WWF Heat 4/30/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Charlotte, NC

1.) D’Lo Brown defeated Al Snow by disqualification
2.) Steve Blackman defeated Val Venis
3.) Taka Michinoku, Funaki & Godfather defeated Stevie Richards & Headbangers

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The copy of this show that I have isn’t the full show and is missing the Brown/Snow match. Once it gets uploaded to the WWE Network I’ll update it accordingly. Since this takes place the same day as Backlash, I don’t expect anything major wrestling wise. They usually split between the taped matches and stuff going on at the PPV arena.

2.) At the arena, Michael Cole walks up to Bubba Ray Dudley who is saying, “I love you Trish, I hate you Trish.” He continues to repeat that until Cole walks away.

3.) Venis gets Blackman into a corner and cheap shots Blackman with several strikes when the referee got in the way. Blackman avoids a knee lift but is tripped. Blackman gets up and clotheslines Venis sending him to the floor. Venis runs around ringside and stomps away on Blackman. Venis works over Blackman with strikes in the corner. Venis chokes Blackman briefly as well. Blackman sends Val into the corner hard back first. Blackman does it again and Venis drops to the canvas quickly. Venis dumps Blackman to the floor. Venis hammers away on Blackman before dropping him across the railing chest first. Blackman comes back sending Venis shoulder first into the ring steps. Blackman goes for the cover but Venis kicks out. Blackman runs into a snap powerslam giving Venis a two count. Blackman plants Venis with a spine buster for a two count. Blackman scoop slams Val and heads to the middle rope mocking Venis before hitting a diving headbutt for a two count. Blackman drives Venis down with a backbreaker and misses a splash off the middle rope as Venis got is legs up. Venis ducks a clothesline and hammers away on Blackman. Venis delivers an elbow drop and several right hands. Venis delivers several knee lifts and a side Russian leg sweep. Venis does his taunt and pummels Blackman with right hands. Venis runs into a boot and accidentally knocks the referee down. Venis hits a fisherman suplex but Al Snow runs int and hits Venis with nunchucks. Blackman covers and wins the match. (**. There was some decent action, which surprised me. They worked a solid match and kept my interest. The finish with Snow was expected.)

4.) At the arena, Lilian Garcia interviews Kurt Angle regarding his match with Big Show. Angle asks Garcia what city she is from. She’s from Madrid. Angle thinks that Garcia had to live on the streets and make money with acts. He’s surprised she’s here. Angle says that Show lacks intelligence and shows footage of Show dancing. He also lacks intensity and shows more video of Show impersonating various wrestlers. Angle also doesn’t think Show has integrity and shows footage of Show power bombing him. Angle suggests that Garcia did non-family friendly things to reach her point in career. He’s going to show he’s better than Show at Backlash.

5.) Taka and Funaki are dressed similar to Godfather and that’s rather hilarious to me. They are such an underrated act in the WWF Attitude Era. Stevie Richards is dressed like a Headbanger.

6.) Mosh and Funaki start the main event with Mosh taking Funaki down to the mat and getting a two count. Mosh hammers away on Funaki but runs into a boot in the corner. Funaki hits a running forearm smash for a two count. Taka gets tagged in and drop toe holds Mosh. Funaki has a chin lock on Mosh leading to a dropkick from Taka. Mosh scoop slams Taka and Thrasher tags in to work over Taka. Taka ducks a clothesline to dropkick Thrasher followed by a spinning heel kick. Taka is nailed by Richards with a super kick while the referee was distracted. Mosh tags in and leaps off the middle rope to clothesline Taka. Taka is triple teamed in the corner with stomps. Richards plants Taka with a side slam for a two count. Mosh stomps away on Taka in the corner and chokes him briefly to keep control. Mosh hits a back splash in the corner and tags in Richards. Richards misses a splash in the corner and Taka tags in Godfather. Godfather cleans house with strikes taking out all the heels. Godfather hits the Ho Train on Richards in the corner. Godfather puts Thrasher away with the Pimp Drop. (*1/2. A rather weak main event, but Taka and Funaki were entertaining in their role.)

7.) At the arena, WWF Women’s Champion Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley makes her way out to the ring to cut a promo. Stephanie says that she can have Steve Austin arrested for damaging her property. Her bus was a present from her husband and Austin had to ruin it. She says that Shane McMahon has a big surprise for Steve Austin. She is confident that Triple H will remain the WWF World Champion. She knows he will win because he’s just that damn good.

Final Thoughts:
They always do a good job at promoting the pay per view and in that regard this was an easy show to watch. Wrestling wise, it was basically just filler.

Thanks for reading.

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