WCW Main Event 1/16/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
Date: 1/16/1994
From: Gainesville, GA

1.) Ron Simmons defeated Tommy Angel
2.) WCW Tag Team Champions Nasty Boys defeated Richard Anderson & Buddy Ryan
3.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal defeated Mike Winner
4.) The Super Shockmaster defeater Mike Thor
5.) Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne defeated Harlem Heat by disqualification
6.) Johnny B. Badd defeated The Gambler
7.) WCW International World Champion Rick Rude & WCW United States Champion Steve Austin defeated Dustin Rhodes & Brian Pillman

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This weeks episode is a special 90-minute episode, but is not a live one.

2.) Tony Schiavone interviewed Ron Simmons following his victory. Simmons will be wrestling Ice Train at Clash of the Champions. Simmons slapped Train on Saturday Night and he’s going to take Train on a ride he’ll never forget. Simmons promises to make Train give up the ghost.

3.) Tony Schiavone interviewed Diamond Dallas Page who has Diamond Doll with him. Page has a fish bowl and Tony mentions that DDP hasn’t been able to find an opponent with the fish bowl. Page thinks that everyone is afraid of him. Tom Zenk comes out and confronts Page. Zenk recalls issuing a challenge to Page last week. Page dismisses Zenk as not even be worth his time. Zenk wants to see if Page has the guts to grab his name. He also tells Doll that his number is on the back of it. Page accepts the challenge for next week.

4.) I’ve never heard of the Super Shockmaster. This man is masked and wearing a singlet. Zbyszko and Schiavone are not sure if it’s the same guy from 1993, but it sure looks like it.

5.) Tony Schiavone interviews the Super Shockmaster. Shockmaster says that he’s not the same person as Shockmaster. He’s focusing his attention to Big Van Vader and wants to wrestle Vader.

6.) Ray and Jack start the match with Ray hammering away on Jack in the corner. Ray misses a clothesline and Jack fires back with right hands. Jack elbows Ray to the mat and decks Booker on the apron. Jack leg drops Ray for a two count. Payne tags into the match and works over Ray with strikes and keeps arm control. Payne wraps Ray’s arm over the top rope but is met with a knee strike. Booker tags in and tries to slam Payne, but Payne blocks it and rams Booker into the corner. Payne catches Booker on a crossbody attempt and rams Booker into the corner back first. Payne splashes Booker in the corner. Jack decks Ray to the floor and they brawl. Payne elbow drops Booker while Ray sends Jack into the post. Payne is tripped by Ray after slamming Booker. Ray decks Payne with a clothesline and a forearm drop. Booker comes off the middle rope and delivers a forearm strike. Booker kicks Payne in the midsection several times. Ray tags in and Payne is met with a double big boot. Booker legally enters and beats on Payne with more strikes. Booker plants Payne with a DDT. Payne gets a sunset flip on Booker for a two count. Booker comes off the ropes to drop Payne with a leaping forearm strike. Booker leaps off the middle rope and misses a leg drop.

Jack gets the hot tag and hammers away on Booker. Jack elbows Ray to the mat and delivers more right hands. Payne takes Booker down to the may and has the Payne Killer locked in, but Ray tossed Jack over the top to the floor to cause the disqualification. After the match, Jack runs Booker and Ray off with a chair. (*1/2. That was a rather sloppy and unorganized mess. Payne was really exposed for being a bad worker being in there with Booker, especially.)

7.) Tony Schiavone interviews Johnny B. Badd following his victory. Badd has been having issues with Tex Slazenger and Shanghai Pierce. Badd is focused and determined to win a championship this year whether it be Ric Flair, Lord Steven Regal or the Nasty Boys since he has a new partner Michael PS Hayes. Badd is going to show the world how ugly Slazenger is by removing his mask.

8.) Rhodes and Rude start off the tag team main event. Rude takes Rhodes down to the mat and keeps control with a top wrist lock on the mat. Rhodes counters with a hammerlock and knee drops after a few moments. Rude elbows Rhodes and delivers a few shots to the lower back. Austin comes in and beats on Rhodes with kicks and a headlock to keep control on the mat. Rhodes breaks free and shoulder blocks Austin. Austin is able to dump Rhodes through the ropes to the floor. Austin leaps off and is met with a strike to the midsection. Rhodes rolls Austin into the ring and tags in Pillman. Pillman keeps Austin on the mat with a headlock. Austin counters to put a head scissors on Pillman. Pillman takes Austin down with a Thez Press for a two count. Austin almost gets a rollup on Pillman a few times. Pillman drops Austin with an overhand chop. Pillman avoids Austin in the corner and delivers several right hands.

Pillman avoids an atomic drop and chops Austin. Rhodes strikes Austin from the apron and Austin falls to the floor. Rude beats on Rhodes with strikes to the lower back and hit a back suplex. Rude forearm drops Rhodes several times and locks in a bearhug for a few moments. Rude plants Rhodes with a belly to belly suplex and tags in Austin. Austin delivers a knee drop and continues to beat on Rhodes. Rhodes blocks a splash by getting his knees up. They collide on stereo clotheslines. That’s where the tape ends, sadly.

Final Thoughts:
Well, that was a bummer that the whole show wasn’t provided and I couldn’t hunt down the complete final match. Regardless, this was an average show.

Thanks for reading.

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