WCW Saturday Night 5/8/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
Date: 5/8/1999
From: Bismark, ND

1.) Vampiro defeated Ciclope
2.) Disco Inferno defeated Bobby Eaton
3.) Meng defeated Al Greene
4.) Jerry Flynn defeated The Barbarian
5.) Fit Finlay defeated Prince Iaukea
6.) Hak defeated Bull Payne
7.) Psicosis defeated Blitzkrieg
8.) Scott & Steve Armstrong defeated Vincent & Stevie Ray
9.) Raven defeated Dean Malenko by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Mean Gene conducted an interview with Bam-Bam Bigelow regarding his hardcore match with Brian Knobbs at Slamboree tomorrow night. Bigelow says the weapons is what makes it hardcore. If Knobbs wants to go extreme, then they’ll go hardcore. Gene notes that people love this kind of wrestling, Bigelow says it is exciting and its hardcore. Bigelow believes that Knobbs is going down.

2.) Barbarian tries to attack before the bell, but Flynn gets several kicks and chops in while in the corner. Flynn avoids a splash causing Barbarian to hit the corner chest first. Flynn hits a spinning heel kick and goes over the top to the floor. Flynn hammers away on Barbarian before going to the floor to grab Jimmy Hart and decks him with a left hand. Barbarian attacks from behind on the floor. Barbarian sends Flynn into the ring steps. Barbarian drives Flynn back first into the post before returning to the ring. Barbarian slams Flynn to the mat and delivers another boot to the face. Flynn kicks out a leg drop. Flynn comes off the ropes to hit a spinning heel kick. Barbarian counters a backdrop attempt managing to hit a powerbomb. Jimmy Hart misses a punch with brass knuckles and Flynn pins Barbarian with a rollup. (*1/2. I actually enjoyed what Flynn was doing in the ring here. The finish didn’t flow with the match and felt out of place, though.)

3.) Mean Gene interviews Rick Steiner regarding his match with WCW Television Champion Booker T at Slamboree tomorrow night. Steiner thinks he should be the champion instead of Booker. Steiner is also blaming Stevie Ray for the issue. Steiner questions Gene on how he has held many championships. Steiner is going to take the WCW Television Championship tomorrow night. Gene had noted that Steiner was a former TV Champion and Steiner said he never won the title before. He did in 1986.

4.) Psicosis has early control on Blitzkrieg, but is sent to the floor by an arm drag. Blitzkrieg snapmares Psicosis, but Psicosis quickly hits a spinning heel kick. Blitzkrieg nearly wins with a standing hurricanrana. Charlies Robinson, the referee, is getting the most heat in this match as the fans are chanting towards him. Psicosis is dropkicked through the ropes to the floor. Blitzkrieg hits a somersault dive to the floor. Blitzkrieg tries for a springboard but is met with a dropkick in midair. Blitzkrieg dropkicks Psicosis in the corner followed by a handspring back elbow. Blitzkrieg sits Psicosis on the top turnbuckle and tries for a superplex. Psicosis tosses Blitzkrieg off and hits a top rope leg drop for the win. (*1/2. There were a few good spots sprinkled in, but they kept it rather basic and simple. I’m glad Psicosis went over.)

5.) Mean Gene interviews Roddy Piper regarding his match with Ric Flair tomorrow night at Slamboree. Piper talks about Flair having a hot tub in the shape of the oval office. He wanted to be friends with Flair and Ric lost his own son because of his ego. Piper is here to stop Flair and is here for his own good. Piper mentions this is for control of WCW. He’s tired of being nice Piper. He has no time for that. When he is through with Flair at Slamboree he’ll lose everything. They mention, again, that the match is for complete control of WCW forever. Gene jokes that he might want to talk to Piper on Monday.

6.) Scott and Vincent start the tag match with Vincent delivering a few strikes. Scott hip tosses Vincent over the top to the floor. Vincent stops Scott with a jawbreaker and rubs his eyes on the top rope. Ray clotheslines Scott in the corner and Vincent hits another clothesline. Ray is legally involved in the match working over Scott with several strikes. Scott comes off the ropes and is caught by Ray with a powerslam. Ray drives Scott down to the mat again with another slam. Vincent slams Scott before coming off the middle rope and is met with a boot to the face. Steve gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes and dropkicks. Ray stops Steve with a kick to the head to save Vincent. Ray accidentally licks Vincent and Steve pins Vincent while Scott held Ray. After the match, the heels attack the Armstrong Brothers. Ray spikes Steve with a piledriver with help from Vincent and they do the same to Scott. (*1/4. I know the NWO doesn’t have nearly the luster it once had, but I’d still consider this a minor upset. Armstrong Brothers have won a few big matches lately, or at least held their own. Scott and Steve have been enjoyable in recent months.)

7.) Raven starts off with a few knee lifts to knock Malenko down to the floor. Raven baseball slides Malenko into the guard railing. Malenko decides to walk up the aisle way to regroup. Raven follows with strikes on the floor and sends Malenko into the railing again. Raven knocks Malenko to the floor. Malenko sends Raven into the guard railing. Malenko works over Raven in the corner with several strikes. Raven decks Malenko with a clothesline out of the corner for a near fall. Raven hammers away on Malenko with right hands. Malenko sends Raven chest first into the corner. Malenko connects with a heel kick and goes for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Raven counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Malenko kicks Raven in the midsection but gets stopped on the top rope. Raven brings Malenko back into the ring with a superplex. Raven grabs a chair from the floor. Malenko stops Raven but is met with a drop toe hold onto the chair! Chris Benoit slides into the ring and attacks Raven to cause the disqualification. Raven plants Benoit with a DDT. Malenko takes Raven over with a suplex and wedges the chair in the corner. Raven sends Malenko back first into the chair. Benoit puts the Crossface on Raven and now the referee officially calls for the bell. Malenko dropkicks Raven while in the hold. (*. They were a little sloppy even when they went with a strict brawling direction. It’s hilarious that the main event on Saturday Night can’t have a clean finish.)

Final Thoughts:

It wasn’t a bad show, by any means. There was some good wrestling and the feature matches I highlighted weren’t all that boring, really. The promos on here wouldn’t make me inclined to buy the PPV the next night, that’s for sure.

Thanks for reading.

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