Latest update of show reviews include WWF house shows, ECW house shows, WCW Saturday Night, AEW shows, and over a dozzen independent wrestling shows!

WWF House Show 2/23/1987
WWF House Show 11/24/1987
WWF House Show 7/15/1988
WWF House Show 6/25/1993

WCW Saturday Night 10/2/1993
WCW Saturday Night 10/9/1993
WCW Saturday Night 10/16/1993
WCW Saturday Night 10/23/1993
WCW Saturday Night 10/30/1993

WCW Saturday Night 12/3/1994
WCW Saturday Night 12/10/1994
WCW Saturday Night 12/17/1994
WCW Saturday Night 12/24/1994

SMW TV 9/2/1995
SMW TV 9/9/1995
SMW TV 9/16/1995
SMW TV 9/23/1995
SMW TV 9/30/1995

ECW Hardcore TV 7/5/1997
ECW Hardcore TV 7/12/1997
ECW Hardcore TV 7/19/1997
ECW Hardcore TV 7/26/1997

ECW House Show 3/6/1998
ECW House Show 3/20/1998
ECW House Show 1/2/1999
ECW House Show 6/30/2000

WWF Heat 3/5/2000
WWF Heat 3/12/2000
WWF Heat 3/19/2000
WWF Heat 3/26/2000

ICW Last Stand At The Elks 6/30/2001
ICW One Year Anniversary Show 1/25/2002
PWF Big Impact 7/13/2002
PWF Xtreme Intentions 8/11/2002
3PW No Limits 7/7/2004
IWA-MS Stylin’ In The Summer Time 7/31/2004
3PW Five-Star Four-Way 8/21/2004
JAPW Halloween Hell 2004 10/30/2004
IWA-MS April Bloodshowers 2005 4/1/2005
JAPW Spring Massacre 3/25/2006
JAPW Showcase 4/26/2006
PWX An Evil Twist Of Fate 10/5/2012
PWX What Doesn’t Kill You Make You Stronger II 11/30/2012
FBW One Year Anniversary Show: A Night To Remember 6/5/2015
2CW Nothing Left To Prove 12/17/2015
All In 9/1/2018
AEW Double Or Nothing 5/25/2019

About Bob Colling Jr.
29-year old currently living in Syracuse, New York. Longtime fan of the New York Mets, Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Vikings. Looking forward to covering the Syracuse Mets and seeing the future of the Mets franchise locally!

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