WCW Main Event 2/27/1994

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
Date: 2/27/1994
From: Columbus, GA

1.) Scott Armstrong defeated Tony Zane
2.) Diamond Dallas Page fought Terry Taylor to a double count-out.
3.) The Patriot defeated Todd Zane
4.) Harlem Heat defeated the Cole Twins
5.) Paul Orndorff defeated Too Cold Scorpio

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) During the Scott Armstrong match, Schiavone and Zbyszko talk about Lord Steven Regal having issues with the Armstrong family. It sure would appear that Regal will be defending against Scott Armstrong in the near future. After the match, Regal attacked Armstrong. Armstrong ducked a clothesline and superkicked Regal!

2.) Taylor runs to the ring and wastes no time hammering away on Page. Taylor drops Page with a right hand and clotheslines Page over the top to the floor. Page stops Taylor with an eye rake on the floor and drops Taylor chest first over the guard railing. Page kicks Taylor back first into the guard railing and they return to the ring. Page stomps on Taylor and delivers a boot to the gut. Page drives Taylor down with a gut buster. Taylor fights back with right hands, but Page cuts Taylor off with a right hand. Page delivers a running shoulder strike in the corner to drop Taylor to his knees. Page heads to the top rope and gets crotched by Taylor. Taylor yanks Page down to the mat and follows up with right hands. Taylor continues with a backdrop and a leaping forearm to send Page to the floor. Page has had enough and walks up the aisle way. Taylor tackles Page and they brawl on the floor. That leads to a double count-out. (*1/2. Considering this was taped prior to their Superbrawl IV it felt a little weird that it was inconclusive and was used really as a way to promote their PPV match when that match had already happened.)

3.) Larry Zbyszko interviews WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal. Regal doesn’t want to hear Zbyszko’s opinion on Scott Armstrong. Regal calls America idiots and notes that he beat Scott’s brother the other week. Regal says that the Armstrong family don’t have any brains and have no skills. Regal walks off.

4.) This appears to be the first time Harlem Heat has the gear that they’d use for the duration of their run instead of the cloth like singlets.

5.) Tony Schiavone interviews Maxx Payne and Cactus Jack. Payne says that the Nasty Boys have proven that they deserve to hold the tag titles and not them. Payne promises to be the next tag champions. Cactus Jack chimes in and thinks the tag titles should be his. Jack wants to wrestle the Nasty Boys one more time and they want the match under their rules.

6.) WCW United States Champion Steve Austin was scheduled to defend against Brian Pillman this week, but came out with his arm in a sling. Col. Robert Parker regrets to inform everyone that Austin has an injury that will prevent him from competing. Austin suffered the injury a few days ago. Austin claims that Pillman is responsible for this and is upset that he can’t compete. Austin admits that Pillman is the better man for tonight. Pillman turns to talk to the referee and Austin proceeds to attack Pillman with his sling. Dustin Rhodes slides into the ring and runs the heels from the ring.

7.) Scorpio goes right after Orndorff hitting a dropkick and sending Orndorff rolling to the floor. Orndorff shoulder blocks Scorpio but is met with a drop toe hold. Orndorff reaches the ropes to stop Scorpio’s control. Orndorff works over Scorpio in the corner with strikes. Orndorff stomps Scorpio to the floor where Teddy Long checks on Scorpio. Orndorff takes Scorpio over with a headlock. Orndorff continues to keep Scorpio on the mat with a front face lock. Scorpio misses a dropkick and crashes to the mat. Orndorff gets distracted by Long and Scorpio dropkicks Orndorff to the floor. Scorpio fakes a dive as Orndorff talks to the Assassin. Scorpio continues to hammer away on Orndorff as Orndorff was distracted by fans. Scorpio misses a crossbody and crashes to the mat. Orndorff kicks Scorpio to the floor and Assassin kicks Scorpio behind the referees back. Orndorff keeps control with a forearm drop and a chin lock. Scorpio breaks free and tries for a crucifix, but Orndorff just drops Scorpio to the mat and goes back to a chin lock. Orndorff dumps Scorpio through the ropes to the floor. Teddy Long attacks the Assassin. Scorpio tries to remove the mask of the Assassin and is met with an elbow strike from Orndorff leading to a near fall. Orndorff hooks Scorpio for a slam, but Scorpio counters with a rollup. Orndorff rolls through and has a handful of tights to win the match. (*. Well, the finish was sloppy as all hell and was done horribly. They didn’t allow Scorpio to do anything that he is good at. This was a disappointing match.)

8.) Tony Schiavone interviews Brian Pillman to end the program. Next week, Pillman will get a shot at Steve Austin for the WCW United States Championship. Pillman wants to reflect on his time with Austin. Pillman says they planned for the future and thought he was lucky to have a partner like Austin. Pillman didn’t know Austin would make his mark for being a snake. Dustin Rhodes enters the scene to support Pillman. Pillman says that Austin is at the top of their hit list. Pillman is going to put Austin’s star on the walk of shame. Rhodes tells Pillman that he’s going to be in Pillman’s corner. Rhodes promises that Pillman will take care of Austin next week.

Final Thoughts:
I’m glad we’ll be getting Austin/Pillman next week. I can’t be too mad about it not being this week because they continued the angle and made sure to note that it will be next week. This show was a letdown as the action wasn’t very good. I was expecting more from Scorpio/Orndorff but they handcuffed Scorpio way too much.

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