PWF Big Impact 7/13/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

Premier Wrestling Federation presents Big Impact
Date: 7/13/2002
From: Pottstown, PA

Opening Contest: Simply Luscious vs. Allison Danger: We’re starting off with Corino’s girlfriend (Luscious) taking on Corino’s sister (Danger). Danger starts off with a few strikes and snapmares for the early advantage. Danger connects with a rolling neck snap and a seated dropkick for a two count. Luscious fights back with a few strikes and a stunner over the knee. Luscious nails Danger with a step-up knee strike for a two count. Danger gets control on the mat with an abdominal stretch on the mat. Quiet Storm has come out and grabs Danger. Storm is holding Danger for a suplex but decides to shove Danger down to the mat instead.

Second Contest: PWF Junior Heavyweight Champion Quiet Storm vs. Amazing Red: Red quickly runs into the ring and trades a few takedowns with Storm. Red ducks a clothesline but gets arm dragged by Storm after a springboard. They trade a few arm drags until Red misses a standing moonsault and there is a standoff when neither man can lock in an arm drag. Storm boots Red in the corner and connects with a head scissors. Red tries for a monkey flip out of the corner, but settles for a dropkick in midair to nearly pin Storm. Red knee lifts Storm for a near fall. Red beats on Storm in the corner to maintain control of the contest. Red kicks Storm in the corner followed by a springboard dropkick from the apron for a near fall. Storm hits a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Storm takes Red over with a bridging suplex for a near fall. Storm has a submission on Red, but isn’t able to get the submission. Storm forearms Red in the corner and taunts the crowd. Storm keeps Red on the mat with a sleeper hold for a few moments.

Red fights back with several kicks to Storm’s ribs and head. Storm stops Red with a clothesline. Storm slams Red before heading to the top rope. Storm misses a diving headbutt. Red plants Storm with a brainbuster for a near fall. Red goes for a hurricanrana, but Storm counters by dropping Red on his head. Storm proceeds to properly hit a powerbomb. Storm spikes Red with a cradle DDT. Red knocks Storm to the floor and comes off the apron only to be met with a clothesline. Storm hits a full nelson suplex for a two count. Storm signals for the Storm Cradle Driver. Red counters the move with a reverse Code Red! Red has the cover, but Storm kicks out at two. Red kicks Storm and leg sweeps Storm to the mat followed by a standing shooting star press for a two count. Red spikes Storm with a piledriver. Red heads to the top rope but misses a swanton. Storm has Red over his back to deliver a neckbreaker and the Storm Cradle Driver for the clean win. (***. I really wouldn’t consider the women’s match the opening bout since it was designed to lead into this in a different way than usual. The crowd completely shit on women’s wrestling. As for Red/Storm, I thought it was a solid match. Sure, it was a little sloppy, but that’s to be expected with these two. I enjoyed the action and the clean finish was a nice touch.)

Third Contest: Fire & Ice (Brandon Blaze & Jason Pelligrini) vs. Chi Chi Cruz & Rockin’ Rebel: I was kinda disappointed that this wasn’t Scott Norton and Ice Train as Fire & Ice. I’d by lying if I had any idea who Fire & Ice were. Cruz is worked over the team early on with a dropkick and backdrop. Pelligrini nearly won the match following a snap powerslam. Fire and Ice hit a middle rope shoulder block/side Russian leg sweep combo on Cruz. They also hit a dangerous looking press slam/ace cutter combo. Cruz rolls to the floor and refuses to tag in Rebel. Rebel forces the tag, which pisses off Cruz. Rebel is getting a face reaction as he decks Blaze with a lariat. Cruz clotheslines Blaze in the corner and Cruz delivers one of his own for a two count. Cruz plants Blaze with a TKO for a two count. Blaze takes Rebel out with a top rope crossbody to the floor. Rebel and Blaze collide heads with Blaze falling onto Rebel’s groin. Blaze nails Rebel with a standing dropkick and a leaping forearm. Blaze hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Pelligrini enters and brawls with Cruz for a moment. The match has all four men in there now. Rebel clotheslines Cruz on accident. Rebel plants Cruz with a spinebuster. Fire & Ice hit stereo splashes off the to pin Cruz. (*1/2. Honestly, I was way more entertained by Fire & Ice than I thought I would be. They are rough around the edges, but their is promise there with the team to become a more reliable and fun act. That wasn’t the point of this, but rather the point was to develop and advance a feud between Cruz and Rebel. I’m guessing Rebel is the face for the feud despite being a rather unlikeable act.)

Fourth Contest: PWF Northeast Tag Team Champions The Bash Brothers (Frankie Armadillo & Kid Krazy) vs. Emerald Fusion (Blade & Mike Paiva): I have no idea who any of these guys are. Fusion have the early advantage with arm drags and a head scissors. Krazy stops Paiva with a spinning flapjack. Krazy taunts the fans following a spinning heel kick. Armadillo enters but us met with a superkick by Paiva. Krazy and Blade get tagged in with Blade hitting a missile dropkick and a spinning heel kick. Krazy gets clotheslined over the top to the top to the floor. Paivia takes everyone out with a spinning dive to the floor. Blade follows up with a springboard moonsault to the floor! Armadillo powerslams Blade for a two count. Blade elbows Armadillo in the corner but runs into a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Krazy plants Blade with a back suplex to maintain control of the match. Krazy dropkicks Blade and taunts the crowd. Bash Brothers continue to beat on Blade for a few moments. Paivia comes off the top with a sunset flip, but the referee didn’t see the tag. Blade continues to be worked over in the corner. Armadillo accidentally hirs Krazy with a crossbody. Paiva enters and cleans house with slams. Paiva delivers a Roll of the Dice to Armadillo. Krazy spikes Paiva with a piledriver for a two count.

Blade gets crotched on the top rope by Krazy. Blade hits a sunset flip powerbomb. A female manager beats up the champs manager. She low blows Armadillo followed by a head scissors, but Krazy hit a sit down powerbomb. Krazy gets dumped to the floor and Blade plants Armadillo with a DDT. Pavia comes off the top to hit a moonsault for the win. (**1/4. Emerald Fusion won over the crowd with their high flying moves. I enjoyed the match despite not having ever seen anyone involved wrestle before. Having the good guys win and having a title change makes the most sense for getting a positive reaction. I wouldn’t mind seeing these teams again in the PWF.)

Prior to the next match, Gino Giovanni cuts a promo saying that he’s tired of wrestling against lesser opponents after having wrestled high profile guys in the first year of PWF.

Fifth Contest: Striker vs. Gino Giovanni: Striker hammers away on Giovanni followed by a leaping forearm smash and a backdrop. Striker gets stopped by a low blow in the corner and an atomic drop. Giovanni clotheslines Striker and taunts the crowd now that Gino has control of the match. Gio chops Striker in the corner a few times, but Striker fights back with chops to the chest. Striker misses a leg drop coming off the ropes. Giovanni kicks Striker over the back a few times to maintain control of the match. Striker walks the ropes to deliver an overhand chop and an airplane spin before hitting a rolling fireman’s carry. Striker misses a forearm drop off the middle rope. Gino kicks Striker to the mat and leg drops Striker’s arm. Striker gets out of a sleeper by ramming Gino into the corner. Giovanni has kept a cobra clutch on Striker and has Striker on the mat. Striker reaches the ropes to break the hold. Gino sends Striker back first into the corner. Striker bulldogs Giovanni, but Gino locks in a camel clutch. Striker stands up and drops backwards to break the hold. Striker locks in a reverse Boston Crab and swings Gino using his arms. Striker locks in a head scissors and rolls backwards to get the submission victory. (*1/4. The crowd made it clear they thought most of this was boring, and I tend to agree with that opinion. It’s a completely forgettable match.)

Sixth Contest: The Damned (Draven & Mad Dog) vs. Da Hit Squad (Maff & Mack) in a Loser Leaves PWF For 90 Days: Maff and Draven start the match with Maff delivering several chops and a back splash. Mack enters and sends Maff into the corner to deliver a cannonball. Mack powerslams Dog and plays to the crowd. Mack and Dog trade strikes with Mack hitting an overhead belly to belly suplex. Dog tosses Mack with a German suplex, but Mack no sells it and clotheslines Dog. Dog comes off the ropes to clothesline Mack to get some momentum. Mack is sent back first into the corner and double teamed while Maff distracted the referee. Damned hit a leg drop/big splash combo for a two count on Mack. Mack continues to be worked over in the corner. Maff isn’t really helping the cause as the referee is distracted. Draven splashes Mack in the corner for a two count. Draven misses a top rope moonsault as Mack rolled out of the way.

Maff gets the hot tag and boots Draven to the mat followed by a senton splash. Dog misses a clothesline and Maff hit a suicide dive to the floor. Mack tosses Dog with an overhead suplex. Maff hits a spinning neckbreaker on Draven. Dog enters to prevent a figure four by nailing Maff with a big boot. Maff spears Dog after ducking a big boot attempt. Mack comes off the top as Maff has a figure four on Draven. Mack hits a frog splash on Draven! Dog hits a sloppy looking DDT on Mack for a two count. Maff has Dog for the Burning Hammer and hits it right in the middle of the ring for the win. (*1/2. I’m just glad that Da Hit Squad won this match. Maff and Mack come across as a team that should be a bigger deal on the independents.) After the match, Mack press slams the Damned’s female manager over the top onto the Damned.

Seventh Contest: Steve Corino vs. Jack Victory in a lumberjacks with straps match: There are a handful of fans at ringside with straps along with several wrestlers. Victory knocks Corino down to the mat to start the match. Corino works over Victory with a strap in the corner before sending Victory to the floor. Victory is whipped a few times by several fans. Victory gets control of the match with several right hands to drop Corino. Victory dumps Corino to the floor and is whipped by the lumberjacks. Corino works over Victory with several strikes and an elbow strike. Victory decides to bail to the floor and regroups with lumberjacks. Corino works over Victory with right hands and pulls his jersey up. Victory is sent to the floor and his exposed back is whipped a few times. Victory elbows Corino in the corner and beats on Corino with several strikes and stomps. Victory uses the strap to beat on Corino and that has caused Corino to be busted open. Victory drops Corino with a right hand and taunts the crowd. Victory dumps Corino to the floor and the lumberjacks whip Corino several times.

Corino beats on Victory with right hands followed by a low blow. Corino beats on Victory with the strap and digs into Victory’s forehead to cause Victory to bleed. Corino dumps Victory to the floor and lumberjacks whip Victory several times. Corino gets tripped by Lou E. Dangerously and is distracted by the lumberjacks brawling. Victory back elbows Corino while everyone continues to brawl on the floor. Corino superkicks Victory, but the referee gets pulled out of the ring. Lou E. Dangerously enters the ring and tosses powder into CW Anderson’s eyes. Anderson plants Corino with a spinebuster on accident. The referee returns and Victory manages to pin Corino for the win! (**. This felt like a Memphis style brawl, which I like. The action wasn’t over the top nor memorable. It came across like a fight and I was mildly entertained by it. The finish felt a little flat to me. I’m sure they are trying to build up the heel side for Corino since he just recently turned face, but a clean win for Victory in this environment would have made more sense.)

Eighth Contest: PWF Universal Tag Team Champions The SAT vs. The Rachies (Adam Flash & Danny Rose): Rose and Joel start the match with Rose hammering away on Joel with strikes and a headbutt. Rose elbow strikes Joel to the mat to keep the early advantage. Jose takes Rose over with a hurricanrana. Rose gets dropkicked off the apron and Flash spears Jose off the apron to also take out Rose on the floor! Rose plants Jose with a face buster and runs into a boot. Jose comes off the middle rope with a knee strike. Joel tries to pin Rose, but only gets a two count after an elbow drop. Rose plants Joel with a sit out powerbomb and Flash nearly wins the match. Flash works over Joel with strikes in the corner followed by a double leg slam out of the corner for a two count. Flash hits a dropkick for another two count. Rose comes in and plants Joel with a double spinebuster for a two count. Rose whip lashes Joel to the mat by his hair. Flash enters to hit a double vertical suplex for a two count.

Flash powerslams Joel for a two count. Rose holds Joel over the top and Flash splashes down onto Joel. Rose gets another two count followed by a suplex. Flash gets knocked off the middle rope and Joel spikes Flash with a tornado DDT. Jose hits a top rope crossbody and forearms upon his entry. Jose head scissors Flash to the mat, but Rose enters to hit a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Joel punches Rose in the corner. Joel nails Rose with a springboard kick and a dropkick. Joel comes off the top to frog splash Rose. Flash clotheslines Joel to the mat and goes to the top rope. Joel nails Flash on the top rope as the SAT look for the Spanish Fly. Rose prevents that from happening. Flash tries for a powerbomb, but Joel counters with a punch and lands on top for the win. (*1/2. Well, that was a boring SAT match and I don’t think the SAT are to blame for that being a disappointment. Rachies didn’t do much for me here and the finish was incredibly flat. The crowd certainly didn’t buy into the Rachies as a challenging team. Luckily, it didn’t get a lot of time nor did it drag along.)

Ninth Contest: Billy Bax vs. Jay Briscoe: Briscoe and Bax start the match trading some mat wrestling holds. Briscoe arm drags Bax to tehe mat and they continue to counter each other. Bax stops Briscoe with a tilt a whirl gut buster. Bax takes Briscoe over with a northern lights suplex. Briscoe plants Bax with a sit out front suplex followed by a dropkick for a near fall. Bax tosses Briscoe with an overhead exploder suplex for a near fall. Briscoe elbows his way out of a suplex and tries for a double under hook, but Bax counters with a German suplex for a two count. Bax runs into an elbow strike and Briscoe hits a nice backbreaker. Briscoe plants Bax with a powerbomb for a near fall. Briscoe heads to the top rope but is crotched by Bax. Briscoe shoves Bax off the middle rope. Bax catches Briscoe in midair but they collapse and it looks awful. Briscoe and Bax trade right hands in the middle of the ring. They counter a few pin attempts by each other. Briscoe gets out of a backslide and almost hits a slam, but Bax countered. Briscoe still hits a Flatliner and wins the match with a rollup. (*1/2. Towards the end of the match felt like there were too many botches in there. Briscoe didn’t seem to know how to properly execute the rollup finish either. There wasn’t a whole of entertaining action taking place here, sadly.)

Tenth Contest: Chris Divine vs. Dylan Night: Divine comes off the ropes and is met with a clothesline. Night is superkicked off the apron and crashes to the floor. Divine baseball slides Night into several chairs. Divine drives Night face first onto a steel chair before returning to the ring. Night superkicks Divine on the apron and delivers a neckbreaker over the top rope. Divine nearly smacks Night’s female manager before getting back into the ring. Night drops Divine throat first over the top rope. Night delivers a few quick knee drops and a kick to the face for the advantage. Night decks Divine with a lariat for a two count. Night stops Divine with a neckbreaker out of the corner. Night beats on Divine with strikes on the mat. Night drops Divine to the mat gut first and attempts a piledriver, but Divine breaks free. Night delivers a kick and two piledrivers. Divine counters a third piledriver to drop Night to the mat with a twisting Flatliner for the win. (*1/2. I’m really not sure if I understand the logic of Divine taking two piledrivers and then countering a third. That would kind of hurt the move, I would think.)

Eleventh Contest: Chris Divine vs. Jay Briscoe for the vacant PWF United States Championship: Briscoe attacks before the bell with a right hand in the corner. Divine nails Briscoe with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Briscoe connects with a heel kick for a two count followed by a dropkick. Divine comes off the ropes to dropkick Briscoe on the mat. They begin to trade right hands with Briscoe hitting a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Briscoe tries for a suplex, but Divine counters only to miss a dropkick attempt. Briscoe misses a standing elbow drop. Briscoe also misses a dropkick attempt and Divine gets a leg lock on Briscoe, but Briscoe reaches the bottom rope. Divine runs into an elbow by Briscoe. Briscoe plants Divine face first to the mat to counter a head scissors for a two count. Divine rolls Briscoe up out of the corner for a two count. Divine hits a crossbody off the middle rope for a two count. Briscoe takes Divine over with a German suplex a few times for a near fall. Briscoe attempts a tornado DDT, but Divine counters. They trade suplex attempts until Divine nearly wins with a German suplex. Briscoe plants Divine with a brainbuster. Divine stops Briscoe on the middle rope and hits a twisting Flatliner for a two count. Briscoe spikes Divine with the Jay Driller for the win. (**1/2. It was an enjoyable match as they focused on suplexs and then into seemingly random big spots that didn’t really justify to be used in the match. Briscoe was the right choice to go over, though.)

Main Event: PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion CW Anderson vs. Chris Hamrick: Hamrick attacks Anderson as soon as Anderson enters the ring. Anderson decks Hamrick with a clothesline and a backdrop. Hamrick bails to the floor to regroup but Anderson follows to deliver several chops and strikes. Anderson keeps control on the mat with a modified abdominal stretch until Hamrick reaches the ropes. Hamrick misses a splash in the corner. Anderson sends Hamrick flipping in the corner but Hamrick nails Anderson with a kick to the head. Hamrick continues to beat on Anderson in the corner with strikes followed by an eye rake. Lou E. Dangerously chokes Anderson over the middle rope behind the referees back. Hamrick chokes Anderson some more while the referee continues to be distracted. Hamrick tries for a hip toss, but Anderson counters to deliver a left hand for a two count. Hamrick dropkicks Anderson for a two count. Hamrick scoop slams Anderson and goes to the top rope. Hamrick hits an elbow drop off the top and goes for a cocky cover. Anderson nearly wins after countering the pin attempt with a rollup.

Anderson misses a splash in the corner and collapses to the mat. Hamrick asks if the fans want to see a moonsault, which Hamrick misses. Anderson works over Hamrick hitting a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Hamrick knee lifts Anderson followed by a few strikes. Anderson tries for a spinebuster, but Hamrick breaks free and nails Anderson with a big boot for a two count. Hamrick hits a vertical suplex turned into a stunner for a near fall. Anderson counters a suplex attempt and hits a German suplex. Anderson plants Hamrick with the spinebuster, but Hamrick gets his foot on the bottom rope with help from Lou E. Dangerously. Jack Victory has come down to ringside to watch the match. Hamrick elbows Anderson and tries for a tornado DDT, but Anderson sits Hamrick on the top rope. Victory holds Anderson’s leg and gets knocked off the apron. Hamrick knocks Anderson to the mat and hits a top rope leg drop to win the match. (*1/2. The crowd was dead for this match and they didn’t react to anything going on. It was a little awkward to be honest that they didn’t care at all for what happened. Perhaps the heel stable dominating a show was a little played out for them here. I’m a fan of Hamrick, but I’m not sure if he can carry a company as a heel character as the top champion. I also don’t think Anderson had developed a connection with the fans.) After the match, Johnny Kashmere runs into the ring and confronts Hamrick wondering why he shouldn’t be back in the PWF. Hamrick asks Kashmere if he wants to be back in the PWF. Hamrick insults the fans for a few moments by calling them marks several times. Hamrick thinks he can get Kashmere a job as a ring crew guy. Hamrick notes that Kashmere had been champion before and they drew a quarter of the crowd. Hamrick thinks that Kashmere could get a job carrying his bags or championship. Kashmere asks how many people think Hamrick looks like a 50-year old gay hairdresser. Kashmere has been champion before and he’ll go through Hamrick to get it back. Hamrick doesn’t give a crap and walks off. Kashmere wants the fans to make the match happen and promises to not let them down.

Final Thoughts:
There wasn’t enough quality wrestling for me to recommend this show. If you’re a big fan of Corino and his friends, then you’ll enjoy any of these shows. They are easy to watch, but this one lacked excitement for me.

Thanks for reading.

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