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NWA-TNA Impact 6/15/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: 6/15/2006
From: Orlando, FL

1.) David Young & Elix Skipper defeated The Naturals
2.) Kevin Nash defeated Mr. X
3.) Bobby Roode, Monty Brown & NWA Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted defeated AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Raven & Rhino

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) NWA World Champion Christian Cage starts the show by making his way down to the ring for promo segment. Cage hypes up Slammiversary taking place this Sunday and Cage feels pretty confident despite the champion never retaining in a King of the Mountain match. Cage puts over Abyss as being the toughest SOB he’s ever faced. Cage mocks Abyss saying he can’t beat him at any point. Cage turns his attention to Ron Killings and says that Killings has said he’s the hungriest guy in the match. Cage mocks Killings continuously saying “What’s Up” and calls him Busta Rhymes. Cage hopes that Killings can wrestle better than he can dance. Cage talks about Jeff Jarrett and says that Jarrett does a good job embarrassing himself on his own. Cage lastly mentions Sting and says that Sting may not want to hear this.

Sting makes his way out to confront Cage. Cage wonders if Sting came out to listen to him or steal more of his thunder. Sting wants to make a point and came to TNA to remove Jeff Jarrett. Cage asks if Sting thinks he was born yesterday. Cage respects Sting and wonders if Sting only wants to prevent Jarrett from being champion. Cage doesn’t believe that Sting wouldn’t take the championship and hang it up in the air to win the title. Sting tells Cage that he has nothing left to prove. Sting has a quest and that quest is to remove Jarrett from TNA. Cage thinks that the worst thing that could happen to TNA is for him to lose the championship. Cage tells Sting that this is his time. Cage stares down Sting and walks off.

2.) Jeff Jarrett cut a pre-tape promo saying that the new face of TNA would likely never allow him to get another title match. Thus, this Sunday is really important to him. Jarrett thinks there will be a moment where Cage and Sting will let their egos get in the way and that’s where he takes advantage and walks out as the champion.

3.) Jeremy Borash interviews Alex Shelley and Kevin Nash. Nash will be wrestling Chris Sabin on Sunday. Nash says that Shelley has found him a Sabin type wrestler. Shelley says that he found someone really similar to Sabin. However, the wrestler will be wearing a mask since he doesn’t look like Sabin.

4.) Young and Skipper attack the Naturals to start the match. Naturals fight back with a double backdrop and send Skipper to the floor with a clothesline. Young is dropped over the knee of Stevens by Douglas face first for a two count. Young yanks Stevens down by his hair and Skipper hits a top rope spinning heel kick for a near fall. Young misses a strike and Stevens hit s a leaping clothesline. Douglas gets the tag and nails Young with a knee strike and atomic drops Skipper. Douglas clotheslines Skipper. Young is driven down with a double clothesline for a two count. Stevens dumps Skipper to the floor. Naturals hit the Natural Disaster on Young. Simon Diamond hits Douglas with a chain on his fist and Young is on top of Douglas to win the match. (*1/2. The losing streak for the Naturals continue. Young and Skipper winning is a good thing for them, but if the Naturals keep losing these victories won’t matter.) After the match, a bloodied Stevens traps Diamond on the floor and the Naturals get attacked by LAX since they crossed the border. Hernandez tosses Naturals over the railing back to ringside and Konnan taunts them. Shane Douglas walks down to ringside and checks on the Naturals.

5.) Shane Douglas stands in the ring with the Naturals. Douglas says they have wasted the talent they have. Douglas notes that Chris Candido brought them to the pinnacle of this business last year. Douglas tells them that they wasted what Candido taught them. Douglas mentions an Irish man trying to ruin a company he helped build on his shoulders. Douglas asks them if they want his help. Douglas asks the fans if they want him back. Douglas says that extreme lives in the Impact Zone. Douglas is now associating himself with the Naturals. Douglas tells the Naturals to do whatever he tells them to do. Douglas swears to bring the Naturals back to the top of the business.

6.) Slick Johnson makes his way down to the announcers table. Johnson says that the new face of TNA Wrestling wants to see Larry Zbyszko right now.

7.) Mr. X is a little person and according to Nash looks very similar to Chris Sabin. This is clearly a joke. Nash knows that it’s Sabin under the mask. We see Sabin watching the match backstage with Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal. Nash starts off with a knee lift and a kneeling elbow strike. Nash is on his knees and hits a chokeslam. Nash hits a bottom rope splash. Shelley slides a chair into the ring and Nash sits on the chair. Nash connects with a big boot. Nash hits the Jackknife and wins the match. (NR. In the end, Sabin better win the match.)

8.) We see footage from Philadelphia where chairs were thrown into the ring during a match between Team 3D and the James Gang.

9.) All eight men int he main event brawl with the faces standing tall as we go to a commercial break. Roode works over Raven in the corner with right hands and stomps for the advantage. Roode taunts the fans, Raven delivers a few jabs and a discus clothesline. Raven tags in Daniels and Daniels works over Roode with strikes. Daniels heels kicks Roode and plays to the crowd leading to a near fall. Roode tags in Storm, but Daniels decks Storm with a clothesline and a heel kick. Styles tags in and hits a leaping clothesline for a two count. Styles drives Storm down with a backbreaker for a near fall. Styles forearms Storm and they mistime a spot coming off the ropes. Storm backdrops Styles into the corner and tags in Harris. Styles is dropped to the apron and AMW hit a double vertical suplex into the ring for a two count. Brown tags in and works over Styles with a strike to the ribs. Styles elbows free, but Brown tosses Styles with an overhead suplex for a two count. Brown drives Styles into the corner face first. Roode returns to the match and beats on Styles with more strikes.

Roode plants Styles with a back suplex for a near fall. Roode keeps Styles on the mat with a sleeper hold. Styles elbows out of the hold and forearms Roode. Styles tries to tag out but kicks Roode on the side of the head. Rhino gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes. Rhino spears Roode in the corner and hits a double clothesline on AMW. Brown tosses Rhino with a fallaway slam. Daniels hits a shoulder block off the top rope on Brown. Daniels hits a moonsault on Brown outside the ring. Raven bulldog/clotheslines AMW. Raven tries for the DDT, but Storm superkicks Raven to save Harris. Styles avoids a clothesline by Roode and Pele kicks Roode. Harris plants Styles with the Canatonic. Daniels open hand strikes Harris. Rhino GORES Storm! Scott D’Amore is chased by Rhino. Daniels avoids a clothesline by Harris and hits the Angels Wings for a two count as Roode broke the cover. Gail Kim plants Daniels with a tornado DDT! Brown hits the ropes and connects with the POUNCE to pin Daniels! (***. I enjoyed this as it ended up going the route that most of these matches go in. I was not expecting Brown to be the guy to get a pin since he’s not exactly involved in the PPV coming up. I would have figured he’d pin Raven, but I’m fine with a surprise like that.)

10.) Larry Zbyszko opens a limo door and acts surprised by who he sees in there to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
I wouldn’t be surprised if Christian Cage turns heel at Slammiversary to retain the title and we start a slow build to Cage/Sting for Bound For Glory in October. This was a fine go-home show for the PPV as they touched on the angles that needed attention.

Thanks for reading.

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