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WCW Saturday Night 9/26/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Jake Roberts defeated Dustin Rhodes
2.) WCW/NWA Tag Team Champions Steve Williams & Terry Gordy defeated Chris Sullivan & Larry Santo
3.) Shane Douglas defeated John Peterson
4.) Brad Armstrong defeated Bobby Eaton
5.) Nikita Koloff defeated Vinnie Vegas
6.) Van Hammer defeated Kenny McDonald
7.) WCW World Champion Ron Simmons & Barry Windham defeated Jake Roberts & The Barbarian by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Ross has Bruno Sammartino joining him for commentary for this weeks episode.

2.) Roberts backs Rhodes into the corner but backs away. Roberts hammers away on Rhodes but is sent into the ropes and soon hip tossed. Roberts goes to the corner and regroups. Rhodes arm drags Roberts and does so again to get out of a wrist lock. Rhodes slams Roberts face first into the canvas. Rhodes controls the left arm and jabs Roberts after ducking a wild right hand. Dustin yanks on the left arm a few times but Roberts gets to his feet missing another right hand. Rhodes keeps Roberts down to the canvas with an arm bar. Rhodes switches to a hammerlock but Roberts counters with one of his own until an elbow shot drops him to the canvas. Dustin keeps Roberts on the canvas with a hammerlock and drives his knee into Jake’s arm and back. Rhodes kicks Roberts to avoid a backdrop and keeps Roberts on the mat with a wrist lock. Roberts slides to the floor to get out of a wrist lock. Rhodes pulls Roberts back into the ring and focuses his attack on the left arm. Rhodes keeps Roberts down with a hammerlocks and rolls him over trying for a pin but Roberts kicks out at two. Rhodes flips Roberts down to the mat followed by a leg drop to the arm. Rhodes has a front face lock on Roberts and Roberts tries to reach the ropes but can’t reach it. Roberts finally reaches the ropes while stuck in a hammerlock. This has been a rather repetitive and mat based match. Rhodes goes after Roberts and again works over the left arm with several strikes. Roberts cheap shots Rhodes and goes for a slam but his arm is too weak. Rhodes slams Roberts and keeps Jake on the canvas for a few moments.

Roberts knee lifts Rhodes and goes down to the mat holding his right knee in pain. Rhodes still wants to get a few shots in and argues with the referee. Roberts hops up and decks Rhodes to get the cheap advantage before tossing Dustin to the floor. Roberts knocks Rhodes off the apron and taunts the fans proving his knee is fine. Roberts delivers a knee strike and a forearm shot on the apron. Roberts chokes Dustin on the apron for a few moments. Roberts decks Rhodes with a right hand and snap mares Rhodes to the canvas. Roberts works over Dustin in the corner with elbow strikes. Dustin tries to fight back but is stopped with throat thrust. Roberts drops Dustin throat first across the top rope. Roberts keeps Dustin on the canvas with a sleeper hold. Dustin arm drags Roberts but is met with a running clothesline. Roberts taunts the fans and kicks at Rhodes. Roberts nails Rhodes with a short arm clothesline. Roberts kicks Rhodes several times and attempts a DDT but Dustin counters with a short arm clothesline of his own. Roberts gets up and keeps control. Roberts runs into a knee in the corner and Rhodes hits a running clothesline for a two count. Dustin scoop slams Roberts a couple of times. Rhodes elbow smashes Roberts and plants Roberts with the running bulldog but Roberts gets in the ropes to break the count. Roberts kicks Rhodes in the back and spikes Rhodes with a DDT for the win. (*1/2. The last two minutes of the match were enjoyable, but prior to that the constant arm work was rather boring to me. This is a big match on paper and it didn’t get much promotion that I’m aware of. It bugs me that they would sacrifice a guy like Dustin Rhodes to put over Roberts before the PPV, too.)

3.) Bill Watts has some pre-tape comments to provide for the fans. Watts has a major announcement regarding WCW. There are two major announcements. They talked about WCW Lightweight Championship and its tournament. The tournament is going to be held sometime after the New Year. Watts says the top rope rule is no longer in effect. However, there are instances that will not be allowed. If you come off the top rope and hit someone across the throat or head then it will not be allowed. Watts shows examples of things that are allowed and not allowed. Basically, if you deliver a knee or forearm shot to the throat or head, you’ll be disqualified. I’m glad this happened.

4.) Footage of what happened earlier today before the show goes on the air. Tony Schiavone talked to Cactus Jack and The Barbarian regarding WCW World Champion Ron Simmons. Simmons comes over and confronts them saying that Cactus couldn’t get the job done. Tonight, Simmons will team with Barry Windham to take on Barbarian and Butch Reed. However, Reed isn’t here and Cactus should find a partner for his man.

5.) Eaton backs Armstrong into the corner to start the match but backs away cleanly. Armstrong gets out a headlock with a top wrist lock but backs away once Eaton gets into the ropes. Eaton elbow strikes Armstrong in the corner followed by another right hand. Eaton counters a hip toss with a strike to the midsection and runs the ropes until Armstrong catapults Eaton across the ring. Armstrong continues with a head scissors takedown to keep control. Brian Pillman has joined commentary for the match and says he can’t get a match with Armstrong who has been ducking him. Eaton puts Armstrong on the top rope and delivers a few right hands. Eaton attempts a superplex but Armstrong counters only to be met with a knee lift to the gut. Armstrong arm drags Eaton to keep control of him on the canvas. They do a test of strength where Eaton appears to get the advantage but Armstrong climbs to his shoulders to jump behind him. Armstrong misses a clothesline and goes over the top to the apron. Armstrong plants Eaton with a Rock Bottom for a two count. Armstrong works over Eaton in the corner with a strike but Eaton stops Brad with a backbreaker. Eaton has the cover but Armstrong kicks out at two. Eaton slams Armstrong for another two count. Eaton keeps Armstrong on the mat with a body scissors. Armstrong gets up and fights out of the corner with a few strikes. Armstrong backdrops Eaton followed by a dropkick for a two count. Armstrong hip tosses Eaton out of the corner but walks into a clothesline. Eaton nearly wins on the cover but Brad reaches the ropes. Eaton comes out of the corner with a neck breaker to plant Armstrong. Eaton heads to the top rope but misses the Alabama Jam. Armstrong follows up with the side Russian leg sweep and pins Eaton! (**. A decent enough match and it’s a big victory for Armstrong since Eaton is currently one half of the number one contender tag team with Arn Anderson.)

6.) Kensuske Sasaki gets a hype video since he will be competing on WCW television soon enough.

7.) Jake Roberts is interviewed by Jim Ross. Roberts has his snake in hand for the interview. Roberts talks about Halloween Havoc and says that Sting’s time will end very shortly. Anytime you play with a snake, you’ll be bitten. Roberts also talks about WCW World Champion Ron Simmons. Roberts says that Cactus Jack got to him and says Barbarian will not be alone and he will have a partner. Roberts will be his partner and he never leaves a man alone.

8.) Tony Schiavone recently sat down with Bruno Sammartino and he says this is the biggest moment of his career. Tony notes that wrestling has changed since Bruno has retired. Bruno says that another wrestling promotion has made pro wrestling go in a direction that bothers him. Meanwhile, in WCW he is thrilled to see where the company is going. He doesn’t want to see wrestling get butchered again. Bruno talks about his childhood and how he got into professional wrestling. Bruno will be appearing at Halloween Havoc as a co-host. He’s excited about the Ron Simmons/Barbarian match. He puts over Simmons for being a guy who has earned everything he has gotten in his career. Bruno also talks about Barbarian as being a vicious opponent.

9.) A music video for Van Hammer is aired. I’ve never cared for Van Hammer.

10.) NWA/WCW Tag Team Champions Terry Gordy and Steve Williams are interviewed. Terry Gordy says they went out and did the impossible and something every team has dreamed of. They combined two titles together. Gordy says they worked hard for the titles and they think it should be their decision on who they defend against. He wants to see what Dustin Rhodes and Erik Watts are all about. Jim Ross tells them that a team will challenge them next week. Williams says it doesn’t matter who signs the contract because they will take on anyone. Williams all he wants is for the team to sign the dotted line and meet them in the ring.

11.) Windham and Roberts start the main event with Windham controlling the left arm. Simmons gets tagged in and delivers a few strikes to Roberts followed by a shoulder block. Simmons keeps Roberts on the canvas with a hammerlock and delivers a few knee drops. Windham comes off the middle rope with an elbow strike across Jake’s left arm. Windham lifts Roberts up by his arm and keeps control of the left arm. This was the exact same offense that Rhodes used earlier in the show. Barbarian gets tagged in but Windham hammers away on him. Barbarian tosses Windham across the ring and taunts him. Simmons tags in and boots Barbarian in the midsection, but Barbarian doesn’t budge and gets in Simmons face. They come off the ropes but neither man budge on a few attempts. Simmons ducks a clothesline but Barbarian quickly gets up and hammers away on Simmons in the corner. Simmons blocks a few right hands pummeling Barbarian in the corner as we go to commercial break.

Windham has control of Barbarian with a headlock. Barbarian puts Windham on the top rope but misses a splash and gets clotheslined. Windham takes Barbarian down with an arm drag. Roberts tags in and Windham backs away to his corner. Roberts backs Windham into a corner and delivers a right hand. Roberts backdrops Windham and stomps away on Windham before tagging in Barbarian. Barbarian plants Windham with a power slam and connects with a few elbow drops. Roberts gets tagged back in and delivers a few strikes on Windham. Roberts rams Windham face first into the top turnbuckle and controls Windham on the canvas. Roberts taunts Simmons and Barbarian enters without a tag to slam Windham. Barbarian drives Windham down with a back breaker and Roberts comes back in for a cover but Windham kicks out before a count can be made. Roberts chokes Windham over the middle rope and Cactus Jack chokes Windham, too. Windham gets double teamed as Barbarian delivers a few headbutts to Windham’s midsection before locking in a bear hug. Windham tries to reach the tag and Simmons gets the tag but the referee didn’t see the tag due to Roberts distracting him. Barbarian tosses Windham over the top rope to the floor. Simmons comes over and checks on Windham but is ordered back to his corner. Roberts comes off the apron with a double axe handle. Barbarian clubs away on Windham on the apron. Roberts tags in and punches Windham from behind. Roberts taunts Simmons while choking Windham over the middle rope. I think a fan tossed a towel into the ring for Windham, but Cactus quickly got rid of it. Roberts scoop slams Windham and connects with a short arm clothesline. Roberts attempts a DDT but Windham counters with a suplex. Windham tags in Simmons as Barbarian got tagged in as well. Simmons elbows Barbarian and clotheslines Roberts along with Barbarian. Simmons is cleaning house and the fans are going nuts. Simmons plants Barbarian with a spine buster but Roberts breaks up the count. Windham hammers away on Roberts until Barbarian hits Windham. Barbarian loads up his boot and kicks Simmons. Cactus Jack enters and attacks Simmons to cause a disqualification. Jake Roberts and Barry Windham brawl on the floor while Barbarian comes off the top to hit a flying head butt. Dustin Rhode and Van Hammer rundown and make the save for Simmons and Windham to close the show. (*1/2. A rather bland contest but the Simmons hot tag got the biggest pop of the night and should have been comforting to know that the fans were really behind him. They are trying really hard to get Barbarian over as a threat and the aftermath may have been effective in doing that. Jake Roberts doesn’t seem all that motivated and his matches on this show were pretty boring.)

Final Thoughts:
Even with two feature matches, this felt like a subpar episode for me. They progressed a few feuds and Shane Douglas continues to get some momentum. However, the feature matches took a good amount of time and it weighed down the program because it wasn’t overly interesting. By the way, where the heck has Sting been on this program?

Thanks for reading.

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