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SMW TV 9/23/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 9/23/1995

1.) Tommy Rich defeated Larry Santo
2.) SMW Tag Team Champions Heavenly Bodies defeated Robert Gibson & Chris Michaels by disqualification to retain the titles
3.) Buddy Landell defeated Killer Kyle
4.) Boo Bradley defeated the Punisher by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Cornette and Tommy Rich are interviewed by Les Thatcher. Rich says that everyone that he wrestles will be Buddy Landell. Rich says that Cornette gave Landell everything and that Buddy lost everything going back to the bottle. Cornette thinks that Buddy is at a cheap hotel drinking right now. Cornette tells Landell to get use to getting dressed in a closet. Cornette mocks Buddy saying he’ll be the guy telling people that he use to be a star. Cornette believes they will put a permanent cork in Landell’s mouth.

2.) Robert Gibson had a chat with Chris Michaels telling him to keep his mouth closed and eyes open and they could be the champions. Michaels just nods his head.

3.) Heavenly Bodies with Jim Cornette cut a promo. Cornette thinks that as long as Prichard has the boot that everything will be okay. Prichard says that White Boy and Smothers aren’t wrestlers. Prichard believes they will be champions as long as he wears the protective boot.

4.) Gibson and Prichard start the tag title match with Prichard hammering away on Gibson in the corner. Gibson hip tosses Prichard out of the corner. Michaels comes off the top to hit an axe handle. Michaels kicks Prichard away after a takedown and they have a stare down. Michaels hammers away on Prichard a few times before tagging in Gibson. Gibson and Michaels hip toss the champs followed by dropkicks to send the Bodies to the floor. Cornette wants the Bodies to figure out this Michaels fella. Gibson and Prichard remain in the ring with Gibson fighting out of the corner with several strikes. Michaels tags in and tries for a hurricanrana, but Del Ray counters with a powerbomb. Del Ray backdrops Michaels before tagging in Prichard. Prichard beats on Michaels in the corner with a few more strikes. Prichard calls Michaels a “Ricky Morton wannabe”. Prichard powerbombs Michaels before tagging in Del Ray. Prichard helps Del Ray with an assisted standing moonsault for a two count on Michaels. Del Ray keeps Michaels on the mat with a sleeper hold. Prichard comes in, without a tag, and keeps control.

Michaels clotheslines Del Ray to the mat following a boot to the chest. Gibson gets the hot tag and cleans house on the Bodies. Gibson sends the Bodies into each other followed by a forearm strike to Prichard. Prichard loads his boot to knock Michaels to the floor and does the same to Gibson. Prichard beats on Gibson with the loaded boot. Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers run into the ring and the Bodies win by disqualification. (**. It wasn’t too bad of a match, really. Could they try to replace Morton with Michaels? That could get interesting. Michaels seems like he’s a decent wrestler and could get better.)

5.) Kessler’s Korner is next with SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong. Armstrong says that Gordy and Cornette claiming to be the real champion is just “chit-chat” and isn’t real. Armstrong waited a long time to find a promotion to feel like family. Armstrong is going to remain champion for as long as he can. Armstrong refuses to stand down and believes the fans like him just as much as Brad loves the fans. Brad is the champion and you can bet on that.

6.) Buddy Landell doesn’t have much of an issue finishing off Killer Kyle with the figure four leg lock after a few moments.

7.) Buddy Landell cuts a promo about Tommy Rich saying that Rich could fight him right now if Rich wanted to do it. Rich says his past is behind him, but it’s clearly not behind Cornette. Landell has been in the sewers with rats like Cornette before. Landell says the beating he got in Kentucky was a good one. Landell pokes fun at Tommy Rich’s haircut. Landell has forgotten more about cheating than Cornette has known in his life. Landell is going to kick in Cornette’s brain.

8.) Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy are interviewed. White Boy knows that Prichard’s boot is loaded and White Boy knows all about those. White Boy is going to get that boot off and get a piece of Cornette, too. Smothers chimes in and says Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder know its a loaded boot. Smothers promises to be tag team champions for a second time.

9.) Punisher eye rakes Bradley followed by a knee lift. Punisher backs Bradley into a corner to deliver a few strikes and a backdrop. Punisher misses an elbow drop coming off the ropes. Punisher kicks Bradley for a two count. Bradley ducks a clothesline from Punisher but Punisher rolls over Bradley’s back to deliver a clothesline on a second try for a two count. Bradley misses a crossbody coming off the ropes. Punisher splashes Bradley over the middle rope for a two count. Bradley tries to fight back with strikes, but Punisher cuts him off. Bradley misses a splash in the corner hitting the top turnbuckle. Punisher slams Bradley and comes off the top rope to hit a splash for a two count as Punisher pulls Bradley up. Bradley breaks free with a jawbreaker and a few chops. Bradley powerslams Punisher and goes to the top rope missing a moonsault. Punisher misses a clothesline and Bradley goes over the top to the floor. Punisher has a steel chair and whacks Bradley on the hip. That’s a $500 fine for Punisher. After the match, Punisher beats on Bradley with several chair shots to Boo’s right leg. Bob Armstrong and Brad Armstrong come down to make the save. (1/2*. The whole idea of fining people to prevent usage of weapons isn’t really stopping anybody, which would seemingly kill the premise they are going for. I’m assuming this was just a way to promote the feud between Punisher and Bradley.)

10.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed to end the program. Armstrong announces the obvious fine for using the chair. Armstrong says he will do something if Prichard’s boot is loaded. Armstrong challenges Cornette to a match and is going to have his arm tied behind his back. Armstrong says Cornette can wrestle him with that stipulation or leave. They will be wrestling next week on television.

Final Thoughts:
A decent week for television. I already feel annoyed with the amount of fines that have been issued. The wrestlers don’t care and continue to break the rules. Armstrong/Cornette on television next week must mean a huge angle development to air that on free television.

Thanks for reading.

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