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WCW Saturday Night 9/19/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) The Barbarian defeated Rob Bassen
2.) Shane Douglas defeated Joe Cazana
3.) Van Hammer defeated Diamond Dallas Page
4.) Steiner Brothers fought Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton to a time limit draw

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Ross announces that Scotty Flamingo has been fined $2,000 for getting involved in a match last week and leaving the announcers table.

2.) We hear some pre-tape comments from Jake Roberts who talks about Halloween Havoc. Roberts says that Sting has the honor to seal his own fate when he gets to spin the wheel and make the deal.

3.) Magnum TA is interviewed by Jim Ross. Ross mentions Shane Douglas who reminded him of TA. Magnum was not surprised but rather pleased with what he saw. Magnum recalls seeing Douglas when he was still active and was happy to see how well Douglas has done. Magnum believes in the belly to belly suplex.

4.) Shane Douglas is interviewed following his match and Magnum TA is there, too. Douglas says that Magnum taught him the belly to belly suplex. Douglas is going to use the belly to belly suplex to accomplish a lot in wrestling. Magnum TA believes Douglas is going to the top.

5.) Cactus Jack and the Barbarian are interviewed regarding WCW World Champion Ron Simmons. Cactus says they have received a title shot for his man, the Barbarian. That match will be happening at Halloween Havoc. Cactus says that Butch Reed is still a viable option for them. Cactus talks about Rick Rude ands says the spotlight on him is getting hot. Cactus says that Rude would call him when things would get too hot for him. However, Cactus isn’t going to do any more favors for him. Cactus says they are walking out with the WCW World Championship.

6.) WCW Television Champion Ricky Steamboat is interviewed by Jim Ross and Teddy Long. Long talks about some of the things he done recently as Steamboat just stood there with his championship. Steamboat talks about Steve Austin making comments about his family and it’s not going to get under his skin. Steamboat says he has more mat time wrapped around his pinky than Austin does in his entire career. He knows how to hold onto the gold and he’ll do just that.

7.) Anderson and Rick Steiner kick off the tag team main event. Rick controls Anderson with a headlock at the start of the match but Anderson wiggles out only to be met with a shoulder block for a two count. Rick decks Anderson and Eaton to the floor following right hands. Michael Hayes checks on Eaton and declares he’s okay. Rick backs Anderson into the wrong corner and Eaton cheap shots Rick several times. Eaton tags in and clubs away on Rick. Eaton goes for a slingshot suplex but Rick avoids it and clotheslines Eaton over the top to the floor. Anderson is knocked to the floor as well and the Steiner Brothers stand tall in the ring. Scott tags in and works over the left arm but Eaton nails Scott with a right hand to get control. Eaton rams Scott face first into the top turnbuckle and elbow drops the lower back of Scott before trying to lock in a half nelson on the mat, but can’t get a submission. Scott gets up and plants Eaton with a belly to belly suplex. Eaton rolls to his corner and tags in Anderson. Anderson and Scott trade wrist locks but Anderson gets out of it and goes to the corner. Eaton tries to cheap shot Scott, but Scott decks him. Anderson knocks Scott to the floor. Scott catches Eaton coming off the apron and rams Eaton back first into the apron. Anderson hammers away on Scott in the ring but Scott plants Anderson with a tilt a whirl slam. Scott controls Anderson on the mat with an Indian death lock. Scott pulls Anderson to the corner and tags in Rick. The show has to go to commercial break.

Eaton and Rick are now legally competing in the ring when Rick takes Eaton down to the canvas. Rick is biting the left knee of Eaton! Rick decides to bite the butt of Eaton, too. Scott gets tagged in and he focuses his attack on the left knee of Eaton. Eaton counters with a rollup for a two count. Eaton tried to tag out to Anderson but can’t reach him. Eaton pokes Scott in the eyes and Anderson comes in but is taken down, too. Eaton comes back into the match and Scott works over him with knee strikes and right hands. Scott clotheslines Eaton in the corner and clotheslines Anderson off the apron. Michael Hayes is tried to get involved but didn’t do anything. Anderson works over Scott’s left bicep on the apron while the referee was distracted. Anderson hits an axe handle off the middle rope to keep Scott on the mat with a hammerlock. Eaton quickly tags back in and keeps Scott from tagging out to Rick. Eaton hits an arm breaker and goes back to the hammerlock but Scott won’t give up. Anderson stomps on the injured arm of Scott to prevent him from getting away as Eaton had a submission hold on the mat. Scott runs the ropes and collides with Anderson causing both men to go down. Scott crawls to his corner and tags in Rick. Anderson and Eaton are decked by Rick. Rick pummels Anderson in the corner and tosses Eaton with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Rick hits a middle rope bulldog on Anderson but Eaton pulls him off. All four men are brawling in the ring as Scott hits a double under hook power bomb on Anderson. Rick clotheslines Eaton to the floor and the match ends in a time limit draw. (***. It’s a good match but not quite as good as their match from two weeks prior. The Steiner Brothers are a team I could watch all day in this era. Anderson and Eaton seem to be protected in these matches or at least presented as a bigger priority than the Steiner Brothers, who were on their way out of the company at this point.)

Final Thoughts:
It is kind of weird to see Magnum TA get behind a guy like Shane Douglas. I don’t see Douglas making a huge splash as a baby face in a singles role. As a face Douglas comes across really bland. Plus, they are deep with faces and he might have an uphill battle. Anyway, another good episode for WCW as it was an hour program and went by rather quickly.

Thanks for reading.

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