WCW Saturday Night 5/1/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Boise, ID

1.) Juventud Guerrea defeated Damien 666
2.) Brian Knobs defeated Adrian Byrd
3.) Buff Bagwell defeated Barry Horowitz
4.) Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated Disorderly Conduct
5.) WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Kaz Hayashi to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Guerrera takes Damien down to the canvas and moves his hips to play to the fans. Guerrera chops Damien a few times but is sent into the ropes and shoulder blocks Damien. Guerrera blocks a monkey flip by stomping Damien’s face. Guerrera hits a wheelbarrow bulldog as well. Juventud gets stopped by an elbow and a clothesline from Damien who gets a two count. Damien plants Guerrera with a spine buster and taunts the fans. Damien performs the giant swing and falls head first onto the groin area of Guerrera. Guerrera comes out of the corner with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Guerrera yanks Damien down from the apron and comes off the top to hit a hurricanrana. Guerrera gets crotched on the top tope and Damien grabs Juventud hitting a Muscle Buster but Guerrera kicks out. Juventud plants Damien with the Juvi Driver and that’s good enough for three. (**. A decent little match and mostly a way to get Juventud some momentum in the division. Juventud is a cruiserweight I really enjoy watching.)

2.) Hayashi snapmares Rey to start the match and dropkicks the champ. Rey comes back and does the same move leading to a confrontation. Hayashi clotheslines Rey and taunts Rey before delivering a slap. Rey arm drags Hayashi and controls Kaz on the canvas. Hayashi chops Rey and connects with a bulldog. Hayashi performs his version of the People’s Elbow for a two count. Kaz misses a splash in the corner and Rey leaps off the top to hit a head scissors takedown. Kay comes back with a tilt a whirl back breaker and has control of the match. Kaz drives Rey down with a butterfly suplex and puts a butterfly submission on the champ. Rey comes out of the corner with a spinning heel kick to stop Kaz. Rey head scissors Kaz out of the corner. Rey shoulder rams Kaz from the apron and goes to the top rope. Rey attempts a cross body but Kaz hits a dropkick in midair for a two count. Kaz plants Rey with a twisting suplex and decides to go to the top rope. Kaz hits a twisting splash but Rey kicks out at two. Kaz misses a splash in the corner and Rey connects with the bronco buster, which they zoom in on Rey to avoid his groin in Kaz face. Rey crotches Kaz on the top rope and hits a top rope hurricanrana for the win. (***. A solid title match with Kaz getting plenty of offense and working well with Rey. The cruiserweight division had so much depth to it, but it was always based around the same three guys.)

Final Thoughts:
A solid show with a few decent undercard matches. The Horsemen/Conduct match, which I didn’t look at since it didn’t feature two notable teams, got plenty of time and Benoit/Malenko looked good in the match, too. The Boise fans were loud for the action, too. This hour of program flew by.

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