WCW Main Event 3/6/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
Date: 3/6/1994
From: Columbus, GA

1.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal defeated Scott Armstrong to retain the title
2.) Barry Darsow defeated Buddy Ryan
3.) Erik Watts defeated the Gambler
4.) The Boss defeated Ron Oates
5.) WCW United States Champion Steve Austin defeated Brian Pillman to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Regal and Armstrong lockup leading to both men struggling for the advantage. Regal backs Armstrong into a corner and cleanly backs off. Regal avoids a monkey flip, but Armstrong takes Regal down to the mat to keep control. Armstrong shoulder blocks Regal and backs off as Regal recovers in the corner. Armstrong gets wrist control for a moment and takes Regal down to the mat, but Regal reaches the ropes quickly. Regal trips Armstrong but Armstrong gets up and yanks on Regal’s arm. Armstrong tosses Regal across the ring and keeps arm control. Armstrong continues to work over Regal on the mat. Regal powers Armstrong up with one arm, but Armstrong takes Regal back down to keep an arm bar locked in. Regal breaks free from the hold and works over Armstrong’s left leg. Armstrong pops up and backs Regal into the corner only to be met with an eye rake. Regal continues with a few uppercuts. Armstrong ducks a back elbow and hits a crossbody for a two count. Armstrong keeps Regal on the mat with an arm bar. Regal takes Armstrong back down to the mat and delivers an uppercut. Regal scoop slams Armstrong but misses a somersault splash off the ropes. Armstrong fires back with strikes. Scott backdrops Regal and is fired up. Armstrong rams Regal into the corner head first and delivers six punches in the corner. Armstrong dropkicks Regal and tries for a monkey flip, but Regal blocks it and rolls Armstrong up for the win. (**. It wasn’t too bad, at all. The finish they use here is popular in WCW matches. It’s a little repetitive for my liking. Armstrong was fun in there and he had good fire. Armstrong would be a good option to give heels a good match but come up short.)

2.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal is interviewed by Larry Zbyszko. Regal is blaming Brad Armstrong for all this nonsense. Zbyszko reminds Regal that there is five Armstrong’s. Regal insults Zbyszko saying he’s a legend and look at him now. Regal believes that Brad is scared of him and is talking about Bob Armstrong, too. Regal says America is stupid for being in so much debt. Regal doesn’t think that Zbyszko can hold a microphone correctly. Regal says he has better things to do with Sir William.

3.) This is the debut of Barry Darsow in WCW. Oddly enough, this would be one of two appearances before he’d return again in the fall with a different gimmick. Darsow doesn’t appear to have a gimmick, has longer hair and wearing all red gear. Darsow won the match with an inverted suplex.

4.) Austin works over Pillman in the corner with strikes. Pillman chops Austin in the corner and hits a dropkick to send Austin rolling to the floor. Pillman follows, but Austin returns to the ring and runs into a backdrop. Austin is begging off already and Pillman slaps the champ. Pillman rams Austin into the corner face first. Pillman continues with stomps in the corner and chokes Austin to the floor. Parker tries to help Austin recover on the floor. Austin walks up the aisle to take a breather. Austin rams Pillman face first onto the apron. Pillman counters a piledriver with a backdrop on the floor. Pillman sends Austin into the guard railing. Austin flips over the railing and falls into the crowd. Austin drops Pillman chest first over the railing. Pillman chops Austin and they return to the ring. Austin knee lifts Pillman and they trade strikes. Austin misses a clothesline and Pillman head scissors Austin. Pillman gets dumped to the floor. Austin leaps off the apron to deliver a forearm strike. Dustin Rhodes is staring down Parker. Austin drops Pillman throat first over the top rope. Austin knee lifts Pillman off the apron and Pillman hits the railing. Rhodes tries to help Pillman but backs off. Austin grabs Pillman on the apron, but Pillman delivers a shoulder ram. Pillman hits a slingshot crossbody for a two count. Austin stops Pillman with a quick clothesline for a two count.

Austin comes off the ropes to hit a knee drop for another two count. Austin settles for a sleeper hold. Pillman struggles to his feet and elbows free. Austin yanks Pillman down by his hair to keep control of the contest. Austin keeps Pillman on the mat for a few moments and uses the ropes for an illegal leverage. Pillman breaks free and runs into a bearhug. Austin keeps a bearhug on Pillman, but Pillman counters with a rollup for two. Pillman gets another two count, but Austin drives Pillman face first down to the mat. Pillman overhand chops Austin in the corner to break free. Austin distracts the referee and Rhodes prevents Parker from getting involved. Pillman nearly wins with an inside cradle. Austin wrenches on Pillman’s neck but Pillman eye rakes Austin. Pillman fires back on Austin with chops. Pillman hits a leaping clothesline and Austin is again begging off. Pillman hip tosses Austin out of the corner and hits a missile dropkick. Pillman has the cover, but Parker puts Austin’s foot on the ropes. Rhodes decides to toss Parker into the ring for some reason and beats on Parker. Pillman sends Austin into Parker as the referee has thrown the match out. (**1/4. It’s not a bad TV match but the finish makes Rhodes look like a complete idiot. Pillman’s offense was the highlight of the match while Austin kind of slowed it down a bit too much. These two work well together and I hope there’s a proper blowoff for the feud.)

Final Thoughts:
The action this week was solid enough and it includes a forgotten debut of Darsow and Regal continues to be great on the microphone. I enjoyed the episode this week.

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