The latest update to the blog features a bunch of independent wrestling show reviews!

PWG Lemmy 1/2/2016
PWG All Star Weekend XII Night One 3/4/2016
PWG All-Star Weekend XII Night Two 3/5/2016

2CW Tag Team Title Tournament Night One 6/5/2009
2CW Tag Team Title Tournament Night Two 6/6/2009

NEW Autumn Ambush 2010 11/6/2010
NEW Wrestlefest XV 1/15/2011
NEW March Mayhem 2011 3/26/2011
NEW Autumn Ambush 2011 10/1/2011

IWA-MS A Phenomenal Invasion 9/15/2004
IWA-MS Blood Is Thicker Than Water 3/19/2005
IWA-MS Revenge Served Cold 4/29/2005
IWA-MS Something To Prove 6/11/2005
IWA-MS No Blood, No Guts, No Glory 7/2/2005
IWA-MS Morris Mayhem 2 10/13/2005
IWA-MS Christmas Carnage 12/15/2006

AAW Windy City Classic II 11/25/2006
AAW Point Of No Return 6/21/2008
AAW Scars & Stripes 2008 7/12/2008

PWF Legacy Cup 2002 9/15/2002
CZW Truth Or Consequences 6/14/2003
USA Pro Meltdown 8/29/2003
3PW ‘Till We Meet Again 10/16/2004
WHAT I 1/14/2018

About Bob Colling Jr.
29-year old currently living in Syracuse, New York. Longtime fan of the New York Mets, Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Vikings. Looking forward to covering the Syracuse Mets and seeing the future of the Mets franchise locally!

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