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WWF Heat 1/30/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 1/30/2000
From: Baltimore, MD

1.) Big Bossman defeated Albert by disqualification
2.) Kurt Angle defeated Mideon
3.) The Acolytes defeated the Headbangers

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bossman backs Albert into a corner but backs away. Albert shoves Bossman to the canvas to showoff his strength. Bossman backs Albert into a corner and pummels him with right hands. Bossman tries to send Albert across the ring, but Albert counters and hammers away on Bossman in the corner. Albert comes out of the corner with a shoulder block. Bossman tosses Albert over the top to the floor. Bossman slides to the floor and clotheslines Albert. Bossman lays Albert onto the announcers table and hammers away on Albert a few times. Bossman rolls Albert into the ring and delivers a throat thrust. Bossman goes for a vertical suplex, but Albert counters with one of his own. Bossman stops Albert with a big boot but only manages a near fall. Bossman splashes down onto Albert’s lower back. Bossman gets stopped by a side walk slam from Albert. Albert and Bossman trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Albert delivers a bicycle kick causing Bossman to get tied up in the ropes. Albert grabs the nightstick and tosses the referee across the ring. Albert hits Bossman with the nightstick to cause the disqualification. (*. This is a feud that isn’t really connecting with anyone nor does anyone seem to care about it.) After the match, Bossman gets on the microphone and says that Albert is making him proud.

2.) Coach sat down with the Hardy Boys for a new interview segment to learn new things about WWF superstars. Matt Hardy says they are alright mentally since the recent attack the Dudley Boys did to Terri. Jeff Hardy thinks it was messed up, too. They give a background on their careers and Matt talks about starting off as backyard wrestlers. Jeff thinks it is cool to be the youngest tag team champions ever in the WWF. Matt considers being in the WWF to be a great accomplishment. They consider the ladder match to be their career highlight thus far. Jeff notes that the Swanton Bomb has created a lot of memories for him already. Matt says they have a big problem with the Dudley Boys since they put Terri through a table. Matt notes that the Dudley Boys are from Extreme Championship Wrestling and they will work that style to beat them.

3.) Kurt Angle cuts a promo saying that if Cal Ripken Jr. had a little more stamina then his streak of consecutive games played would still be going on.

4.) Mideon attacks Angle in the corner with several right hands. Mideon drives Angle down to the mat with a backbreaker for a two count. Mideon scoop slams Angle and heads to the middle rope leaping off to hit a forearm drop for a two count. Angle tosses Mideon with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle continues his offense with right hands in the corner. Angle elbows Mideon and comes out of the corner with a clothesline. Angle plants Mideon with a back suplex. Mideon stops Angle with a strike but a boot to the gut stops him. Angle hits the Olympic Slam and wins the match. (1/2*. Basically a squash match but it’s cool to see Angle compete on Heat.)

5.) Headbangers cut a promo before their match. Mosh thanks the fans for noticing they are freaks. Mosh thinks it is embarrassing if people get beat up by people wearing skirts and cones. They call out Bradshaw and Faarooq.

6.) Mosh and Thrasher go ont eh attack early on with right hands. Faarooq works over Thrasher while Bradshaw took care of Mosh on the floor. Thrasher dropkicks Faarooq followed by strikes. Faarooq power slams Thrasher. Bradshaw tags in and works over Thrasher with knee lifts in the corner. Mosh sneaks a tag and nails Bradshaw with a top rope clothesline. Headbangers hit a double suplex on Bradshaw for a two count. Bradshaw misses a clothesline but tosses Mosh with a fallaway slam. Bradshaw sends Mosh through the middle rope to the floor. Faarooq slams Mosh over the announcers table and into the ring steps. Bradshaw goes for the cover but Mosh kicks out at two. Mosh is met with double shoulder block. Mosh nearly wins with an inside cradle on Faarooq. Faarooq runs over Mosh with a clothesline for another two count. Faarooq plants Mosh with a spine buster for the win as Thrasher took way too long to try and break up the cover. (1/2*. Another squash match and it did a fine job to put over the Acolytes.)

Final Thoughts:
Yeah, probably the worse episode of Heat for 2000 thus far and I expected that since the matches just weren’t interesting at all. I guess they all can’t be winners, right?

Thanks for reading.


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