WWF House Show 3/27/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 3/27/1994
From: Dortmund, Germany

Opening Contest: Rick Martel vs. Adam Bomb: Well, it looks like Martel is playing the face role for this match between two heels. Bomb shoves Martel into the corner and stands in the middle of the ring. Bomb puts Martel on the top turnbuckle and backs off taunting Martel. Martel avoids a clothesline by doing a cartwheel. Martel continues to make Bomb look like a fool and is met with a right hand for doing so. Bomb knocks Martel to the floor and delivers more strikes outside the ring. Bomb misses a clothesline and hits the ring post. Bomb returns to the ring and works over Martel with right hands. Bomb misses a splash in the corner. Martel takes Bomb down to the mat and keeps arm control. Bomb catches Martel on a crossbody with a backbreaker but misses an elbow drop. Martel goes back to arm control to keep Bomb on the canvas. Bomb sends Martel flying over the top to the floor. Bomb rams Martel back first into the apron. Bomb delivers several strikes to Martel’s lower back. Martel tries to fight back with right hands to stagger Bomb. Bomb puts a bearhug on Martel. Martel breaks free and delivers more strikes to Bomb. Martel attempts a dropkick, but Bomb hangs onto the ropes.

Bomb elbow drops Martel several times to maintain control of the match. Bomb goes back to the bearhug. Martel breaks free but is met with a back elbow for a two count. Martel nearly wins with a rollup from behind as Bomb was talking to the referee. Bomb runs into a boot in the corner. Martel hammers away on Bomb and delivers a strike to the midsection. Martel knee lifts Bomb to the mat and continues with strikes in the corner. Bomb rolls through a middle rope crossbody and pins Martel. (*1/2. Well, I’m honestly confused because it seemed like the crowd flipped on these guys halfway through the match. Martel is really good at working a face match, but the crowd didn’t seem to connect to him whatsoever.)

Second Contest: Bastion Booger vs. Sparky Plugg: Plugg rubs Booger’s head against the ropes to get under his skin early on. Plugg comes off the ropes to dropkick Booger to the floor. Plugg takes Booger down to the mat with a drop toe hold. Plugg works over Booger’s arm on the mat and beats on Booger against the ropes. Booger headbutts Plugg to the mat and delivers a few more stomps. Booger clotheslines Plugg to maintain control of the match. Booger comes off the ropes to deliver a leg drop. Plugg fights out of a bearhug but runs into Booger’s body. Plugg tries for a sunset flip, but Booger sits down for a near fall. Booger chokes Plugg over the top rope and yanks Plugg to the mat. Booger misses a splash in the corner and Plugg hits a top rope crossbody for the three count. (1/2*. There’s not much you can do in the ring with Booger. I’m just glad that Plugg was able to win here.)

Third Contest: Crush vs. Randy Savage: Crush drops Savage across the top rope from the floor and works over Savage with strikes in the corner. Crush knocks Savage down to the mat and taunts the crowd. Crush leaps down onto Savage across the apron. Crush delivers a headbutt to stagger Savage and delivers a boot scrape. Crush drives Savage down to the mat with a backbreaker. Savage eye rakes Crush, but Crush keeps control in the corner with strikes. Savage slams Crush and heads to the top rope managing to hit a double axe handle for a two count. Savage jabs Crush and delivers a running elbow strike. Savage goes to the top, but Mr. Fuji jabs Savage with the Japanese flag. Savage stalks towards Fuji on the floor. The referee stops Savage and gets Savage back into the ring. Savage kicks Crush in the ribs. Crush stops Savage with an atomic drop. Crush works over Savage with forearm strikes to the lower back. Crush leaps off the middle rope to deliver a strike to the lower back. Crush locks in a bearhug in the middle fo the ring.

Savage fights his way out of the hold, but Crush delivers a savant kick to knock Savage to the mat. Crush delivers another strike to Savage’s lower back. Crush keeps Savage on the mat with a surfboard submission, but Savage doesn’t give in. Crush continues to keep control with strikes. Crush delivers a backbreaker to keep Savage on the mat. Crush heads to the top and leaps off missing a knee drop. Savage climbs to the top rope, but is caught in a bearhug. Savage knocks Crush to the mat and punches Crush through the ropes to the floor. Crush sends Savage shoulder first into the ring post. Crush beats on Savage’s lower back and they return to the ring. Crush drops Savage with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count. Savage manages to sneak up on Crush and wins the match with a rollup. (*1/2. A lackluster match between these two with a weak finish, too. I feel like the heat for this match was gone as soon as their Mania match ended.)

Fourth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels: Michaels shoves Ramon into a corner and gets a toothpick to the face for doing so. They taunt each other promising to send the other over the top to the floor. Ramon decks Michaels with a right hand and Michaels ties himself into the ropes. Michaels stops Ramon with a boot to the face and rams Ramon face first into the corner. Razor tries to avoid a crossbody, but Michaels tries for a sunset flip. Ramon blocks that with a right hand and clotheslines Michaels to the floor. Ramon grabs Michaels on the floor looking for the Razors Edge, but Michaels gets free and sends Ramon into the post and ring steps. Michaels gets in the ring and takes the turnbuckle pad off. Michaels seems fine with a count-out, though he wouldn’t win the championship. Ramon rolls into the ring and is met with several stops. Razor is sent back first into the corner and crumbles to the mat. Michaels beats on Ramon in the corner for a few moments as Ramon’s back is hurting him. Michaels drops Razor to the mat with more strikes to the lower back area. Michaels keeps Ramon on the mat with a chin lock.

Ramon tries for a backslide, but Michaels gets out and clotheslines Ramon to maintain control of the match. Michaels keeps Ramon on the mat with a sleeper hold. Michaels hops onto Ramon’s back to continue with the sleeper hold. Ramon prevents his arms from falling three times and begins to power his way out of the hold. Ramon hits a back suplex for a two count. They collide in the middle of the ring and fall to the mat. Ramon runs the ropes and they collide heads. Ramon delivers several right hands to knock Michaels down… and the tape goes out so that’s great. Well, Ramon wins the match.

Fifth Contest: The Smoking Gunns vs. The Headshrinkers: Billy and Samu kickoff the tag match with Billy hitting a shoulder block and avoids a crossbody attempt. Billy hits a crossbody for a two count. Samu stops Billy with a savant kick and taunts the crowd. Samu chops Billy but misses a clothesline. Billy tries for a sunset flip, but they power out and Billy nearly wins with a backslide. Billy dropkicks Samu through the ropes to the outside. Headshrinkers walkup the aisle way to regroup. Fatu and Bart enter with Fatu shoulder blocking Bart to the mat. Fatu misses a clothesline and Bart goes for a sunset flip followed by a dropkick and arm drag. Bart keeps Fatu on the mat focusing his attack on Fatu’s arm. Billy enters and hits an axe handle off the middle rope. Bart hits an axe handle off the top, too. Billy leaps off the top for another axe handle. Fatu clotheslines Billy, but Bart tagged in to clothesline Fatu, but Samu enters to clothesline Bart. Samu prevents Bart from tagging out and drives Bart face first down to the mat.

Samu headbutts Bart into the corner and Fatu chokes Bart with the tag rope. Samu tries for a cover, but Bart gets his boot on the bottom rope. Fatu pulls the ropes down to cause Bart to fall to the floor. Fatu no sells being rammed into the steps and savant kicks Bart. Samu catapults Bart throat first into the bottom rope. Bart has an inside cradle but can’t keep Fatu down long enough. Billy enters the match and distracts the referee to allow Samu to crotch Bart into the ring post. Bart whips Fatu down to the mat followed by a DDT, but Fatu no sells and clotheslines Bart again for a two count. Billy enters to try and get his hands on Samu, but the referee stops that. Samu misses a splash and hits the post face first. Bart crawls to the corner and finally tags in Billy. Fatu gets tagged in and Billy hammers away on Fatu hitting a backdrop. Billy clotheslines Samu and turns Fatu inside out. Billy dropkicks Samu from behind and Samu gets his head stuck in the ropes. Billy hammers away on Fatu in the corner. Billy hits a twisting strike on Samu, but the Headshrinkers hit a double headbutt. Bart gets knocked off the apron and Billy is met with a powerbomb. Fatu climbs to the top and gets crotched by Bart from the floor. Billy gets a rollup on Samu to win the match. (**1/2. Not a bad tag team match for a house show. I’m not sure if I like the constant usage of a rollup it feels like. These two teams work exceptionally well with each other and their styles make the other look better. When these two teams are fighting on a house show I’m interested in what they can do.)

Sixth Contest: WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze vs. Leilani Kai: They have a standoff after neither woman can get advantage on the mat. Blayze runs the apron and hits an arm drag off the top rope. They do a test of strength with Kai dropping Blayze to her knees. Kai keeps Blayze on her knees following a couple of strikes. Blayze takes Kai down with a backdrop for a quick near fall. Kai knee lifts Blayze agains the ropes a few times to keep control of the contest. Kai keeps a nerve hold on Blayze for a couple of moments. Kai sends Blayze into the corner, but Blayze counters with a rollup for a two count. Kai lifts Blayze up by her neck and promptly drops her to the mat. Kai catapults Blayze throat first into the bottom rope. Kai slams Blayze for a two count. Blayze nearly wins with a hurricanrana. Blayze drops Kai after a few kicks for a two count. Blayze misses an elbow in the corner and Kai does the same. Blayze monkey flips Kai out of the corner and fails on a second attempt. Kai tosses Blayze across the ring by her hair and taunts the fans leading to a two count. Kai hits a double under hook slam for a near fall. Blayze tries for a German suplex, but Kai avoids it. Blayze tries for a crucifix pin for a two count. Blayze scoop slams Kai and leaps off the middle rope to hit a missile dropkick followed by a German suplex for the win. (*1/4. It wasn’t awful, but I didn’t take Kai as a serious threat whatsoever.)

Main Event: Yokozuna vs. Lex Luger: Luger hammers away on Yoko to start, but Yoko cuts Luger off quickly with strikes of his own. Luger ducks a clothesline and staggers Yoko. Yoko clotheslines Luger, but misses an elbow drop and Luger decks Yoko to the floor. Luger doesn’t seem interested in doing a test of strength. Yoko backs Luger against the ropes and delivers a cheap shot. Yoko drops Luger with a clothesline. Fuji chokes Luger while the referee was distracted. Yoko controls Luger on the mat with the nerve hold. Yoko back elbows Luger to the mat. Yoko dumps Luger to the floor and Fuji whacks Luger over the back with the Japanese flag. Luger hammers away on Yoko coming out of the corner, but Yoko stops Lex with a throat thrust. Yoko goes back to a nerve hold to keep Lex on the mat. Lex elbows free and drops to the mat from exhaustion. Yoko works over Luger with more strikes in the corner. Yoko goes back first into the corner and they are both down on the mat. Luger hammers away on Yoko several times, but Yoko sends Luger into the referee. The referee went flying down to the mat. Luger avoids being hit with the salt bucket and decks Yoko with it! Luger has the cover, but the referee is knocked down in the corner. Suddenly, the referee wakes up and Yoko kicks out at two. Yoko throat thrusts Luger, but Luger hits a clothesline and a scoop slam. Luger forearms Yoko through the ropes to the floor and wins the match by count-out. (DUD. I mean, how can you seriously sit there and do the SummerSlam ’93 finish? It failed horrible there and it fails horribly here too. Sure the fans are cheering, but come on. Luger was never going to get over with wins like this.)

Final Thoughts:
This is a skippable show. The Germany fans only loved this because they get to see these guys once or twice a year.

Thanks for reading.

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