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SMW TV 9/2/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 9/2/1995

All matches were from Fire on the Mountain, which will be reviewed later

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Heavenly Bodies are SMW and USWA Tag Team Champions as noted by Chip Kessler to open the program.

2.) A bloodied Bob Armstrong cuts a promo telling Cornette to look at what Punisher has done to him. Armstrong is bringing a surprise for September 9th.

3.) Jim Cornette wants Bob Armstrong to salute his fans goodbye. Cornette promotes a first blood match between Punisher and Armstrong. Cornette says Punisher is here to deliver punishment. Cornette assures us that Punisher will hurt Armstrong so badly until he bleeds.

4.) Footage of Ron Wright’s retirement ceremony is shown. Dirty White Boy has a match with Wright, but it’s White Boy laying down and Wright pinning him.

5.) Chip Kessler interviews Jim Cornette, Tommy Rich and Punisher after we see footage from Superbowl of Wrestling where Cornette cost Landell the WWF Intercontinental Championship. We also see footage from Fire on the Mountain where Cornette again cost Landell a match with Brad Armstrong for the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Landell refused to use the tennis racket and Armstrong won the match. Cornette says this is not his fault and blames Landell and his excuses. Cornette dragged Landell out of the gutter and tried to help him out. Cornette says Landell will find out when he’s demoted and Rich is his top guy now. Rich says alcohol has never touched his lips. Cornette can be proud of Rich. Rich promises Cornette that he’ll get the SMW Heavyweight Championship from Brad Armstrong.

6.) Footage of the Heavenly Bodies winning the USWA Tag Team Championships from PG-13 is shown in Memphis. Bodies won the titles after eighteen minutes of action and Cornette getting involved.

7.) Chip Kessler interviewed Jim Cornette and the SMW Tag Team Champions Heavenly Bodies. Jimmy Del Ray has been busted open badly by the THUGS. We get a close up on Del Ray’s face and Cornette wants to know what kind of person does this to somebody else. Cornette says that the THUGS can hurt the Bodies but they can’t be defeated. Cornette promises to get the THUGS committed for attempted murder. Cornette calls the THUGS drunk pieces of trash. Smothers and White Boy enter the room and attack the Bodies. Smothers holds Prichard’s leg to allow White Boy to smash Tom’s right leg with a wooden board.

Final Thoughts:
THUGS/Bodies has been incredible development and I look forward to watching their big matches. The show was solid again this week.

Thanks for reading.

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