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WCW Saturday Night 9/12/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Steve Austin defeated Chris Sullivan
2.) Brad Armstrong defeated Scotty Flamingo
3.) Shane Douglas defeated The Super invader
4.) The Barbarian defeated Ricky Nelson
5.) Brian Pillman defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell
6.) WCW Television Champion Ricky Steamboat defeated Vinnie Vegas
7.) Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton defeated Kevin Neal & Robert Wallace

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The Steiner Brothers are brought out at the start to be interviewed by Jim Ross and Teddy Long. They are going to be wrestling Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson again. Scott says they have one goal and that’s to be the tag team champions again. Scott says they are going to prove they are better than Anderson and Eaton. Rick chimes in and says they want them tonight. Once they get through Anderson and Eaton they will head to the top.

2.) Paul E. Dangerously and Steve Austin cut a promo on Ricky Steamboat. Dangerously puts over Steamboat as being a great performer on TBS. However, he’s not better than Steve Austin who will be the future WCW Television Champion. Austin recalls holding the WCW TV Championship longer than anyone else in WCW history. Austin knows what it takes to hold the gold. He says that his family can do whatever they want with the title because it will be his again soon enough.

3.) Vice President of Operations Bill Watts is out to talk about the WCW Lightweight Championship scene. He was happy about the Clash of the Champions and the rating it got. A tournament will be announced in two weeks. The lightweight division will be allowed to use the top rope to hit moves. The rule is under review for heavyweights, too.

4.) After Brad Armstrong’s victory he grabs a microphone. He knows that Brian Pillman is here and has a problem with him that needs to be straighten out right now. He is going to give Pillman the chance to explain why he slapped him at the Clash of the Champions. Brad waits in the ring but nobody comes out.

5.) WCW United States Champion Rick Rude is interviewed by Jim Ross. Rude is the number one contender to the WCW World Championship. Rude demands a return match for the NWA World Championship since he lost to Chono. Rude talks about the horrible conditions he worked in that led to his loss. Rude blames the referee for not counting his pin fall. We look at footage of Rude’s match with Chono. Rude blames a fast count and says he gave Chono all he could handle. Rude says in a five night tournament he defeated all the guys in Japan. We see footage of Rude’s match against Kensuske Sasaki. The whole match will be aired on the Main Event tomorrow night. Rude isn’t going to allow the same things to happen again. Rude is going to make sure everything is even and fair. He knows nobody can beat him in a fair match.

6.) It’s been two years, but this is the return of Shane Douglas in WCW after a brief run in the WWF. Douglas won the match following a belly to belly suplex. After the match, Douglas is interviewed. Douglas thanks Jim Ross and the fans for their support. Douglas puts over WCW for being where the best wrestlers are at. Douglas knew he’d have to fight extra hard to defeat the Super Invader tonight. He’s confident he’ll reach the top with the fans support.

7.) Cactus Jack and the Barbarian are interviewed regarding WCW World Champion Ron Simmons. Cactus says that Simmons hasn’t ducked any opponents and he’s beaten him. Cactus says that Ron’s championship world is going to crash down. Cactus wants Simmons to sign the line against either Barbarian or Butch Reed. Simmons will have to make a decision for Halloween Havoc.

8.) We see the same feature video from the Clash of the Champions to promote the Spin the Wheel Make The Deal match for Sting and Jake Roberts. It’s a classic awful attempt a short movie that WCW was notorious for at the time. They’ll finish their issues on October 25th.

9.) Scotty Flamingo is interviewed by Jim Ross and says he was screwed over against Brad Armstrong. He’s entering the WCW Lightweight Championship and says he’ll be champion again.

10.) Brian Pillman has recently turned heel at the Clash of Champions when he attacked Brad Armstrong. Pillman won the match against Bagwell after kicking him right in the head as Bagwell tried to enter the ring again. After the match, Brad Armstrong makes his way down and confronts Pillman. Armstrong wants to get the air cleared with Pillman. Armstrong wants to shake hands and clear the air. Instead, Pillman slaps Armstrong and foes it again. Armstrong comes back with a slap but here comes Scotty Flamingo and Bagwell enter to brawl. Bagwell and Armstrong stand tall.

11.) Dustin Rhodes is interviewed by Jim Ross. Rhodes talks about knowing Barry Windham his whole life and learning a lot from him. They want to be the WCW Tag Team Champions and believes they will be someday soon. As a singles wrestler, Dustin wants to take his career day by day. He makes it clear that he wants the WCW United States Championship held by Rick Rude. He issues a challenge to Rick Rude for the championship at some point in the future. Jim Ross mentions Erik Watts and says that his training has been going pretty well. Watts is in the crowd and is called over to partake in the interview. Watts says that pro wrestling is a difficult sport and says his training has been going pretty well. They leave arm in arm.

12.) WCW World Champion Ron Simmons is interviewed by Jim Ross. Simmons says he will take on anyone that signs the dotted line. Simmons isn’t going to cut a wrestler short and will give them their shot. He gives Rick Rude credit saying it will be the biggest challenge for his wrestling career. Simmons is confident that he will headline WCW Halloween Havoc as the WCW World Champion.

13.) Michael Hayes, Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton are interviewed but Rick Steiner comes out to confront them. Rick Steiner knows he can beat all three of them and heads to the ring. Scott Steiner appears in the ring with Rick to keep the heels on the apron to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
There wasn’t a big feature match, but there was plenty of angle progression and that kept my interest throughout the show. The show was two hours, but it didn’t feel like two hours, which was a good thing, too. I like that every segment serves a purpose and didn’t have any wasted time. I’d say it was a solid program.

Thanks for reading.

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