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I’m going to make a better effort on getting more review updates onto here. I write a bunch of stuff and just stash them on here. It makes no sense. But, here is a pretty big update of reviews!

WWF House Show 8/28/1987

WCW Saturday Night 9/5/1992
WCW Saturday Night 9/12/1992
WCW Saturday Night 9/19/1992
WCW Saturday Night 9/26/1992

WCW Saturday Night 9/4/1993
WCW Saturday Night 9/11/1993
WCW Saturday Night 9/18/1993
WCW Saturday Night 9/25/1993

WCW Saturday Night 10/1/1994
WCW Saturday Night 10/8/1994
WCW Saturday Night 10/15/1994
WCW Saturday Night 10/22/1994
WCW Saturday Night 10/29/1994

ECW Hardcore TV 6/7/1997
ECW Hardcore TV 6/14/1997
ECW Hardcore TV 6/21/1997
ECW Hardcore TV 6/28/1997

ECW Hardcore TV 1/2/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 1/23/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 1/30/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 2/6/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 2/13/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 2/20/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 2/27/1999

WWF Heat 9/6/1998
WWF Heat 9/13/1998
WWF Heat 9/20/1998
WWF Heat 9/27/1998

WWF Heat 1/2/2000
WWF Heat 1/9/2000
WWF Heat 1/16/2000
WWF Heat 1/23/2000
WWF Heat 1/30/2000

ECWA 1997 Super 8 Tournament
SMW Charlotte Memories 5/20/1995

ECW House Show 3/22/1997
ECW House Show 6/6/1997
ECW House Show 1/21/1999
ECW House Show 3/4/1999
ECW House Show 7/3/1999
ECW House Show 2/11/2000
ECW House Show 4/7/2000
ECW House Show 4/27/2000

Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline WCW 1994 – Eric Bischoff
Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline WWF 1984 – Roddy Piper

JAPW Family Crisis 7/16/2005
JAPW Wild Card II 1/7/2006
JAPW Caged Destiny 6/27/2009

JAPW A Funkin’ Homicide 9/27/2003
3PW Not Enough Time 5/15/2004
3PW Splintered 6/19/2004

IWA-MS Simply The Best V 4/10/2004
IWA-MS A Shot Of Southern Comfort 5/29/2004
IWA-MS April Bloodshowers: The Final Chapter 4/28/2007
IWA-MS A Phenomenal Invasion II 5/12/2007

2CW Live Or Let Die 8/22/2010
PWS Wrestle Bowl 2K15 11/20/2015
BTW Wrestling 10/21/2017

WWE The Attitude Era Volume 3 – Unreleased – Disc One
WWE The Attitude Era Volume 3 – Unreleased – Disc Two

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34-year-old currently living in Syracuse, New York. Long-time fan of the New York Mets, Chicago Bulls, and Minnesota Vikings. An avid fan of professional wrestling and write reviews/articles on the product. Usually focusing on old-school wrestling.

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