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SMW TV 9/9/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 9/9/1995

There weren’t any original matches for television as this was a recap show.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Footage from a show in Barbourville, KY is shown where Jim Cornette rips on Buddy Landell is shown. Cornette has kicked Landell out of the militia. Landell shoves Cornette and hammers away on Tommy Rich!

2.) In Morristown, there was a battle royal with ten men where the winner would win $5,000. The final two men where Boo Bradley and Terry Gordy. Bradley got tripped by Cornette and Gordy won the match following an elbow drop. Brad Armstrong enters the ring and backdrops Gordy. Cornette has powder and tosses it into Armstrong’s face. Gordy plants Armstrong with a powerbomb. Gordy picks Armstrong up a second time to deliver another powerbomb. Cornette counts Armstrong down and celebrated the win with Gordy. Of course, this isn’t a title match.

3.) Terry Gordy cuts a promo saying he’s coming for the SMW Heavyweight Championship that Brad Armstrong currently holds.

4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong says that Terry Gordy isn’t going to beat him. Armstrong asks how Gordy feels to powerbomb a blinded man. Armstrong isn’t going to backdown from Gordy and is going to put the title every time he sees Gordy.

5.) Footage of a match between Bodies/THUGS from Fire on the Mountain is shown where Prichard tried to use a loaded boot to win, but that failed. It eventually led to a disqualification when Cornette got involved. The ring fills up with wrestlers brawling.

6.) Jim Cornette cuts a promo with Punisher by his side. Cornette rips on Tony Anthony calling him a drunk. Cornette isn’t happy with the THUGS getting only fined $1,000. Anthony and Smothers failed to get revenge. The Bodies are back and ready to go. There is going to be a street fight for the tag titles, which is a match the Bodies have never lost. Cornette is confident that they will remain the tag champions.

7.) Buddy Landell is interviewed by Chip Kessler. We see a clip from Landell’s passionate promo leading into his match with Shawn Michaels when Landell openly talked about his drug and alcohol issues previously. Landell says that Cornette didn’t like Buddy revealing his past issues. Landell is proud to overcome his demons and his performance against Shawn Michaels. Landell notes that Cornette never touched Michaels and Buddy had pinned Michaels, but the match restarted because the referee saw the tennis racket. Landell says that Cornette has cost him two titles in one week. Landell says Cornette couldn’t keep himself out of his business in the ring.

8.) Footage from Barbourville, KY where Landell wrestled Brad Armstrong is shown. It’s a tag match, actually. Brad is teaming with Bob Armstrong to take on Landell and Tommy Rich. Bob cleans house on the heels. Brad has a sleeper on Landell, but Cornette enters with ether only to get knocked down. Brad smothers Landell with the ether rag and wins the match. We see footage again from earlier in the show where Buddy has been kicked out of the militia. Landell has to fight off Terry Gordy and puts Terry in the figure four. Buddy puts an inside cradle on Rich, too. Landell gets the figure four on Cornette until the Punisher comes in and nails Landell with the blackjack. Landell proceeds to get beaten up. Landell has been busted wide open. Cornette slaps Landell several times while Buddy was held. Cornette nails Buddy over the head with his tennis racket and over the back. Rich is digging his fingers into Buddy’s eyes. Buddy is left laying in a pool of his own blood. Cornette spits on Buddy before departing the ring.

9.) Tommy Rich cuts a pre-tape promo on Buddy Landell saying Buddy got kicked out for losing all his matches. Rich thinks that Buddy has always been jealous of him. Rich promises to stomp Buddy just like the North had done to the South. Cornette says that Landell couldn’t beat Armstrong or Michaels and blamed him. Cornette considers Buddy to be nothing more than a junkie. Landell blew it all for himself and Cornette saved Buddy’s career and life. Cornette says nobody crosses them or they will get burnt.

10.) Buddy Landell is interviewed again by Chip Kessler. Landell was tired of playing army. Buddy is in this business for the money and not friends. Landell overcame drugs and booze and will overcome Cornette, too. Landell says they made the worst mistake of their life putting their hands on him. Landell never wants to be like Tommy Rich. Buddy says that Rich could never lace his boots and considers himself ten times better than Rich. Landell calls Rich a false drunk and he’s going to kick Tommy’s brains in.

Final Thoughts:
Safe to say that the THUGS/Bodies feud is what is keeping me the most interested. Interested to see how the Buddy face turn goes, too.

Thanks for reading.

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