and hit the Spanish Fly on Santiago for the win. (*3/4. Honestly, that barely got ten minutes and it felt rather flat. Aside from their brawling in the crowd, nobody seemed to care about this at all.) After the match, Jay attacks Jose hitting the Jay Driller. Joel gets nailed with the Doomsday Device.

Backstage, M-Dogg 20 is interviewed and says he doesn’t know if he’s wrestling for the Lightweight Championship, but that’s the reason he’s here. Dogg brags about being in a video game and promises to leave as champion.

Backstage, Grim Reefer doesn’t know what is going on either. He doesn’t care who he wrestles because he’s here to hurt people.

Backstage, Archadia is interviewed about the possible match he’d have for the Lightweight Championship. The only person that matters when it comes to whether or not he will win and that person is him. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Sixth Contest: JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion Azireal vs. Archadia vs. Grim Reefer vs. Javi-Air vs. M-Dogg 20 vs. Quiet Storm vs. Teddy Hart in a gauntlet match: Arcchadia is the first man to face Azireal and gets worked over by the champ in the corner. Archadia dropkicks Azireal and hits a wheelbarrow suplex turned into a neckbreaker for a two count. Archadia hits a side Russian leg sweep and a few leg drops. The next man out is…

Javi-Air comes out and hits a springboard crossbody onto Archadia. Javi kicks the champ several times to stagger him into the corner. Archadia takes Javi over with a back suplex, but Azireal dropkicks Archadia.

Quiet Storm is the next man out. Azireal gets punched by three challengers before going to the floor. Storm chops Javi but gets met with a leg lariat by Archadia. Javi takes Archadia over with a DDT.

Grim Reefer is out next and brawls with Azireal on the floor. Reefer comes off the apron to dropkick Azireal out of a chair on the floor.

M-Dogg 20 arrives and hits a springboard corkscrew dive to the floor to take out several guys. Storm takes Javi over with a German suplex and a brainbuster. Azireal double stomps Javi and gets a three count. Javi-Air has been eliminated from the match.

Archadia leg drops Reefer for a two count. Reefer plants Archadia with a sick top rope jumping DDT to eliminate Archadia!

Reefer beats on the other men outside the ring until Dogg sends Reefer into the guard railing. At this point, Teddy Hart makes his way out to be involved in the match and is the final entrant. Hart dropkicks Reefer and plants Azireal with a DDT. Dogg is driven down with an over the shoulder cutter. Hart spikes Storm with fisherman suplex. Reefer chops Hart but Hart spikes Reefer with a piledriver. Hart takes Dogg over with a Samoan Drop. Reefer tries for a slingshot, but Hart counters with a piledriver over the middle rope. Hart hits an over the shoulder sit out powerbomb on Reefer to eliminate Reefer from the match.

Hart tries to take Azireal over the top to the floor, but Azireal holds on. They eventually end up on the floor while Dogg and Storm trade strikes in the ring. Storm takes Dogg over with a German suplex and signals for the Storm Cradle Driver. Dogg lands on his feet and Storm delivers a forearm strike. Dogg dropkicks Storm in the corner while Hart and Azireal are in the crowd. Dogg hits a springboard double stomp and a top rope shooting star press finishes off Storm. Azireal and Hart continued to brawl on the floor.

Hart plants Dogg with a modified Ki Krusher for a two count. Azireal wants the fans to get behind Hart as he goes to the top rope. Hart hit the corkscrew elbow on Dogg, but Azireal dropkicks Hart and pins Dogg to eliminate him. That leaves us with the final two.

Azireal takes Hart out with a somersault dive to the floor. Azireal trades a few shots with Hart and maintains control of the match. Hart almost wins with a rollup. Azireal hits a Storm Cradle Driver, but Hart kicks out at two. Hart knocks Azireal off the middle rope to hit a shooting star elbow drop for the win and is the new champion. (***. An enjoyable match, though the finish was a little flat. Azireal had been having a good run as champion and to put the title on someone that isn’t reliable, at the time, seems to be a questionable decision. There weren’t any slow parts and the match flew by. I usually dread gauntlet matches, but this one delivered some quality action and was enjoyable.)

JAPW Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal cuts a promo about his upcoming match with Rhino. Lethal promises the world that he’ll still be the JAPW Heavyweight Champion. Lethal claims he doesn’t have any beef with Teddy Hart. Lethal promises on March 25th he’ll defend against Teddy Hart.

Main Event: JAPW Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal vs. Rhino: They have a standoff after they ran the ropes and had a few counters. Lethal head scissors Rhino sending the challenger to the floor. Lethal avoids a Gore and hits a middle rope crossbody for a one count. Rhino drops Lethal throat first over the top rope. Rhino tries for a piledriver off the middle rope, but Lethal breaks free and dropkicks Rhino to the floor. Lethal takes Rhino out with a suicide drive. Rhino goes under the ring and grabs a wooden board. Rhino whacks Lethal over the back with a chair. Lethal sends Rhino over the railing into the crowd. They brawl up into the bleachers. Lethal punches Rhino down the bleachers. Rhino puts a trash can over Lethal and punches the can several times. Rhino works over Lethal with chair shots. There is a pile of chairs in the ring as Rhino brings the action back to the ring. Lethal whacks Rhino over the head with a chair to get momentum in his favor. Rhino takes Lethal over with a snap suplex onto the chairs for a two count.

Lethal comes off the ropes to heel kick Rhino to get momentum on his side. Lethal fights back with clotheslines and is fired up. Lethal takes Rhino over with a hurricanrana and hits a middle rope heel kick for a two count. Rhino plants Lethal with a TKO for a two count. Teddy Hart comes out and gets decked by Rhino on the apron. Rhino has set up the board in the corner. Rhino tosses Lethal with a belly to belly suplex. Rhino tries for the GORE, but Hart pulls Lethal out of the way and Rhino goes through the board. Hart grabs a wooden board and sets it up in the corner. Lethal confronts Hart and they shove each other. Johnny D whacks Hart with a steel chair. Lethsal kicks Hart out of the ring and Rhino nails Lethal with a GORE, but only gets a two count! Rhino sets the board onto two chairs and plants Lethal with a spinebuster. Rhino goes to the middle rope and puts Lethal through the board with a pilecriver off the middle rope for the win! (***. The decision to put the title on Rhino makes the most sense to me. He’s fresh off getting released and has a great crowd reaction. It’s kind of weird to see him getting pushed similar to his ECW run and the fans reacting in a positive manner. I only say that because he’d bene on television for several years being treated as a midcard act in the WWE. Anyway, an effective main event and Rhino as the top champion works for me.)

Backstage, JAPW Heavyweight Champion Rhino, Johnny D and Alicia are interviewed. The interview is literally just introducing him as champion and he breathes heavy. Uh… okay.

Teddy Hart was interviewed at the merchandise table and Hart says he comes to JAPW because of the talent. Hart got involved because he had to help Lethal when Rhino and Johnny got involved. Hart wants a program with Lethal because he feels those matches would be great. Hart is going after the big dog.

Backstage, Jay Lethal is laying on the floor and says that Rhino was able to do something that nobody else has been able to do. Lethal is pissed that Hart came out and doesn’t know why he was out there since he didn’t ask for his help.

Final Thoughts:
For a JAPW show this didn’t run very long and actually felt like it went by fairly quickly. The final two matches provided the most entertainment value while the Monty Brown match was fun, too. I’ll give the show a mild thumbs up. It wasn’t presented as being a top tier show, but it was a fine secondary show.

Thanks for reading.

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