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SMW TV 9/16/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 9/16/1995

1.) Dirty White Boy & Tracy Smothers defeated Killer Kyle & Larry Santo
2.) SMW Tag Team Champions Heavenly Bodies defeated Ron Davis & Chris Michaels
3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong defeated Al Snow to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) We get a reminder of the attack on Tom Prichard’s right knee by the THUGS.

2.) THUGS are interviewed by Les Thatcher, Dirty White Boy doesn’t care that Prichard saw a specialist. They were trying to break Prichard’s leg. Smothers say they have to turn a negative into a positive. Smothers puts over the Bodies as being a great team and catching them off guard. Smothers says they didn’t have time to celebrate the titles but they will get the titles back.

3.) Bob Armstrong had a press release about a lot of turmoil in SMW. Armstrong talks about Buddy Landell getting beaten up by the militia and the attack by the THUGS onto the Bodies. Six guys were fined $1,000 each for the recent attacks. Anyone attacking a referee will be fined $250. If anyone uses a deadly weapon will be fined $500.

4.) Jim Cornette is interviewed alongside the SMW Tag Team Champions, Heavenly Bodies. They have both tag titles this week. Prichard shows his leg that has been wrapped up heavily. Cornette says that Prichard has gotten a boot on that will allow him to continue to wrestle. Del Ray credits the doctor for saving Prichard’s career. Prichard notes that he’s had many injuries but this injury has been the most serious he’s ever suffered. Prichard says any other man would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but he’s not a regular man. Prichard says they will remain the champions as long as he has the boot on to save his career.

5.) Chris Michaels got a few moments of shine on Del Ray managing to hit a standing hurricanrana. Bodies stop Michaels with a leg sweep/clothesline combo. As expected, Prichard loads up his boot and kicks Santo for the win. I can get behind Prichard’s loaded boot gimmick.

6.) Al Snow shares pre-tape comments and shows pff his smile. Snow says that people have called him complaining that Brad Armstrong should not be champion. Snow says many people have been trying to find a way to take the championship off Brad Armstrong. Snow claims to have had a conference call with Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon where they said they’d give Snow anything to defeat Armstrong for the championship. Snow is going to prove that he is the ultimate wrestler.

7.) Chip Kessler hosts Kessler’s Korner with Buddy Landell. We get reminded of what happened to Buddy recently when Cornette and his militia kicked Landell out of the group and bloodied Landell. Buddy says he’s the only person he can blame because he chose to hangout with Cornette and company. Buddy says that Bob Armstrong told him “Buddy, if you lay down with dogs you’re gonna get fleas.” Landell is proud of himself for overcoming himself. Landell isn’t a brain dead idiot like Tommy Rich and can’t be told what to do all the time. Landell thinks kicking Cornette’s ass will be easy. Landell has been dressing by himself and has to ask a lot of people for forgiveness. Landell will be his one man militia to take out Cornette and his group. Landell makes it clear that he’s coming for Tommy Rich.

8.) Jim Cornette, Tommy Rich and the Punisher are interivewed by Chip Kessler. Tommy Rich says he goes way back with Landell. Rich use to pick Buddy up for shows and Rich won the championship in Georgia. Rich is a former NWA World Champion and that’s something Landell will never reach. Cornette has bailed Landell out of jail and doesn’t care about Buddy overcoming his odds. Cornette believes that Buddy will screw up again. Cornette says that he’s seen Buddy’s wife and Buddy is use to sleeping with a dog. Buddy runs out and tries to attack Cornette with a chair, but the heels run off. Bob Armstrong comes out and says that chair will cost Landell $500. Armstrong tells Landell he should have been there for when Landell got attacked and he’ll pay the fine for Landell this time, but moving forward it will cost him.

9.) Robert Gibson is interviewed and talks about how he’s without a partner since Ricky Morton left the company. Gibson noted that Chris Michaels looks promising and he’ll talk with Bob Armstrong to see if they can get a match with the Heavenly Bodies next week.

10.) Jim Cornette and Terry Gordy share pre-tape comments. Gordy says he pinned Armstrong and he’s coming for his championship. Cornette says that Gordy is mad and is the rightful SMW Heavyweight Champion. Gordy is going to start dropping bombs onto Brad Armstrong to regain the SMW Heavyweight Championship.

11.) Snow attacks Armstrong before the bell sounds hammering away on the champ. Snow connects with a back suplex followed by several stomps. Armstrong takes Snow to the mat for a two count. Snow avoids a rollup attempt and baseball slides Armstrong instead of a leapfrog. Snow back elbows Armstrong to the floor. Snow baseball slides Armstrong on the floor. Snow tries to use a chair on the floor, but the referee stops him. Snow delivers a few strikes to keep control on Armstrong. Snow hooks Armstrong on the apron to hit a suplex into the ring for a two count. Armstrong gets out of a chin lock, but Snow yanks Armstrong to the mat by his hair. Snow drives Armstrong down with a backbreaker. Snow hits a gut buster and crawls on the floor. Snow delivers another boot and a baseball slide on the floor. Snow slams Armstrong in the ring for a two count. Snow takes Armstrong over with a German suplex. Snow stomps on Armstrong a few times. Armstrong nearly wins with a rollup. Snow decks Armstrong with a right hand several times. Armstrong gets a second wind and pummels Snow with right hands in the corner. Armstrong decks Snow off the apron.

Terry Gordy comes out with a championship to watch the match. Armstrong gets distracted by Gordy and is attacked by Snow from behind. Snow slams Armstrong and misses a springboard splash. Armstrong hits a side Russian leg sweep to earn the win. After the match, Terry Gordy gets in the ring with the championship. Several officials enter the ring to prevent an altercation from happening. (**1/2. I thought this was a solid TV match. I’m thinking Snow is leaving soon to be losing a clean match to the champion on free TV. Gordy is probably the strongest heel aside from Rich or the Bodies to challenge Armstrong. I’m not sure if I’m interested in their matches, though.)

12.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong is interviewed to end the program. Armstrong says he’s the champion and that Gordy has never beaten him. Armstrong is going to give Gordy a chance to come after the gold and doesn’t see himself losing the gold.

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed this weeks program as they continue to promote the main event feuds. The feature match between Armstrong and Snow was done well, too.

Thanks for reading.

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