ECW House Show 3/6/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling House Show
Date: 3/6/1998
From: Waltham, MA

This is the final show to take place in Waltham for ECW.

Opening Contest: Chris Chetti vs. Danny Doring: They trade hammerlocks early on until Doring got to the ropes to break the hold. Chetti takes Doring down to the mat with a fireman’s carry. Doring fights back with right hands, but Chetti hits a tilt a whirl head scissors and dropkicks Doring to the floor. Chetti takes Doring and Roadkill out with a slingshot crossbody on the floor. Chetti nails Doring with a springboard clothesline from the apron for a two count. Roadkill grabs Chetti by the foot and Doring decks Roadkill on accident. Doring sends Chetti into the corner and Roadkill decks Chetti with a clothesline on the apron to help Doring get the advantage. Roadkill chokes Chetti over the bottom rope and Doring stops Chetti with a leg drop. Doring works over Chetti with several chops in the corner. Doring elbows Chetti in the corner and sends Chetti to the floor. Doring elbow drops Chetti for a two count after Roadkill rolled Chetti into the ring. They completely mess up a sunset flip attempt as Chetti just ran into Doring. They naturally do the correct again and do it correctly. Chetti superkicks Doring but Doring plants Chetti with his version of a Fame-Asser. Doring acts like he’s won by celebrating with Roadkill on the floor.

The fans proceed to chant “f*****” toward Doring, who embraces the chant. Chetti is able to kick out at two on the eventual cover attempt. Doring slams Chetti before missing a bottom rope elbow drop. Chetti backdrops Doring for a two count. Chetti continues with a snap powerslam for a two count. Chetti connects with a spinning heel kick. Chetti plants Doring with a powerbomb. Chetti messes up on a double springboard dive onto Roadkill and slipped onto the apron. Roadkill drops Chetti over the railing before sending Chetti back into the ring. Chetti hits a double springboard heel kick to win the match. (*1/2. This was not one of the better showings by Chetti. Chetti completely botched at least three parts of the match that basically ruined the match for me. That’s a tendency with Chetti as sometimes he’s on, and other times he’s off and he’s way off. The latter was what happened here.)

Second Contest: Al Snow vs. Darren Drosdoz: Well, this match is completely skipped over as we see the closing seconds of Snow pinning Drosdoz. After the match, Jeff Jones comes out and says he’s going to disqualify Al Snow for using Head. Jones is banning Head from the United States and the other six continents. This of course leads to Snow planting Jones with the Snow Plow.

Third Contest; ECW Television Champion Bam-Bam Bigelow vs. Blue Meanie: Bigelow works over Meanie in the corner hitting a big splash. Meanie fights back with a clothesline and a standing back splash. Meanie uppercuts Bigelow several times followed by a DDT. Meanie goes to the top rope and barely hits a moonsault. Meanie goes back to deliver a splash for a two count. Bigelow quickly picks Meanie up and spikes Meanie with the Greetings From Asbury Park for the win. (1/4*. Meanie had one move to showcase himself and he wasn’t able to hit it correctly.) After the match, Bigelow spikes the referee with the Greetings From Asbury Park.

Fourth Contest: ECW Tag Team Champions Chris Candido & Lance Storm vs. Tracy Smothers & Little Guido: Candido and Smothers start the tag match. The crowd is rather vocal with insults towards Smothers and Candido. Smothers takes Candido down to the mat but doesn’t keep the advantage for long. Smothers nails Candido with a leaping forearm after ducking wild strikes. Candido tags out to Storm. Smothers works over Storm in the corner with right hands. Storm hits a springboard back elbow strike for a two count. Smothers heel kicks Storm before tagging in Guido. Guido works over Storm with several stomps in the corner. Storm tries for a press slam, but Guido gets out of it. Storm sits down on the pin attempt to nearly pin Guido. Candido tags in and comes off the top rope to deliver an axe handle. Guido takes Candido over with a hurricanrana for a two count. Smothers returns to the match while Storm is taunting Candido. Candido chops Smothers in the corner a few times. Smothers counters and they exchange more strikes. Smothers slingshots into the apron to kick Candido. Smothers misses a baseball slide dropkick. Smothers comes off the apron and hits the railing chest first. Candido rolls Smothers into the ring and tags in Storm. Storm dropkicks Smothers for a two count. Tommy Rich pulls down the top rope and Storm flips over the top to the floor.

Guido comes off the apron to axe handle Storm over the guard railing leading to a near fall for Smothers in the ring. Storm gets chopped to the mat and the FBI hit a double team elbow drop. Guido nearly pins Storm and keeps control with stomps. Smothers enters and Storm is double teamed briefly leading to a two count. Smothers works over Storm in the corner with strikes. Smothers boots Storm but is met with a superkick. Storm heel kicks Guido and tags in Candido. Candido enters to hammer away on Smothers in the corner. Smothers shoulder blocks Candido, but Candido plants Smothers with a powerbomb. Storm comes off the top to crossbdoy Guido and Smothers nearly rolls Candido up. Smothers is flapjacked to the mat by the champs. Smothers scoop slams Candido before going to the top, but Candido cuts Smothers off. Candido takes Smothers off the top with a hurricanrana. Candido misses a diving headbutt. Candido drops Smothers with a kick to the head. Smothers superkicks Candido for a two count. Smothers hits a leaping uppercut off the top, but Storm nails Smothers with an uppercut for a two count. Storm takes Smothers over with a snap suplex. Guido boots Candido in the corner and tries for a tornado DDT, but settles for a neckbreaker. Candido dumps Guido to the floor and the champs hit a Doomsday Device on Smothers. They argue allowing the challengers to recover. Storm heel kicks Guido and then superkicks Smothers into a German suplex by Candido for the three count. (***. I thought this was actually a rather solid tag match. There wasn’t much stalling at all and the action was consistent throughout. Both teams looked good in there and I felt entertained. This honestly exceeded my expectations.) After the match, Rich and Smothers shove each other, but Guido keeps the peace.

ECW World Champion Shane Douglas comes out with Francine and cuts a promo about Waltham being lucky that he’s here. Douglas is going to put some work in and then spend some time with Francine at the hotel. Jerry Lynn comes out and says that ever since Douglas regained the belt that he hasn’t been the same. Lynn notes that Douglas got his ass pinned at the last PPV. Lynn promises the belt is coming with him and calls Douglas a “Ric Flair wannabe.”

Fifth Contest: ECW World Champion Shane Douglas vs. Jerry Lynn: Lynn backdrops Douglas before taking the action to the floor and hammers away on Douglas. Lynn rams Douglas face first onto the timekeepers table. Lynn whacks Douglas over the head with a steel chair. Lynn dives off the stage to hit a somersault dive onto Douglas on the floor. Lynn hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Lynn keeps arm control on Douglas while the fans chant for Francine for show her tits. Lynn drops Douglas arm first over the top rope after leaping to the floor. Lynn kicks Douglas in the corner but Douglas rams Lynn face first into the corner and follows up with chops. Lynn dropkicks Douglas in the corner. Lynn comes off the apron to deliver a leg drop, but Francine gets involved causing Lynn to go to the floor and stalk towards her. Douglas goes to the floor and saves Francine. Lynn gets crotched over the guard railing. Francine delivers a low blow on the floor, as well. Douglas drives Lynn groin first into the ring post and follows up with an atomic drop, which sends Lynn into the table. Douglas puts Lynn through the table with a front suplex. Douglas has a cover on Lynn, but only manages a two count.

Douglas keeps Lynn on the mat with a rolling neck snap. Douglas drops Lynn throat first over the top rope. Douglas leg drops Lynn and controls Lynn with a sleeper hold. Lynn ducks a clothesline and collides with Douglas on a stereo crossbody attempt. Lynn hammers away on Douglas and boots Douglas in the corner. Lynn backdrops Douglas to the apron and Douglas falls hitting his face on the apron. Lynn leaps off the top to hit a crossbody on the floor! Lynn gets a two count back in the ring. Lynn rams Douglas face first into the corner several times. Lynn takes Douglas over with a hurricanrana for a two count. Lynn goes to the top hitting a leg drop for another near fall. Douglas avoids a dropkick by hanging onto the ropes and puts Lynn on the top rope. Lynn takes Douglas down with a sunset flip powerbomb and nearly wins the match. Douglas counters a tornado DDT and hits a belly to belly suplex for the win. (***1/4. I’m really glad that Douglas put his working boots on and put on a good match with Lynn here. Lynn had some really good spots and the sunset flip powerbomb was an excellent near fall. This was a lot of fun and again exceeded my expectations. Lynn has the skillset to be a bigger deal in ECW.)

Sixth Contest: Tommy Dreamer & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Justin Credible & Jason Knight: Dreamer and Whipwreck brawl with Credible and Knight on the floor to start the match. Dreamer pummels Credible with right hands in the crowd. Dreamer slams Credible over the railing onto the concrete floor. All four men brawl onto the stage. Dreamer chokes Knight with a camera cable. Dreamer tosses Credible off the stage and Credible lands on the apron. Whipwreck hits a somersault dive off the stage onto Credible and Knight. Dreamer slams Knight to the mat. Dreamer catches Knight on a crossbody to hit a fallaway slam. Dreamer puts Knight in the tree of woe and puts a chair in front of Jason’s face. Credible saves his partner by spearing Dreamer. Knight works over Dreamer with stomps and strikes followed by a spinning back elbow. Dreamer is put in a tree of woe and Credible dropkicks a chair into Dreamer’s face. Credible drop toe holds Dreamer face first onto a chair. Dreamer is met with a double running kick by Credible and Knight to knock Dreamer out of a chair. Knight continues with a clothesline.

Knight almost wins following an elbow drop. Credible comes off the ropes to plant Dreamer with a twisting DDT. Credible nails Dreamer with a short arm clothesline. Knight dropkicks Whipwreck on his injured knee. Dreamer takes Knight down with a side Russian leg sweep. Credible knee drops Jason on accident. Whipwreck tags in and atomic drops Credible a few times followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Whipwreck superkicks Jason. Chastity saves her men from a double DDT. Beulah enters and has a cat fight. Credible tries to hit That’s Incredible on Beulah, but she gets free. That leads to a triple stunner with Dreamer and Whipwreck picking up stereo pins. (*1/2. That was rather basic and to the point. The somersault spot by Whipwreck probably get a big reaction because the move had been done already in the show. The brawling was fine for what it was.)

Seventh Contest: Sandman & 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Rob Van Dam & Sabu: Sabu works over Sandman with kendo stick shots. Scorpio and RVD are brawling on the other side with RVD backdropping Scorpio into the crowd. RVD dives onto Scorpio in the crowd. Sandman sends Sabu into the guard railing. Sandman clotheslines RVD through a table on the floor. Scorpio clotheslines RVD while Sandman brawls with Sabu outside the ring. Scorpio clotheslines RVD after a kip up. RVD spin kicks Scorpio to the floor. Sabu has placed a table over the apron and railing. Sabu beats on Sandman in the ring with strikes before hitting a springboard heel kick. Sabu connects with a somersault leg drop onto Sandman for a two count. Sandman hits a top rope hurricanrana on Sabu. RVD and Scorpio brawl on the floor while Sandman leg drops Sabu in the ring. Sandman tosses Sabu through the ropes onto RVD and Scorpio. Sandman dives over the top to take out Sabu and RVD outside the ring. Sandman sits RVD onto the top rope and trades right hands. Scorpio and Sabu brawl in the crowd. RVD comes off the middle rope to nail Sandman with a kick on the chin.

Sandman ducks a clothesline by RVD, but is met with a springboard heel kick. Scorpio and RVD had brawled back to the ringside area. RVD hammers away on Sandman with strikes and a leg kick. Sabu sends Scorpio into the ring post face first. Scorpio comes off the middle rope to clothesline Scorpio on a springboard attempt. Scorpio powerslams Sabu in the ring while RVD lays Sandman onto a table. Bill Alfonso crotches Scorpio on the top allowing Sabu to hit a hurricanrana. Sabu slips on a springboard and crashes to the floor. Sabu tries the move a second time and puts Sandman through the table, though Sabu also crotched himself over the railing. RVD leaps off the top to nail Sandman with a kick to the face and Sabu hit an Arabian face buster for a two count. Scorpio broke the cover with a somersault leg drop. RVD hit a frog splash on Sabu on accident. RVD spin kicks Scorpio off the apron. Sandman is nailed by a Total Elimination by RVD and Sabu, though it wasn’t very good. Sabu botches a somersault Arabian face buster on Sandman, but still gets the three count. After the match, Scorpio and RVD continue to brawl on the floor with RVD getting the better of Scorpio before leaving the ringside area. (**. Needless to say, this was a really sloppy match. For a brawl, it was rather average and completely forgettable. If Sabu didn’t botch his big spots here than it probably would have been better, but those botches kind of ruined the match for me.)

Axl Rotten and Ball Mahoney declare they don’t need a third partner for the nine man tag match to close the show. They have chairs which are good enough.

Main Event: Dudley Boys (Bubba, D-Von & Big Dick) vs. New Jack, Kronus & Spike Dudley vs. Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney in an elimination match: Rotten and Mahoney work over the Dudley’s with chairs until Big Dick drives Axl down to the mat with a chokeslam. Bubba uses a cheese grater on Mahoney in the corner, which busts Mahoney wide open. Mahoney and Rotten get sent into each other and are both laid out. That brings out New Jack and his partners. Jack tosses a trash can full of weapons into the ring and along with Spike and Kronus clean house on the Dudley Boys. Spike uses a weapon on Bubba ramming it into Bubba’s groin. Spike stands on Bubba’s chest before hitting Bubba over the head with a weapon. Axl tosses D-Von off the stage onto the apron chest first. Axl and D-Von brawl backstage while Kronus gets destroyed by Mahoney on the floor. Bubba backdrops Spike into the crowd. Big Dick pummels Jack in the ring with right hands in the crowd. Jack has been busted wide open, as well. Bubba piledrives a bloodied Spike at the top of the bleachers. Bubba tosses Spike down the steps to continue his offense.

Spike leaps off the bleachers to double axe handle Bubba in the crowd. Spike leaps of the entrance way in the crowd and dives onto Bubba, again. They get back to ringside where D-Von works over Mahoney with a weapon before Kronus gets a few shots in. Mahoney takes D-Von over with a side suplex. Kronus prevents a pin attempt and trades strikes with Bubba. It looks mostly everyone in this match has been busted wide open. Bubba breaks a piece of wood over Kronus’ head. Bubba walks into a spinning heel kick from Kronus after being sent into the corner. Kronus is planted with the 3D for the first elimination. The most popular trio in the match are eliminated first.

Mahoney whacks D-Von over the back with a chair and a double cutter onto a steel chair earns a three count on Bubba. (**. When they focused on Spike and Bubba, I was interested and entertained. Aside from that, this match was just a cluster brawl, as expected.)

Final Thoughts:
I’m going to consider this an overall entertaining ECW house show. I think they pulled out some good action and matches for the final event in Waltham. Douglas vs. Lynn was the best match of the night.

Thanks for reading.

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