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My Thoughts on Triplemania XXVII

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Mike Campbell takes a look at the most recent Triple Mania event in Mexico!

Quick Results

– Villano III Jr/Lady Maravilla beat Niño Hamburguesa/Big Mami, Sammy Guevara/Scarlett Bordeaux, Australian Suicide/Vanilla (AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship)

– El Hijo del Vikingo/Myzteziz Jr/Golden Magic beat Mocho Cota Jr/Carta Brava Jr /Tito Santana (not that one) and Pimpinela Escarlata/Mamba/Máximo (AAA World Trios Championship)

– Pagano won the TripleMania Cup (Battle Royal)

– Tessa Blanchard beat Keyra, Lady Shani, Taya, Faby Apache, Chik Tormenta, Ayako Hamada and La Hiedra (TLC Match for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship)

– Psycho Clown/Cody Rhodes/Cain Velasquez (yes, that one) beat Texano Jr/Taurus/Killer Kross

– Laredo Kid/Pentagon Jr/Fenix beat Kenny Omega/The Young Bucks

– Blue Demon Jr. beat Rey Wagner (Mask vs. Hair Match)

I’ve always been very on-again and off-again with my Lucha viewing. I very much enjoy it, but never so much in a way that sticks with me long term unless it’s something monumentally great, like watching Los Cowboys (The Silver Kings at Clash XIX) on the 1992 Yearbook Collection, the L.A. Park vs. La Parka match from Triplemania XVIII, or El Hijo del Santo vs. Negro Casas. But I’ve always tried (not always successfully, mind you) to keep up with what’s going on. If anyone reading this wants to learn more about Lucha, or try getting into it, then I highly recommend checking out Lucha Blog and Lucha World. There is also tons of stuff available on Youtube.

Well when I found out Triplemania XXVII was streaming for free last week on Twitch, there was no way that I was passing it up! Even though AAA hasn’t always been my cup of tea, between the AEW involvement and my genuine interest in some of the matches and wrestlers (such as my Father’s favorite wrestler, Tessa Blanchard), I was willing to check it out, even though I was going in cold.

  1. Mixed Tag Titles Match: Why the hell have I never heard of Villano III Jr. before? He was the best thing about this match for me. Matt Striker helpfully recapped the storyline with Lady Maravilla and Hamburguesa, which foretold the finish. But, aside from Sammy Guevara, I didn’t know any of these people, and aside from V3J I’m not in much hurry to change that.
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Villano III Jr. The best Luchadore that I haven’t seen nearly enough of!
  1. Trios Titles Match: Upon hearing that one of the groups was called “The Power of the North” my initial thought was wondering why they didn’t just go all the way with it and put them in MAGA hats and dress like border patrol. With AEW and AAA working together, how soon can they send Maximo to the U.S. to team with Sonny Kiss? Striker really puts over Vikingo, so I’ll have to check out more of him.
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The *OTHER* Tito Santana.
  1. Triplemania Cup: I must be a genius! Konnan comes out wearing a shirt with Trump’s face on it. Matt Striker loses his shit and wants to bring it up, but has no idea how without getting political! Everyone else loses their shit with Vampiro coming out to brawl with Konnan. Overall, it was a fun royal rumble-style match with the English commentary being great as far knowing who is who and some of what to expect. Why are people breaking up pins in these matches though? Pagano wins, and I have no real reaction to that. LA Park shows up afterwards to beat up Pagano and destroy the cup, and everyone loses their shit again.
L.A. Park (center) wasn’t in the Copa Triplemania, but he didn’t get the tar beaten out of him. So that makes him the winner my my book!
  1. TLC Reina de Reinas: After watching this, I jumped on Youtube to watch the Hamada/Taya street fight from Tijuana. This was just like watching the same sort of match in WWE. A big stunt show, and, the only one who doesn’t take the crazy and unnecessary bumps (Tessa) wins in the end. I’m happy that she won, but would rather not see her in matches like this.
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The new Reina de Reinas Champion!


5. Cody, Cain, and the Clown: This was the only match I really wasn’t all that into. Cain looked good, showing that he took his wrestling training seriously. If you were impressed that Dennis Rodman gave Lex Luger an armdrag, then you should see what Cain can do! I’ve seen Texano Jr. before, so I know he’s a good worker, and Killer Cross looked like a beast. But, I don’t know, I just couldn’t get into this. The best moment for me was Cody doing a big dive which Taurus took a huge bump for (Luchablog said that “Taurus bumped like someone wanting an AEW contract.”).

Whoever this masked man is, he looks tough enough to beat Brock Lesnar!


6. The Elite Trios: I liked this more than the Fyter Fest match, because there seemed to be some intensity to it. But, it had the same basic issue that I had with the match in AEW, it’s too much of a performance. Stuff like Matt getting hit with a rana and the momentum causing him to spear Nick just looks too staged for me to take seriously. As much as I hate to see Canadian Destroyers get shit on, I did love when they did Stereo Indy-Takers, and Pentagon pulled out the ref, since the Tombstone is supposed to be lethal in Mexico. Afterwards Kenny Omega challenged Fenix for the AAA Mega Title. I could do without Kenny being the champion, since he’s wrestled a total of once in Mexico, but I can see where it would help AEW and give AAA exposure in the U.S.


Image result for kenny omega triplemania
Kenny Omega challenges Fenix for the AAA Mega Title, to prove that AEW is better than AAA.


7. Wagner/Demon: The perfect main event! Blood, brawling, and mask ripping! The families of Rey Wagner and Blue Demon also got involved. It perfectly captures the spectacle that wrestling is supposed to have. Demon tried to tap out Wagner after attacking his arm and hand with a hammer, but Wagner refused to quit. Demon also shattered a champagne bottle over his head, and wound up needing a cement block to win.


Image result for rey wagner vs blue demon jr triplemania xxvii
Both men spilled a lot of blood. But, in the end Blue Demon Jr. kept his mask.

Overall I found this to be an enjoyable show. The only things I wasn’t into were the Cain Velasquez trios match, and the four-way mixed match. But, they still had their enjoyable moments.


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