PWX An Evil Twist Of Fate 10/5/2012

Written by: Bob Colling

Premiere Wrestling Xperience presents An Evil Twist Of Fate
Date: 10/5/2012
From: Charlotte, NC

Opening Contest: Steven Walters vs. Billy Brash: Walters has the early advantage dropkicking and hip tossing Brash. Walters keeps arm control on Brash. Walters leg drops Brash on the arm to maintain control of the contest. Brash goes to the ropes causing Walters to let go. Brash knee lifts Walters followed by a clothesline. Brash chokes Walters over the middle rope after a few forearm strikes. Walters boots Brash in the corner but Brash hits a middle rope Backstabber for a two count. Brash takes Walters over with a suplex and comes off the middle rope, but misses an elbow drop. Brash and Walters trade strikes with Walters getting the advantage with clotheslines. Walters uppercuts Brash followed by a dragon suplex for a two count. Brash takes Walters over with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Walters takes Brash down to the mat and locks in a Crossface to win the match by submission. (**. This was pretty much “by the books” for two young student-like wrestlers. That’s the vibe I got from them, at least. The crowd was into the action and it held my interest. It also didn’t go overly long and was seemingly just a match to hype the crowd for the PPV event.)

Prior to the next match, Steve Corino cut a promo insulting the fans for a few moments.

Second Contest: Drew Myers & Steve Corino vs. Adam Page & Alex Avgerinos: Corino and Page start the tag match with Corino stalling on the apron to get the crowd to boo him some more. Myers enters the match and takes Page down to the mat where they counter each other a couple of times. Page arm drags Myers to the mat and keeps arm control. Page chops Myers before tagging in Avgerino. Avgerino comes off the ropes to hit a crossbody for a two count. Avgerino delivers a running big boot for a two count on Myers. Page enters and Myers is driven to the mat with a double flapjack. Myers tags in Corino, and Page arm drags Corino. Corino misses a splash in the corner and Page keeps Corino on the mat. Myers knee strikes Page from the apron and Corino plants Page with a Flatliner. Myers tosses Page with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Corino tries to keep Page in the corner, but Page fights back with right hands. Page gets the tag to Avgerino and Alex cleans house with scoop slams.

Page chops Myers and sends Myers to the floor. Page hits a crossbody to the floor. Corino tries for a suplex on Avgerino, but Avergino hits a Sling Blade. Thomas Simpson enters to deliver a kendo stick shot to Averginos and causes the disqualification. After the match, Corino low blows Averginos and hits a side suplex. Corino confronts an ESPN sportscaster, but Avgerinos gets up and keeps the sportscaster away. (*1/2. The DQ finish is a little disappointing. Corinon wasn’t used all that much as it seemed the focus was on Page and Myers. The aftermath didn’t connect with me as I’m not usually a fan of wrestlers feuding with local personalities.)

Third Contest: William Robinson vs. Zane Riley vs. The Chiva Kid vs. Ernie Osiris vs. Craig Huffman vs. Brady Pierce in a number contenders match for the PWX Heavyweight Championship: This is actually a gauntlet match of sorts with a new wrestler coming out every minute. Riley and Huffman kickoff the match. Riley hammers away on Huffman until a knee strikes stops his offense. They come off the ropes but collide shoulders. They trade a few chops with Riley getting the better of the exchange. Huffman stops Riley with a few stomps. Riley connects with a swinging neckbreaker and puts a Crossface on Huffman. Huffman isn’t going to give in.

Brady Pierce enters the ring and pummels Riley with a few strikes in the corner followed by knee lifts. This match is one fall to a finish, by the way. Riley is worked over by both men in the corner. Riley fights back with right hands, but is stopped again. Riley is driven hard back first into the corner. Riley comes off the ropes and is met with a double clothesline.

Ernie Osiris comes out next and helps Riley by delivering strikes on Huffman and Pierce. Ernie works over Huffman while Riley punches Pierce in the other corner. Ernie and Riley hit clotheslines at the same time to keep control of the match. Ernie splashes Huffman in the corner and Riley delivers a splash of his own. Riley wheelbarrow slams Ernie onto Huffman for a two count.

William Roberts comes out next and decks everyone with strikes and boots. Roberts nearly pins Riley as the fans are chanting “Feed Me More” towards Roberts. Huffman stops Roberts with a few right hands in the middle of the ring. Roberts clubs on Huffman to regain control.

The final entrant is the Chiva Kid. Kid hits a springboard dropkick and kicks Roberts to the floor. Chiva is fired up while Riley beats on Pierce on the floor. Chiva takes Riley and Pierce out with a dive to the floor. Riley and Roberts trade blows in the corner and they collide with stereo clotheslines. Ernie comes off the top to hit a moonsault on Roberts for a two count. Pierce plants Ernie with a sit out spinebuster for a two count. Huffman powerslams Roberts for a two count. Riley elbows Huffman in the corner followed by a suplex into the corner. Riley hits a cannonball in the corner to takeout Huffman. Chiva hits a shooting star press and pins Huffman after Riley was pulled out of the ring. (**1/2. I thought it was a decent six way match as they kept my interest throughout. Chiva is clearly really over and seems to be a good choice to challenge for the PWX Heavyweight Championship. I’m intrigued to see more from Chiva.) After the match, Huffman attacks Riley with brass knuckles. Huffman has scissors and cuts Riley’s beard in the middle of the ring! Chiva finally comes into the ring and makes the save. Huffman taunts the crowd with pieces of Riley’s beard.

Fourth Contest: Amber O’Neal vs. Reby Sky: O’Neal attacks before the bell and works over Sky in the corner with strikes. Sky nearly wins with a rollup. Sky clotheslines O’Neal several times and spanks O’Neal over the top rope. Sky strips O’Neal of her skirt and delivers a headbutt to the lower midsection. O’Neal drops Sky over the middle rope throat first. O’Neal plants Sky with a DDT for a two count. Sky kicks O’Neal and falls to the mat before delivering a leg drop for a two count. O’Neal avoids a DDT by driving Sky into the corner back first. O’Neal keeps Sky on the mat while doing a split with a full nelson. Sky elbows O’Neal in the corner and spikes O’Neal with a tornado DDT off the middle rope. Sky comes off the ropes with a head scissors and a clothesline. Sky dropkicks O’Neal into the corner and delivers a spin kick. Sky plants O’Neal with a running bulldog. O’Neal regains control with a clothesline in the corner and rubs her butt into Sky’s face. Sky kicks O’Neal onto the referee. Sky hits the Twist of Fate, but the referee is knocked down. O’Neal blows some glitter into Sky’s face and hits a face buster for the win. (*. They did quite a bit to try and hold interest in the match. Corino was on commentary and was rather hilarious throughout. The finish felt like they got too complicated with it. If Sky is going to lose, just have her lose. To use a referee bump and the glitter just seemed like they were making Sky appear to be a bigger deal than she really is.)

Fifth Contest: Generation Kill (Chip Day & Corey Hollis) & John Skyler vs. Lodi & PWX Tag Team Champions The Great Outdoors (Grizzly Redwood & Jake Manning) in a bunkhouse six man tag match: All six men are in the ring going at trading right hands. Lodi kicks Skyler over the top rope a few times. Lodi and Manning deliver a double back elbow to Hollis and Day gets sent to the floor along with Skyler. Redwood dives over the top to take all three men out on the floor! Manning sends Day into the ring post shoulder first and into the apron face first. Skyler has a strap and whips Lodi on the floor a few times. Skyler taunts the fans after knocking Lodi down. Manning stomps on Hollis in the corner while everyone else is brawling on the floor. Redwood comes off a ledge to deliver a double axe handle. Manning drives Day into the ring post groin first. Lodi works over Skyler in the ring with the strap followed by a snap suplex for a two count. Day decks Manning on the floor with a right hand. Lodi tries for a DDT, but Skyler wiggles free and delivers a superkick. Skyler is busted open at this point as Redwood sends Skyler to the floor. Redwood hits a tornado DDT onto Hollis. Hollis comes back with a slam and Day delivers a double knee strike to keep control on Redwood.

Redwood comes off the ropes and is clotheslined by Day. Hollis stops Manning on the apron as Redwood is now being triple teamed. Day and Hollis hit a spear and jump kick in the corner. Lodi cleans house with strikes to make the save. Manning leaps off the top to hit a double clothesline on Hollis and Day. Redwood head scissors Day into the corner and Manning delivers a backbreaker for a two count. Manning goes outside the ring to grab a table. Manning lays Skyler on the table, but gets stopped from coming off the top rope. Redwood spears Day from the apron into the ring. Hollis tries to suplex Redwood through the table, but Manning helps out on the apron. Manning has Hollis on his shoulders and puts both Hollis and Day through the table with a Death Valley Driver. Manning and Redwood cover both men to win the match. (**3/4. It was an enjoyable brawl between these six guys. I must say, it was weird to see Lodi in a competitive, serious match. I thought he did well in the role and fit right in. I’ll just have to get use to that Lodi in PWX. It felt like the faces had the majority of the offense and the crowd seemed to be hot for everything going on.)

Sixth Contest: Eddie Edwards vs. Cedric Alexander: Early on they counter each other on the mat a few times. Edwards gets to the ropes to break Alexander’s control. Alexander arm drags Edwards a few times and hits a slingshot elbow drop from the apron for a two count. Edwards nails Alexander with an elbow strike and a senton splash for a two count. Alexander comes off the ropes to nail Edwards with a boot strike for a near fall. Edwards boots Alexander in the corner, but runs into an uppercut. Edwards kicks Alexander on the knee and delivers a running knee strike for a near fall. Edwards chops Alexander on the floor right next to his family and Edwards taunts Cedric’s family. Back in the ring, Edwards continues to work over Alexander with knee strikes and forearm strikes. Alexander gets a few shots in, but Edwards stops Alexander by sending Cedric into the corner back first. Edwards keeps Alexander on the mat with a chin lock until Alexander battles to his feet. Edwards dumps Alexander to the apron, but Alexander sends Edwards to the floor with a head scissors.

Alexander takes Edwards out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Cedric hits a springboard clothesline into the ring for a near fall. Edwards elbows Alexander in the corner and comes off the middle rope to hit a Codebreaker. Alexander drives Edwards down to the mat face first for a two count. Alexander goes to the top rope and misses a double stomp. Edwards chops Alexander but runs into a boot in the corner. Edwards kicks Alexander on the middle rope and hits a backpack stunner for a near fall. Edwards tries for a suplex, but Alexander counters and hits a backbreaker for a two count. Alexander misses a dropkick in the corner and Edwards hits a sit out face buster. Alexander nails Edwards with a spinning kick, but Edwards delivers a superkick. Alexander dropkicks Edwards against the ropes. Alexander dropkicks Edwards in the corner and nearly wins the match. Alexander heads to the top rope looking for a frog splash, but Edwards got his knees up. Edwards heads to the top rope and double stomps Alexander on the back for a near fall. Edwards quickly locks in the half Boston Crab. Alexander is dragged to the middle of the ring and Edwards brutally stomps on Alexander causing the referee to call for the bell. (***1/2. That was a really good wrestling match. The pace was done very well and they hit their big spots very well. The crowd was hot for the action and I throughly enjoyed the contest. Edwards played the heel role well here, as well.) After the match, Edwards spits at Alexander and Alexander’s mother tosses her drink at Edwards on the floor!

Lodi is attacked in the ring by Steven Walters, John Skyler, Corey Hollis and Chip Day. Skyler is taunting Lodi while Walters keeps the Crossface on Lodi until Lodi passes out. Walters had used a belt to choke Lodi out. I’m taking this as Walters turning heel. Skyler had promised a fourth member and it appears they are going by the name Forever. Skyler challenges Lodi to meet the four of them on November 30th.

Seventh Contest: PWX Heavyweight Champion Caleb Konley vs. Ric Converse: Konley dropkicks Converse into the corner and delivers a few left hands. Converse rolls to the floor and Konley follows with a few chops and rams Converse face first onto a chair. Konley rolls Converse into the ring and avoids an elbow drop attempt. Konley hits a springboard dropkick from the apron for a near fall. Konley backdrops Converse but gets yanked off the top turnbuckle. Converse works over Konley with strikes in the corner. Converse dropkicks a seated Konley for a near fall. Converse keeps Konley on the mat for a few moments. Konley fights back with a few strikes and a boot to the midsection. Konley drives Converse down to the mat with a spinebuster, but Converse kicks the champ away before hitting a DDT for a near fall. Converse continues with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Converse clotheslines Konley to stop any momentum. Konley stops Converse on the top turnbuckle and tosses Converse to the mat. Konley gets stopped by an eye rake by Converse. Konley comes off the ropes and they both clothesline each other to the mat.

Konley forearms Converse a few times and has Converse on his back before driving Converse to the mat. Konley locks in the O Face, but Amber O’Neal comes out to distract the referee on the apron. Converse has a rollup from behind for a two count. Converse plants Konley with a Flatliner. Converse gets kicked by Konley on the middle rope. Konley hooks Converse looking for a superplex and hits it! Konley has the cover, but Converse kicks out at two. O’Neal grabs Konley by the leg and Converse hits a interesting facebuster for a near fall. Konley had his leg on the ropes and Converse thinks he has won the match. The referee tells Converse that’s not the case. Konley hammers away on Converse and hits a spinebuster. Konley locks in the O Face and Amber O’Neal decides to just leave the ring as Converse submits. (*1/2. These guys were not going to produce nearly the same level of entertainment that Edwards and Alexander provided the match previously. The finish felt really weird as O’Neal just sat there while her man submitted. That didn’t flow very well with the match for me. I think I need to see Konley against someone similar to his style.)

Main Event: Matt Hardy vs. Kevin Steen: Steen shoves Hardy as they have a standoff. They begin to trade right hands with Steen delivering a low blow. Hardy comes off the ropes trying to shoulder block Steen and the third shoulder blocks knocks Steen down. Steen goes to the floor to regroup. Steen returns to the ring and works over Hardy with strikes in the corner. Steen clotheslines Hardy in the corner and taunts the crowd. Hardy rams Steen face first into the corner. Steen misses a splash and Hardy connects with a bulldog out of the corner for a two count. Steen goes to the floor again to stall for a bit. Hardy works over Steen’s left arm with a wrist lock, but Steen fights out of the hold with an eye rake. Steen delivers a few shoulder rams in the corner to keep control on Hardy. Steen sends Hardy into the corner back first followed by a spear. Steen chokes Hardy over the middle rope. Hardy hits Steen with a drink on the floor and hammers away on Steen a few more times. Hardy slams Steen face first onto the apron. Steen sends Hardy shoulder first into the ring post.

Steen drops Hardy face first over the apron. Hardy plants Steen with a Side Effect on the apron! Hardy comes off the middle rope to deliver an elbow drop. Hardy hits a middle rope leg drop for a two count. Steen stops Hardy with a low blow to counter the Twist of Fate. The referee is calling for the bell to end the match. Steen seems satisfied with that and heads up the aisle way. Hardy grabs the microphone and isn’t going to allow that to happen. Hardy challenges Steen to a no disqualification match. Hardy wants to see if Steen can kill Hardy tonight. Steen doesn’t seem interested until Hardy questions his manhood.

Steen returns to the ring and they trade right hands until Steen eye rakes Hardy. Hardy counters a clothesline with a Side Effect for a two count. Hardy drives Steen down with a headlock cutter for a near fall. Steen counters the Twist of Fate, but Hardy counters an F5. Steen plants Hardy with a pop-up powerbomb. Steen heads to the top rope but Hardy stops Steen with a right hand. Hardy tries for a superplex, but Steen shoves Hardy off. Steen hits a swanton bomb for a two count. Steen gets a steel chair from a fan. Steen jabs Hardy in the midsection with the chair. Steen goes for the F5, but Hardy counters. Hardy is grabbed by Steen’s manager on the apron. Steen accidentally hits his manager and is nearly pinned. Steen mistimed a knee strike to knock Hardy down. Steen is sent into a chair in the corner. Hardy whacks Steen over the back with the chair a few times. Hardy connects with the Twist of Fate, but Corino pulls the referee out. Hardy dropkicks Corino and is sent into the ring. Hardy whacks Corino over the back with a kendo stick. Steen hits the F5, but Reby Sky runs into the ring to make the save.

Corino grabs Sky and is slapped by Sky. Sky low blows Corino sending Corino to the floor. Sky has the kendo stuck and backs off from Steen. Steen grabs the kendo stick and whacks Hardy over the head with it. Corino rolls Sky back into the ring and Steen plants Sky with the Package Piledriver. Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate and sees Sky down, which distracts him. Steen rolls Hardy up and wins the match. (**. This ended up being exactly what you’d expect. They brawled, hit their key moves and then made it a no disqualification to hide any limitations that Hardy may have. I’m glad Steen went over, which likely happened since he’s a top guy in ROH. The angle with Reby Sky was effective, too. I’d be interested in these two locking up again in PWX to play off that angle.)

To close the show, Reby Sky is checked on by Matt Hardy and several officials.

Final Thoughts:
I’d consider this an average show overall for PWX. Edwards/Alexander was the match of the night and there were other matches on the show that had entertainment to them. The show runs just over two hours and it did fly by.

Thanks for reading.

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