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SMW TV 9/30/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 9/30/1995

1.) Terry Gordy defeated The Wolfman
2.) Buddy Landell defeated Headbanger Mosh
3.) Tommy Rich defeated Ron Davis
4.) Bob Armstrong defeated Jim Cornette by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong says he’s the champion and the championship will be staying with him. He has no problem handing the belt to Gordy if Gordy were to beat him, but Armstrong doesn’t see that happening.

2.) Terry Gordy will be teaming with Headbanger Thrasher. They will be wrestling SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong and the Wolfman. That match will be happening during the Halloween Scream Tour.

3.) Landell works over Mosh with several right hands and chops in the corner. Landell elbows Mosh in the corner followed by more strikes. Landell dumps Mosh to the floor and plays to the crowd. Mosh hammers away on Landell with a few right hands and chops in the corner to get the advantage. Landell fights back with strikes followed by a clothesline. Landell slaps Mosh’s ear, but Mosh sends Buddy through the ropes to the floor. Mosh keeps control in the ring by choking Buddy over the middle rope. Landell punches Thrasher on the floor but Mosh sends Landelln to the apron. Mosh hits a springboard clothesline to knock Landell down on the apron. Landell beats on Mosh with right hands in the ring. Landell slams Mosh to the mat and hits the corkscrew elbow. Thrasher gets flipped into the ring and Landell puts the figure four on Thrasher. Landell gets an inside cradle on Mosh to win the match. (*. Mosh had a few moments of decent moves, but this was all about Landell and building him up as a face act for SMW.)

4.) Buddy Landell is interviewed by Les Thatcher. Landell says that Cornette would like for everyone to think that Buddy is all done, but Buddy is in his prime. Landell knows exactly how Cornette thinks and knows what Cornette does all day. Landell has a few things going on his side. He’s wrestling Tommy Rich in a four stipulations throughout the Halloween Scream Tour. There will be a first blood match, falls count anywhere, chain match and barbed wire. Landell knows he’s going to get hurt, but he’s going to get his hands on Rich. Landell will not forget that Cornette cost him two championships.

5.) Kessler’s Korner this week is with Jim Cornette, Tommy Rich and The Punisher. Rich has fought the best and mentions the cage match with Buzz Sawyer. Rich has the eyes of hell and promises that Landell is going down. Cornette chimes in and says he has experience with the four faces of fear. This same stipulation happened in ’92 with the Heavenly Bodies and Rock N’ Roll Express. Cornette notes that there were a lot of injuries and that’s going to happen this time around to Landell. Cornette hypes up all the matches that Rich and Landell will be having. Cornette notices that when someone has nobody to talk to that’s when they turn to the Lord. Cornette says that Buddy has screwed up his career, family and money. Cornette knows that Landell got his courage from a bottle of booze and has one in his hand. Cornette thinks that Landell needs that to look at his wife and kids. Buddy enters the ring and hammers away on the heels. Buddy decks Cornette but Rich whacks Buddy with a tennis racket. Rich uses the slapjack on Landell a few times, too. Cornette gets a few shots in on Landell, too. Buddy has been busted wide open. Cornette pours the booze down Buddy’s throat.

6.) Les Thatcher is backstage with Buddy Landell, who is trying to stop his busted forehead. Landell says it has been a year and a half since alcohol has touched his lips. Landell thinks it is pretty low to use booze on a guy who has battled addiction. Buddy thinks Cornette would give a junkie heroin just to see them jump. Landell is going to kick Tommy Rich’s teeth in.

7.) Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy cut a promo saying they tried to break Tom Prichard’s leg. They know the boot is loaded. Dirty White Boy promises to bring proof next week when they take the titles from the Bodies on TV.

8.) Les Thatcher interviews Robert Gibson regarding teaming with Chris Michaels last week. We hear from the Bodies who poke fun at Gibson who doesn’t have anyone to hangout with and maybe should call a 900 number. They warn the THUGS to stay away from Prichard’s boot. Back to Gibson, who thinks that Morton would have helped him win the titles last week. Gibson is now going to explore a singles run and he’s not going to let the fans down.

9.) Bob Armstrong has his left arm tied behind his back, per the stipulation for the match. Cornette runs around the ring saying he’s not ready and bails to the floor. Cornette delivers a few punches but Armstrong no sells them. Armstrong rams Cornette face first into the turnbuckle. Cornette goes into his tights and tosses powder into Armstrong’s face as Punisher distracted the referee. Punisher nails Armstrong from the floor and Cornette continues to deliver strikes. Armstrong gets dropped to the mat and Cornette continues to choke Armstrong followed by a forearm drop. Cornette misses an elbow drop and Armstrong strikes Cornette to the corner to continue to deliver strikes. Punisher gets in the ring and attacks Armstrong. After the match, Armstrong fights Punisher off with one arm behind his back. Heavenly Bodies and THUGS are brawling on the floor. Cornette tosses the referee to the floor. Terry Gordy enters the ring and attacks Armstrong. Gordy spikes Armstrong with a piledriver. Brad Armstrong comes out and forearms Gordy to the floor before checking on his father. (1/4*. Nothing here surprised me at all. The action was rather poor and the attack on Armstrong was incredibly obvious since Armstrong had only one arm to use anyway.)

Final Thoughts:
There was some basic angle developments, even if they were a little repetitive for my liking. I’d say it was an overall skippable show as nothing really happened to advance the bigger shows.

Thanks for reading.

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