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WWF Heat 2/27/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Nashville, TN

1.) Mosh defeated WWF Lightweight Champion Essa Rios by disqualification in a non-title match
2.) Ivory & Mideon defeated WWF Women’s Champion Jackie & Funaki

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Mosh hammers away on Rios to start the match. Mosh misses a clothesline and goes for a backdrop but Rios lands on his feet to hit a spinning heel kick. Rios chops Mosh in the corner several times. Rios kicks Mosh a few more times and arm drags Mosh out of the corner. Rios power slams Mosh for a two count. Rios goes to the top rope but misses a corkscrew moonsault. Mosh stomps away on Rios to keep control of the match. Mosh jumps down across the back of Rios as he was over the middle rope. Thrasher gets a cheap shot in as the referee was distracted by Mosh. Mosh scoop slams Rios and delivers an elbow drop for a two count. Mosh splashes Rios in the corner followed by a quick clothesline. Mosh misses a splash in the corner and Rios delivers a running elbow strike. Mosh kicks Rios in the midsection but Rios hits a spinning heel kick off the middle rope. Rios dropkicks Mosh and goes to the top rope hitting a hurricanrana. Rios gets tripped by Thrasher and pulled to the floor. Thrasher clotheslines Rios but Lita takes Thrasher out with a hurricanrana on the floor! Mosh plants Rios with a Torture Rack slam. Lita comes off the top to hit a hurricanrana on Mosh causing the disqualification. After the match, Rios takes Mosh out with a dive over the top to the floor. (**. Actually, not a bad match, really. I’m liking the Torture Rack slam move by Mosh. The duo of Rios and Lita is popping the crowd over the past few weeks.)

2.) Michael Cole and Lilian Garcia are backstage at No Way Out in Hartford. They hype up the Big Show/Rock feud which saw Big Show toss Rock through a glass window. They also talk about the Triple H and Cactus Jack Hell in a Cell showdown. Garcia is not doing very well talking about these feuds.

3.) Backstage at No Way Out, Lilian Garcia interviews WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho, who has Chyna with him. Jericho doesn’t care that Kurt Angle is a celebrated athlete. Jericho considers Angle to be nothing more than a jackass. Chyna chimes in and says that Angle has never had the taste of the Intercontinental Championship. Jericho says he will never have the taste of it.

4.) Backstage at No Way Out, Mark Henry is interviewed by Coach. Coach talks about Viscera injuring Mae Young on RAW. Henry says that Young has made an incredible recovery. Henry sees Viscera standing by an ambulance and they proceed to brawl. Eventually, officials come over and break them apart.

5.) Mideon and Funaki start the match with Mideon working over Funaki with right hands against the ropes. Funaki hits a cross body coming off the ropes followed by a dropkick for a two count. Ivory came into the ring and Jackie came in as well. Ivory gets some cheap shots on Funaki as the referee was distracted by Jackie. Mideon plants Funaki with a power bomb and taunts Jackie. Ivory delivers a headbutt from the apron and Mideon drops Funaki with a strike. Funaki goes for a sunset flip and gets a two count. Mideon cuts Funaki off with a clothesline. Mideon misses a splash in the corner and Funaki tries to tag out but isn’t able to. Mideon tries for another powerbomb but Funaki counters with a hurricanrana and a cross body off the middle rope. Funaki and Mideon collide as they attempted clotheslines. Ivory gets the hot tag and so does Jackie. Jackie hammers away on Ivory delivering a scoop slam. Ivory dumps Jackie through the middle rope to the floor. Jackie shoulder rams Ivory from the apron but Ivory is able to counter a sunset flip and holds the ropes to win the match. (*1/4. The stuff with Mideon and Funaki was oddly entertaining. This was just a random match to me.)

6.) Backstage at No Way Out, Tazz has arrived but is attacked by Albert and Big Bossman after a door was locked. After a commercial, Tazz is interviewed and he says he’s always looking for a fight. So, tonight he’s going to get a piece of Big Bossman tonight at No Way Out.

7.) Paul Bearer comes out to the arena at No Way Out to be interviewed by Michael Cole regarding the Kane versus X-Pac match taking place. Cole asks how it has been to relive the nightmare of Kane being burned again. Bearer thinks every parent should be able to understand where he’s coming from. Bearer watched Tori grab his sons heart and snatch it out of his body. He watched Kane suffer and be lonely when he was burned as a child. Bearer says that Kane told him that he isn’t scared anymore. Bearer talks about the fire hitting Kane’s face a second time on Smackdown. Bearer believes tonight is going to be a pleasant night. X-Pac and Tori are going to be pay for all the pain and suffering they issued to Kane.

8.) Backstage, Terri enters the APA office and is looking for protection. Terri reminds them about being put through a table by the Dudley Boys. Terri can only think about tables and going through a table. Bradshaw reminds Terri that they work for money and she has some. So, Terri takes a seat and tells them her plan.

9.) Backstage, Michael Cole is with the Rock for an interview. Rock does his usual routine to get a cheap pop from the crowd. Rock says that Big Show thinks he succeeded in keeping him down by tossing him through a window. Rock has come to a conclusion and that is he wipes a monkey’s ass with what Show thinks. Rock has dealt with a lot when it comes to Big Show. Rock is still breathing, though. Rock says as long as there is a breath in his lungs he is going to walk down that aisle and three things will come clear. He is not 7ft tall, 500lbs but he is the most electrifying man. Rock is going to lay the smackdown on Show’s candy ass.

Final Thoughts:
A decent lead in show to the pay per view, I’d say. They did a few things to add some mystery to the pay per view and maybe get people to purchase the show. I think No Way Out has been built up pretty well.

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