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YouShoot Scott Hall

Written by: Brian Bayless

This was released on November 3rd, 2015

The interview was conducted by Sean Oliver

It runs for two hours and twenty-five minutes long.


Hall is asked about the creation of the American Starship team and why he was called “Coyote” and if he is on good terms with Danny Spivey. Hall said that Dusty Rhodes created the team and the gimmick in Florida where the duo was supposed to be their version of the Road Warriors. Soon after that, Dusty went to work for Crockett and the whole thing fell apart as Hall wonders what could of happened had Dusty stayed in the territory. Regarding Spivey, he has no problems with him and that they never met prior to teaming up.

He got into the AWA as he followed Dusty to Crockett but hadn’t worked and was too big to job and too green to go over guys as the gimmick was gearing more towards TV and he would work like once a month then asked Dusty to go to Kansas City where he lasted a few months and met Blackjack Lanza, who asked him if he wanted to make some money and got to the AWA shortly after that.


Hall is asked about the “rats” in Kansas City and the AWA during its dying days. Hall says his first encounter with a rat was in Kansas City. Ric Flair was in town as he was peeking out of the door in the heel locker room when some girl asked if he could get her Flair’s autograph. Hall told her to meet him after the show and gave the girl the autograph and that girl ended up blowing him in the car.

He said that the WWF during their slow period in the mid 90’s in Europe is where they had the most girls, especially in Germany. He talks about how he was pretty hammered while in “Ratville.”

When asked about the homelife after being on the road and if it was hard to stay faithful, Hall talks about how he spent a lot of time with Shawn Michaels partied a lot together and shared rooms as they decided not to be “womanizers” so they could be faithful. Hall said drinking and taking pills, in his mind, made him feel like a better person because he was not out their womanizing and then talks about how he met his first wife when she was “dancing on the pole.”

Oliver shows Hall a clip from Sean Waltman’s YouShoot were he talked about how they all banged some stripper in Cleveland as Hall comments how she was so fucking hot as Hall laughs at Waltman’s story of how he was nailing her while Hall was passed out drunk in the bathroom and wanted Waltman to shut the light off as he did not want to see them bang as he had already before.

On the biggest womanizer he saw in wrestling, Hall said that he never looked at it as competition but heard that while in the Kliq they did quite well for themselves. The next question asks if he had been with a fat chick or if anyone else was fond of them. Hall said he did not fuck any and did not see other guys with them while on the road.

Hall is now asked out of all the women in WWE history, which one would he pick to give a rim job. Hall said that it would be Paige. After that, it is “F, Marry, Kill” between Elizabeth, Mike McGuirk, and Sunny. Hall would kill Sunny, fuck Elizabeth, and marry Mike McGuirk. Hall then said he had a crush on McGuirk and would hit on her in the ring. Hall puts her over as a great person.

They show another clip from Waltman’s and Kevin Nash’s YouShoot where they did “F, Marry, Kill” and both killed Hall, who laughs. Hall then gets answered the question and said he would fuck Shawn, marry Nash, and kill Waltman. Next question asks Hall to rank the sizes of the Kliq’s cocks from smallest to largest. Hall said he wasn’t into “observing cocks” then says going by feet size HHH and Nash are probably huge.

Hall is asked about the mindset of today’s wrestlers and how they do not party as much. Hall said that Curt Hennig told him when he first got to the AWA that a lot of business was done at the bar and at the time, Hall never drank and went to the bar, which got him a lot of heat. Hall then says its better today as the guys are not dropping dead as he talks about going to rehab twelve times, the last six paid for by the WWE, and how their Wellness Policy is a good thing. He expands on that and said the 12 Step program was not working as they were treating the symptom but not the cause, which is what he needed. He also talks about guys playing video games today and back when he started out, video games were slow and nowhere as cool as today so he might have gotten into them if they were around but back then wrestlers had fun and passed time by drinking and taking pills.

Hall then talks about getting some hash while in India as they had some guide get them a cab to the “bad part of town.” They returned to the hotel lobby and saw Jerry Brisco, who knew they were high. So, Brisco asked them if they had any smoke while they told Brisco he was office as Brisco replied “Im the only agent they drug test” so they all went up to the room after that and got high.

Next, Hall is asked about stories partying with Steve “Mongo” McMichael. Hall said that Mongo had some guy from Texas bring him “yayo” each week to TV tapings while in WCW. Hall said they would go to bars after shows and close them down before going to his room were they would blow lines all night long. Hall said that one time they were up all night and stumbled down to the airport shuttle with Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan, who knew they had not slept at all. Heenan told Mongo that he never saw someone fall so fast as Mongo replied “Bobby, do not measure me by your limitations” as Hall and Mongo cracked open beers as they left for the airport.

We now play “What’s in the Bag” where you name the first thing that comes to mind.

Jack Daniels: Michael Hayes

Syringe: Hall never knew anyone who shot up and said Curt Hennig told him a story about the Warlord and how a few guys would fuck with him by saying he looked “sick” and like he missed a few workouts. So, Warlord drew up a syringe and Hennig shot in him his ass and the needle broke, as Hennig said he was “full.”

Marijuana: Hall said they were tested and you could have a little bit of weed and guys would get some at the end of a tour but they stuck to pills and booze, which were not tested. He then gave the name “L.A. Fred” for Marijuana.

Cocaine: Mongo

Crack: Hall never saw someone smoke crack.

Pills: Hall talks about Nash, who said that in their era you could shake a pill bottle and everyone would approach you but today he did the same thing in the locker room and no one says anything. Hall tells a story about how as Razor Ramon, he would keep his gold earrings in a pill bottle during his match. One time in the locker room he picked them up and Road Dogg heard the bottle and told Hall that he was “holding” but when Hall revealed the earrings, Dogg got disappointed.

Big Black Cock: Hall says Virgil. He then tells a story about how they were out somewhere with Virgil bragging about his huge cock then Tatanka was there as he was apparently legendary for having a giant cock as well so the boys were getting money together for bets and got some girls to judge the contest but Virgil backed down.

They show a clip from Vince Russo’s 2000 WCW Timeline where he talks about Hall being messed up at shows as the night progressed and how you want to keep giving him second chances because of what he was and the talents he has with the hope he can turn things around. Hall doesn’t remember interacting much with Russo in WCW then says that no one can have success in WWF without Vince McMahon micromanaging everything, noting how McMahon is driving HHH crazy today by doing the same thing. Hall said Russo was able to “bluff the hillbillies in WCW” into giving him control and got a lot of credit he didn’t deserve regarding his time in the WWF.

Hall is asked about the angle on Nitro in which he was drunk and who created the idea and his thoughts on what happened. Hall said it was Bischoff’s idea and that time is life was falling apart due to a divorce so he did drink after every show. Hall said he didn’t care and would do whatever they wanted him to do as he was getting a paycheck. He used cream of mushroom soup as the fake vomit because he heard that was what they used on the film “The Exorcist.”

He is asked if his addiction is attributed to his upbringing, specifically his father who was abusive. Hall said while at rehab, he was told his main issue was Negative Image Disorder followed by PTSD and unless those issues were addressed, his chances of remaining sober were slim. Hall thought it meant the shooting he was involved in where someone died at his feet but they told him it was due to the way he grew up as Hall said he learned to fake things as a young child. Hall said his dad was a war hero and they always sat in the front row at church to give off the impression they were a happy but in reality it was a nightmare behind closed doors but as a child he did not know the difference and figured it was normal.

On how he got involved with DDP Yoga, Hall said that he thanks DDP for help saving his life. Hall said he was drinking himself to death when DDP reached out and is very thankful for that.

Hall is asked about the indie go-go fund to help pay for his surgery. He said he was amazed how much money was rasied overnight and recalls Jake Roberts saying how the fans care so much about them when they do not even care about themselves.

Someone asks him about reaching about to help Marty Jannetty as Hall said he will be seeing him at a show in Georgia. Hall talks about how Waltman told him recently that Marty is in complete denial about his problems and just thinks partying is a normal thing to do after a show. Hall said he likes Marty as a person.

He is asked about being alive while many others with substance issues have died. Hall said he has nothing against drinking but that he is just not “successful” at it and preferred Xanax over everything as he tells about the time Curt Hennig told him booze helps the Xanax kick-in quicker. Hall said the Kliq drank Coors Light in a bottle but he switched to Miller Lite in cans when they got to WCW as that is what Hulk Hogan drank. Earlier in the interview, Hall stated Hogan was contractually obliged to have cases of beer in his dressing room. Hall then tells about the time Hogan told him not to drink bottles because they do not serve soda in them, like they do with cans, and that while on the road you can hide a can a lot better.


Hall is asked about his appearance on the “Jerry Springer Show” in 1995 where he surprised two children with HIV. Hall said it was cool and the family was very thankful then tells a story about how he had to wrestle in Los Angeles that night while the show is in Chicago but he was so moved that one of the kids wanted him there so he did the appearance, which Hall said was set up sort of like the “Make-a-Wish” foundation as you meet the family before the show and how the kid has no idea he is at the show. Hall said he teared up and was thankful that his kids were healthy and decided he was going to give the kid is Intercontinental Title. Springer asked if he wanted to do it when they got back from break but Hall said he was not about that and just wanted the kid to have the belt, before they made the replica ones. So, Hall said he needed a belt for his match that night and called up Vince, seeing if he could ship a belt to Los Angeles for him. Vince asked if he lost it as Hall told him he gave it away because the kid was dying and he would pay for it if necessary. Vince told him he didn’t have to pay and that he “did the right thing” as Hall said he learned then how you could always “shame the money-man” by offering to pay for something. Hall said she still stays in touch with the girl, who is now an HIV activist.

Hall’s favorite restaurant on the road is the Waffle House because it is always open and you can see the guy cooking the feud and communicate with him, leading to bigger portions and getting the food the way you want cooked.

He is asked a question about promos. Hall said that he always felt that wrestling promos should be about proving who is better and not saying you are going to kill someone, referencing Sting saying that in a promo about him in WCW. Hall talks about the episode of RAW recently where he was on for Hogan’s birthday and how a writer handed him a script as Hall told him he would do the best he could to say this stuff but might forget a few lines as he is used to doing promos based off of crowd reactions. Hall says today he wishes guys would come across as meaning what they say instead of just using “big words.”

Next, he is shown the “Wrestlerock Rumble” music video from the AWA s Hall gives us running commentary of the video. He talks about how he dated the girl “Glynna” from the ad after the show. Scott puts over how good Larry Zbyzsko did at rapping while Ken Resnick was horrible.


On the “Plane Ride From Hell,” Hall said that he was out cold the whole flight and thinks that Curt was “H-Bombed.”

Hall is asked about the “Montreal Screwjob” and if he thought it was a work. Hall still thinks that it was as Vince wouldn’t allow that on his TV before saying he is not a fan of Bret Hart and thinks its ridiculous he refused to job while in Canada, stating most fans forget where the show is being held a few minutes after it starts. Hall also said Bret was very selfish when it came to doing business. Hall recalls a time when he was the #2 and Bret was champ. They were all unhappy with their pay and went to Bret to see if they could all go to Vince and ask for more money but Bret declined to go to bat for everyone as Hall notes he was referred to as the “$400,000 a year champion.” Hall said Bret just wanted to win and did not care about money.

On working in TNA and if Dixie Carter is as big of a mark as everyone says, Hall talks about how he came back when she was in charge, Dixie would put her hands on him and Hall stated he got nervous as he thought she was hot and he is shy around women then goes on to say that later on he heard she was “banging some of the boys.” Hall says that TNA is like a “toy” that Dixie’s father gave to her to play with.


Hall is asked about the most heinous rib he had seen in wrestling. He said that he was taught about ribs by Curt Hennig, who was a disciple of Mr. Fuji. Hall said he was told you only do it to guys you like. Hall said in the AWA, they would work spot shows at high school gyms, so Hennig would look for combination locks that were open and put it through the holes of guys shirts or in their boots. He tells a story about how Greg Gagne and Scott LeDuc were arguing over something so Hennig locked their bags together so they had to both carry them through the airports and LeDuc had to cut the straps off of his crappy gym bag as Gagne and nice, designer luggage.

He is then asked about a story about how he and Kevin Nash told Randy Savage they would shave their heads if he did it first and if they were ribbing him or being serious. Hall said they were ribbing him and talks about how he is a huge fan of Savage. Hall said that Savage was wound tightly and tells more about that story. They were at the airport bar in Atlanta were Savage kept saying “it’s not fair.” Hall asked him what he met and Savage replied “You and Nash get all the pussy, its not fair.” Hall said that he sat there and put Savage over, telling how cool he is as Savage was balding at the time and had a combover and they talked about Savage shaving his head. Savage said they wouldnt do it as Hall and Nash both said they would and to go up to the room and shave their heads too. Hall said that is how he remembers what lead to that.

Now, Hall is asked if any of the guys ribbed him really good and who was the best of all-time. Hall said Fuji was probably the best and created one called the “Shit Deodorizer” where you would place shit in a cup and hide it in someone’s room. Hall said that Hennig got him once and thinks there was some friction between them as Hennig put a bunch of dashes in his eyebrows. Hall also said that Hennig told him always to be nice to the young guys because you never know who they might turn out to be then said how Hennig would always invite the young guys to the bars after the show. Hall said the Kliq did that in the WWF too and tells a story about how they did that to the Smoking Gunns. They were at the bar, on opposite sides, and took a few shots. After a few, the Kliq switched to water and diet coke but kept sending the Gunns shots of Jack Daniels. The Gunns would try to send them the shots back but the Kilq told the waitress to just bring them water while the Gunns got the shots and they told her to charge the Jack Daniels to the Gunns. They also tipped the waitress very well and told her to keep all the money so she played along. The next day, the Kliq saw them all hungover in the lobby the next morning as they were all rested and ready to go start the day.


Someone asks Hall about the Rock stealing his punches and how he feels. Hall said that everyone steals from somebody and puts over the Rock for being great. He also felt flattered when the Rock told him that he loved the Razor Ramon character while he was at the University of Miami.

Hall is asked about Ric Flair’s comments about how Shawn Michaels carried the WrestleMania X ladder match all by himself while he was just there. Hall said he heard that but how Flair always “blows” him in person but anyone can say what they want and he doesnt have a problem with that.

On whether or not he cares about critics like Dave Meltzer, Hall said he cares about what the people who bought tickets to the show cares about, as well as the guy he works with and the person paying him.

Hall is showed a clip from Bob Holly’s You Shoot where he called Scott Hall the biggest crybaby in the business. Hall said he did not even remember spending time with him and went “back at ya.” Holly is then shown saying the Kliq pushed his buttons on a tour of Europe and how he smoothed things over with Nash then had words with Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall after that. Hall joked how it meant more to Holly than himself as he has no recollection of this then went on to say how Holly found his greatest success by getting jacked up on either growth hormones or steroids and became Hardcore Holly. Hall said it wasnt his fault they made him the race car driver but that is what he was, kinda like how they almost made himself a military guy. Oliver asks Hall if he was subjected to ribbing by them as Hall said he was so low on the card that he does not recall any instances where they were together.

Hall is asked about being cruel towards Dink. He said it was true and how Waltman ribbed him by putting his bag up at a high place then Owen Hart go involved after Dink said he talked to Vince, by chaining his bag up to a crane that was lifted high up in the arena.

He is asked a question about the “Curtain Call” incident at Madison Square Garden and if he would have changed anything. Hall said he gave his notice 90 days in advance in writing, which was required. He said his pay was starting to plateau so he went to Vince on how to make more money. He went in for a meeting to the office and asked Vince if he moved the decimal point over just a bit would the McMahon family notice because his certainly would. Vince told him he would not do that as he would have to do that for the Undertaker, Kevin Nash, and others. Hall then asked to get 12-15 weeks a year in Japan to make more money as Vince said he let Backlund go over but as soon as Hall went they would need him back here as he laughed, while Hall did not. Hall said that after he left, the way guys like Austin, Rock, and the Undertaker got paid was in merchandise because they got paid close to 50% while he was getting less than 1%. Back to the story at the Garden, Hall said he was summoned to Vince’s office. Pat Patterson told Hall they loved him in the Garden and laid out the match where HHH jumps him after he took off his stuff. Hall then said how before the match, the crowd chanted “please dont leave” but when Hall made his comeback and started kicking ass, they said “he’s not leaving.” He ends up losing to the Pedigree and after that, the crowd chanted “You sold out.” Hall said that Vince would stand behind the curtain at the MSG shows and Hall said if Vince gave him the money, he would stay. He was with HHH after the match, thanking him, when Vince wanted to see him. Vince told Hall “dammit, you still work for me,” Asking how much WCW offered him. Hall told Vince he came to him months ago and he never said anything about that then.. Hall said he didnt want to leave the WWF but they money was too good to pass up, even stating he would take less from the WWF as long as it was guaranteed. Hall then tells the guys today you are welcome as it comes to guaranteed contracts.

On Vince McMahon, Hall said that he is a really smart guy and learned a lot being around him. He then says that wrestlers work like prostitutes as they sell their bodies but when you work for Vince you are a street walker, only as good as your last trick, while in WCW you are a high profile escort because you are getting guaranteed money and do not have to be that good.

Someone asks him if Justin Credible was in the Kliq and his beef with Shane Douglas. Hall said that Credible is in the Kliq and says Credible’s first road trip was with him, breaking him in the way Hennig did in the AWA. Hall then says he feels guilty about being the guy who introduced him to pills and stuff but he is Kliq through and through. Regarding Shane, Hall said he gets pissed when he works with someone who sucks. He said Shane is very overrated as he was slow and heavy in the ring. They show Hall the clip of Shane as Hall disproves everything he said and not once ever went to Vince to ask him to “starve” someone and how some guys, like Shane, are smart enough to talk shit about the Kliq as it makes them appear controversial. Hall is then shown more of Shane’s YouShoot where he graded him as a performer. Funny stuff as when Shane said Hall’s Razor Ramon promos were corny due to the cartoony era, Hall made a quip about it was not cutting edge stuff like his Dean Douglas character. Hall is asked to give a report card on Shane. He said he came in with huge expectations and was a bust. He also said he doesnt harbor any ill-will towards any of these guys. Hall then tells a story about the European tour and how he invited Shane to sit in the back with them all as he had to work with him. Hall said Shane kept on talking about himself the entire time to the point that Yokozuna stood up and told Shane to shut the fuck up. By the end of the tour, Shane was sitting in the front of the bus, on the little chair by himself that was lower than the rest, looking miserable and like he wanted to go home.

Next question is about when Hall showed up to the ECW locker room. He said that ECW was in Orlando and Justin Credible was staying at his home. He showed up and the locker room told him he had to go so Hall said if they didnt want him there so he just left.

On his feud with Steve Austin in the WWE, Hall said that Austin was going through a divorce and a rough time and he was also miserable himself so it made for a bad time and Hall said when that happens he doesnt even want to be out there at all.

Hall is asked about refusing to sign a birthday card for a kid with cancer, something both Bret Hart and Goldberg commented on themselves. Hall said he was not physically feeling well when a camera crew and guys, not even the kid himself, came up for an autograph. He said he ended up checking himself into the hospital later that day but did not want to sign a card for a bunch of “marks” and if that makes him a piece of shit, then he is a piece of shit.

The Blue Meanie sends in a video submission asking Hall about how he feels regarding the bWo. Hall said he looks as it like a tribute to the nWo, the same way he looks at the Bullet Club in New Japan.

Final Thoughts: I thought this was an excellent installment of the YouShoot series. Hall was game and did not dodge any questions, no matter how awful they might be. He told a lot of stories, some we have heard from other shoots and some we have not.

Hall looked to be in much better health here in the past and sober. That is a good thing for sure. He also tells a lot of stories about his abuse here. Also, judging by past YouShoots, Hall seems to be disliked by some of his colleagues.

All in all, I highly recommend you seek this out.

You can purchase the DVD for $20 or get it On Demand, which you own forever, for $15.99. You can purchase this by clicking on the link below

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