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NWA-TNA Impact 6/8/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: 6/8/2006
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Sting defeated Scott Steiner by disqualification in a King of the Mountain qualifying match
2.) Sonjay Dutt defeated Jerrelle Clark
3.) Chris Sabin, BG James & Kip James defeated Bobby Roode, Eric Young & A-1

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Sting cuts a promo backstage saying that he doesn’t understand what Steiner was talking about saying he was lucky. Sting says this isn’t his first and will not be his last match.

2.) Backstage, Jeff Jarrett wants Scott Steiner to hold up his end of the deal and takeout Sting to get in the Slammiversary King of the Mountain match.

3.) Steiner works over Sting in the corner with a knee lift and chops in the corner. Sting fights back with right hands and a kick to the chest. Sting drops Steiner with a back elbow strike. Steiner tries to beg off, but Sting sends Steiner to the floor. Sting sends Steiner into the guard railing and grabs a steel chair. Sting whacks Steiner over the head. Sting rams Steiner onto the chair face first on the announcers table. Sting drops Steiner chest first over the railing. Steiner stops Sting with a low blow as we go to commercial.

Steiner decks Sting with a clothesline and drops an elbow to the chest. Steiner proceeds to do a few pushups. Steiner takes Sting over with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Steiner locks in a Crossface, but doesn’t get a submission. Sting prevents his arm from dropping three times and gets to his feet. Steiner clubs away on Sting to maintain control and tosses Sting overhead with a suplex. Steiner continues with pushups and taunts the crowd. Steiner sits Sting on the top turnbuckle. Steiner hooks Sting for a superplex, but Sting bites Steiner’s forehead to knock Steiner to the mat. Sting leaps off the top to hit a flying clothesline. Sting hammers away on Steiner followed by clotheslines and a dropkick. Sting scoop slams Steiner before hitting a middle rope splash for a two count. Sting atomic drops Steiner and goes for the Stinger Splash, but hits the referee. Gail Kim tries to choke Sting, but gets yanked down. Jeff Jarrett slides into the ring and hits the Stroke on Sting! Jarrett remains on the apron as Steiner has the cover. Slick Johnson slides in and Sting kicks out at two. Steiner hits a snap suplex, but Sting counters a second one with the Scorpion Death Drop! Jarrett pulls the referee out. Steiner decks Jarrett on the apron and Sting has a rollup on Steiner for a two count as Jarrett breaks the cover and that means we have a disqualification. (*1/2. Kind of what you’d expect from these two. This felt like a Nitro main event match, but they actually got a few more minutes of action. The BS finish is a little annoying as it makes the heels look dumb for getting DQ. I’m figuring Steiner couldn’t take a loss going into the PPV to keep his momentum.) After the match, Sting clotheslines Steiner and Jarrett. As Sting celebrates, Jarrett and Steiner return to the ring and beat on Sting. Ron Killings runs into the ring and decks Jarrett with a forearm strike. Abyss marches down to the ring and Killings hammers away on him. Killings hits a scissors kick on Abyss. Jarrett stops Killings from behind with a strike. Abyss holds Killings to allow Jarrett to deck Killings. Christian Cage runs into the ring and makes the save beating on the heels. Cage clotheslines Abyss over the top to the floor and stands tall with Killings and Sting.

4.) Scott Steiner grabs a microphone and says the show is stopping because he should be in the King of the Mountain match. We go to commercial and apparently Samoa Joe to scheduled to compete next. Steiner remains in the ring as Chasyn Rance makes his way down the aisle. Samoa Joe’s music hits and Joe comes down the aisle to confront Steiner. Joe enters the ring and Steiner tells Joe to not eyeball him. Steiner pie faces Joe and tells him again to not eyeball him. Steiner pie faces Joe again. Joe and Steiner proceed to brawl until security enters the ring. They are pulled apart, but they keep going after each other.

5.) Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley are in a hotel talking about Chris Sabin falling for their trap. Nash mentions step two and they are going to scout Chris Sabin during his match tonight. Next week, Nash is going to have a warmup match against someone who is similar to Sabin. Nash wants a clone of Sabin to wrestle. Next week, Nash will debut in the X-Division.

6.) Larry Zbyszko is with Jeremy Borash and tells Borash he hears the fans. Slick Johnson runs over and tells Zbyszko that the new guy is going to make the decision for Zbyszko regarding Joe and Steiner match.

7.) Konnan is on commentary during the Sonjay Dutt match. Konnan says they are tired of being undervalued and not appreciated. Konnan claims that TNA is racist. If they have to violent then they will do just that. Konnan calls Tenay a corporate kiss ass and thinks that the X-Division is just a knockoff of Lucha Libra. Konnan says the six sided ring was originally in Mexico. Konnan is also pissed that the Spanish announce table is stuck in the corner instead of right next to Tenay and West. The whole match was really focused on Konnan. Dutt won the match, for what it is worth.

8.) Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley have arrived to the arena.

9.) We go to South Philadelphia were Team 3D visited the ECW Arena. They invite viewers into the venue to give them a tour of the building. Bubba says the arena is full of passionate fans, similar to the Impact Zone. James Gang will find out why you don’t mess with Team 3D. They proceed to light fluid and reveals 3D on the floor on fire.

10.) James Gang cut a promo before their match laughing off the notion that they are jealous they never worked in a bingo hall. It’s getting personal, according to Kip.

11.) A-1 works over BG to start the match and misses a clothesline BG fires back with jabs and decks Roode. BG big boots A-1 followed by a knee drop. A-1 tags in Roode and Kip gets tagged in, too. Kip backs Roode into the corner and Roode delivers a few right hands. Roode shoulder blocks Kip, but Kip hits a dropkick and hip toss. Kip takes Young down with a press slam. Sabin tags in and Young eye rakes Sabin. Nash and Shelley are using a scissor lift to watch the match. Sabin arm drags Young a few times to keep the momentum. Sabin head scissors Young and sees Nash on the scissor lift. A-1 decks Sabin from behind to help Young as we go to commercial.

Roode tags in A-1, who keeps beating on Sabin with right hands. A-1 drives Sabin into the corner and delivers a few shoulder rams. Young enters and beats on Sabin in the corner. Young forearms Sabin leading to a near fall. Young keeps a front face lock on Sabin. Roode distracts the referee to prevent a tag to BG James. Roode chokes Sabin over the bottom rope and Scott D’Amore spits on Sabin. Roode scoop slams Sabin before going to the middle rope and hits a knee drop for a two count. Roode controls Sabin with a chin lock. Roode yanks Sabin down by his hair. A-1 returns to the match and axe handles Sabin over the back. A-1 splashes Sabin in the corner for a near fall. A-1 drives Sabin down with a backbreaker and Young hits a top rope elbow drop for a two count as Kip broke the cover.

Roode returns to the match despite there not being a tag and chokes Sabin. Roode and Sabin trade strikes in the ring. Roode eye rakes Sabin and tags in Young. Sabin kicks Young in the corner and hits a running shining wizard. Kip tags in and cleans house with strikes on the heels. Kip sends Young over the top to the floor. Kip splashes A-1 and hits a tilt a whirl slam on Roode. Sabin takes Young out with a suicide dive! Kip misses a splash and Roode hits a cutter. Roode has the hockey stick, but Rhino slides into the ring and decks Roode to the floor. Rhino beats on Roode outside the ring. Kip hits the Fame-Asser on A-1! Sabin goes to the top and hits a leg drop to pin A-1. (**. Not too bad of a match even if the guys involved really didn’t have pressing issues at the moment. Kip did a really good job for his heat segment. I found myself also rather interested in seeing Sabin against Roode at some point.)

12.) Christy Hemme makes her way out for some reason. Hemme goes to the announcers table and hands the envelope to Don West. West opens it and takes a moment to read it. West says it is from the new face of TNA. It reads that that Slammiversary we will see Samoa Joe in singles action against Scott Steiner. The fans love it and Mike Tenay is pumped for it, too.

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode, but not as good as last week. I can get behind the angle with Konnan as that has some steam with it. Steiner vs. Joe was made to be seen as a big match and that was refreshing. TNA is doing a lot of good at this point.

Thanks for reading.

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