The update this time around is the final two months of SMW TV from 1995 and Kayfabe Commentaries releases!

SMW TV 10/7/1995
SMW TV 10/14/1995
SMW TV 10/21/1995
SMW TV 10/28/1995
SMW TV 11/4/1995
SMW TV 11/11/1995
SMW TV 11/18/1995
SMW TV 11/25/1995

Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline WCW 1985 – Magnum TA
Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline ECW 1996 – Raven
YouShoot Scott Hall
YouShoot Missy Hyatt
Kayfabe Timeline WCW 1997: Kevin Nash
Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline WCW 1986 – Rock N’ Roll Express
YouShoot: Swoggle
YouShoot: Honkytonk Man

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