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AAW A Monster’s Rage 11/4/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

AAW presents A Monster’s Rage
Date: 11/4/2006
From: Berwyn, IL

Bryce Benjamin cuts a promo saying that he’s not afraid of Chandler McClure and they are wrestling in a Last Man Standing match. Chandler McClure also cuts a promo reminding Benjamin that Jim Jesus pinned him two weeks ago. McClure is going to end Benjamin’s career.

Keith Walker is coming for the AAW Heavyweight Championship, something he never lost and Tyler Black never beat him for. Jim Jesus notes everyone that Tyler Black has beaten and Keith Walker will be added to that. Black says everyone that has asked if he is afraid will be silenced tonight.

Earlier in the day, Keith Walker cuts a promo saying that tonight is his last match in AAW. Walker was offered a job with WWE and he’s accepted the offer. Walker is coming for his AAW Heavyweight Championship and was never defeated for it. Walker tells Tyler Black that it doesn’t matter who Black brings to the ring, he’s not losing tonight. Walker promises to win the championship.

Backstage, Billy Whack gets help getting a smoke. Kevin Harvey helped Whack with a light and is trying to get Whack’s attention. Harvey wants to help the company. Whack gives Harvey a shot on commentary tonight.

Opening Contest: AAW Tag Team Champions Dan Lawrence & Ryan Boz vs. Jayson Reign & Marco Cordova vs. Michigan Invasion (N8 Mattson & Truth Martini) vs. Phoenix Twins (Dash & Tweek): Tweek and Cordova kickoff the title match with both men trading wrist locks. Cordova takes Tweek over with a backdrop suplex. Cordova continues to yank down on the arm. Tweek ducks a clothesline and clotheslines Cordova down to the mat. Cordova tries for a neckbreaker, but Tweek drops Cordova with a forearm strike and misses an elbow drop. Cordova hip tosses and dropkicks Tweek for a two count. Reign enters and hits a clothesline while Cordova leg sweeps Tweek for a near fall. Reign dropkicks Tweek with a baseball slide. Cordova returns to the match and they hit a double leg roll. Reign and Cordova try for a submission on Tweek, but don’t get the submission. Cordova slams Tweek several times leading to a near fall. Reign returns to the match and takes Tweek over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Tweek sends Reign into the corner and the Phoenix Twins work over Reign briefly.

Dash legally tags in and the Phoenix Twins hit a back suplex/neckbreaker combo for a two count. Dash takes Reign over with a snap suplex and Tweek returns to the match to deliver strikes to midsection of Reign. Dash and Tweek try for a double suplex, bur Reign lands on his feet and Boz tags in hitting all his opponents with strikes. Boz tosses Lawrence into Dash with a fallaway slam for a two count. Lawrence splashes Dash and Boz sends Lawrence into Tweek with a slam. Lawrence hits an assisted moonsault for a two count. Martini snuck a tag and beats on Boz with several trikes. Mattson comes off the top to axe handle Boz and delivers a few rakes. Martini returns and Boz is given a double atomic drop. Martini fish hooks Boz against the ropes and Boz is choked over the middle rope. Martini delivers a knee drop on Boz for a two count. Mattson returns to the match and drops Boz with a spinning back elbow. Martini continues to beat on Boz with strikes. Martini boot scrapes Boz on the mat to maintain control of the contest.

Mattson tags back in and kicks Boz in the ribs. Mattson continues with uppercuts in the corner allowing Tweek to tag in as Martini enters the match, too. Martini tried to go after Tweek, but was stopped. Martini is tripped by Dash and Tweek gets tripped by Mattson. Martini and Tweek trade strikes in the middle of the ring and they collide heads. Boz and Cordova enter the match with Cordova hitting an overhead suplex for a two count. Reign and Lawrence are in the ring with Reign tossing Lawrence with a German suplex. Cordova has Lawrence over his shoulder, but Lawrence avoids it. Boz plants Cordova with the Boz Driver for a two count. Martini covers Cordova and manages to eliminate Cordova and Reign following a pin.

Lawrence is worked over by Martini and Mattson leading to a two count. Lawrence plants the Phoenix Twins with a double reverse DDT. Lawrence hits a blockbuster/side Russian leg sweep with Boz on Tweek. Lawrence has a rollup on Mattson, but the referee was hit in the corner. Lawrence continues to beat on Mattson with strikes. Martini leaps off the top to hit Lawrence with the tag title and Mattson pins Lawrence to win the titles. (**. The action wasn’t all that exciting or fun to watch. I think the Michigan Invasion winning was the right decision. AAW has a strong tag division that doesn’t consist of big name guys. I think the Invasion could have some fun matches with these other teams in traditional tag matches.) After the match, Mattson and Martini attack Lawrence and Boz until Zach Gowen comes running in to make the save. Gowen isn’t happy because they beat him down into a pool of his own blood last time. Gowen promises to get his hands on Martini and Mattson even if he has to kill himself to do so. The champs runaway.

Backstage, Marek Brave talks about coming to AAW as a kid two years ago but he’s better now. Brave tells Danny Daniels that he’s thinking about November 25th when he gets his match with Tyler Black. They will wrestle no matter what on November 25th. Brave is not going to tell Black what the stipulation is.

Second Contest: Derek St. Holmes vs. Weston Benton: Holmes bails to the floor to start and misses a clothesline in the ring. Benton hammers away on Holmes in the ring. Benton forearms Holmes followed by chops in the corner. Benton forearm strikes Holmes coming off the ropes. Holmes avoids a bulldog by sending Benton into the corner. Holmes continues to work over Benton with uppercuts. Benton fights back with strikes of his own and a shoulder ram in the corner. Benton gets a sunset flip for a two count and Holmes delivers a strike before mounting Benton with right hands. Holmes drops Benton with a double knee strike for a near fall. Holmes drops Benton with a savant kick and taunts the crowd leading to a near fall. Holmes gets a rollup on Benton for a near fall. Holmes misses a clothesline and Benton gets a sleeper on Holmes. Holmes prevents his arm from dropping three times and rams Benton face first into the corner. Holmes strikes Benton followed by an uppercut. Holmes shoulder rams Benton in the corner several times and connects with a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Holmes continues with knee strikes and gets an inside cradle on Benton. Benton is met with an eye rake as Holmes stops his momentum. Holmes hooks Benton for a suplex, but Benton lands on his feet and dropkicks Holmes. Benton tries for a tornado DDT, but Holmes tosses Benton away. Holmes hits a running bulldog and locks in the St. Holmes Stretch in the middle of the ring to win the match. (*1/4. The crowd sure didn’t seem to care about this and I’m not sure I blame them. Holmes winning was the right choice as I enjoy Holmes style, which is more old school than the others on the roster. He’d fit in very well with NWA in 2020.)

Backstage, Jim Jesus is with Chandler McClure and asks his lady friend who was on the phone. She was just making a phone call and Jesus wonders why she’s dressed like a slut. They don’t care about the fans and she says the fans care about her more than Jim does.

Third Contest: Marek Brave vs. Danny Daniels: Brave backs Daniels into a corner, but backs away cleanly. Daniels shoulder blocks Brave and gets tripped by Brave. Daniels catches Brave in the corner, but Brave takes Daniels over with an arm drag. Brave almost collides with the referee in the corner and Daniels yanks Brave down by his hair. Daniels continues to forearm Brave against the ropes. Brave backdrops Daniels and hits a standing dropkick. Daniels avoids a baseball slide and drops Brave back first over the railing. Daniels sends Brave into the corner, again. Daniels delivers a knee to the head and delivers a backbreaker for a two count. Daniels and Brave trade shots in the corner with Brave getting the better, but Daniels counters a hurricanrana with a sit down powerbomb for a two count. Daniels hooks Brave to hit a snap suplex. Daniels chokes Brave over the bottom rope to maintain control of the contest. Daniels catapults Brave throat first into the bottom rope and blows snot on his former student. Brave fights back with strikes and staggers Daniels with right hands. Daniels drives Brave down with a side walk slam backbreaker for a two count.

Daniels forearms Brave in the corner and taunts the fans. Brave kicks Daniels away and hits a neckbreaker to drop Daniels to the mat. Brave fights back with right hands and clotheslines Daniels. Daniels avoids a superkick and drives Brave into the corner. Daniels sits Brave on the top turnbuckle and Brave hits a flying head scissors for a two count. Daniels delivers a jawbreaker, but Brave hits a Blue Thunder Driver for a near fall. Daniels takes Brave over with a German suplex for a two count. Daniels goes to the top rope and blocks a superkick. Daniels delivers a backfist strike to drop Brave to the mat. Daniels signals for the piledriver, but Egotistico Fantastico runs out and runs around the ring to distract Daniels. Brave superkicks Daniels and wins the match. (*. Really? Brave is in line for a title match and he can’t get a clean win over Daniels leading into that? The action here was lackluster and they didn’t deliver a good match.)

Dave Prazak tells Trik Davis that he needs to win tonight.

Fourth Contest: Trik Davis vs. Zach Gowen: Davis works over Gowen with strikes but is met with a heel kick and Gowen clotheslines Davis over the top to the floor. Gowen hits a twisting crossbody to the floor. Gowen hits a slingshot senton into the ring and Prazak gets on the apron. Davis decks Gowen with a clothesline and taunts the crowd. Davis yanks Gowen out of the corner by his leg leading to a near fall. Davis double stomps Gowen over the middle rope. Davis continues with shoulder rams, but Gowen fights back with chops. Davis stops Gowen with a right hand in the corner. Gowen elbows Davis in the corner followed by a boot. Gowen plants Davis with a tornado DDT out of the corner. Gowen back elbows Davis followed by a clothesline. Gowen drops Davis with a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Davis stops Gowen with a Codebreaker for a two count as Gowen reaches the ropes. Davis sits Gowen on the top turnbuckle and goes for a back suplex, but Gowen elbows Davis to the mat. Prazak is on the apron, which allows Truth Martini to hold Gowen’s leg and Mattson hits Gowen with the title. Davis locks in the Hangman Clutch to win the match as Gowen was knocked out. (*1/2. The action was decent, but again I’m not a fan of the finish. It was kind of obvious that would happen considering what Gowen did earlier in the show. The win doesn’t really establish Davis, though.) After the match, Gowen continues to be beaten up by Martini and Mattson. Ryan Boz and Dan Lawrence run into the ring to make the save. Boz has a microphone and tells the new champs they like to fight face to face. Boz wants to have a six man tag match at the Windy City Classic and Gowen wants it to be a street fight!

Backstage, Jason Dukes is playing cards with the ring crew, I think. Billy Whack is there too and watching them. Dukes tells Whack that he has to do this because he’s not on the wrestling card to make money. Dukes shows a straight flush and the other guy shows a royal flush and walks away with all of Dukes stuff. Derek St. Holmes enters the scene asking what Dukes is doing and Dukes tells him he doesn’t want to know.

Fifth Contest: Hunter Matthews vs. Michael Prater: I’m fairly certain these two are AAW students as I’ve never really heard of these guys. Parter dominates early on with a clothesline and spinebuster. Prater goes to the top rope hitting a splash to win the match in under one minute.

Jim Jesus says that he didn’t sign up for a punk kid without any talent to take on his guy. Jesus wants the guy in the cape to come out. Jesus calls out Ego for a match with Prater.

Sixth Contest: Egotistico Fantastico vs. Michael Prater: Ego hits a springboard clothesline to start the match and knocks Prater off his feet with a standing dropkick. Ego fakes a dive to the floor and eye pokes Prater followed by a hurricanrana off the apron to take Prater out on the floor. Prater clotheslines Ego over the railing into the crowd. They brawl in the crowd for a few moments with Ego getting the advantage. Ego leaps over the railing and takes Prater out with a crossbody into the crowd. Ego beats on Prater in the ring, but Prater drops Ego face first over the top turnbuckle and connects with a clothesline. Prater beats on Ego with crossface shots leading to a two count. Ego fights back with strikes and Prater drops Ego with a powerslam for a two count. Prater hammers away on Ego and connects with a chokeslam for a two count. Well, Prater nearly kills Ego with a dangerous looking powerbomb. Ego nearly wins with a slow moving Code Red. Ego dropkicks Prater in the corner followed by a knee strike to the back of the head for a near fall. Prater plants Ego with a spinebuster. Prater goes to the top rope, but Ego stops Prater with a sunset flip powerbomb for the win. (**. There were a few sloppy moments, but I enjoyed the big man match with both men looking good.) After the match, Chandler McClure runs Ego off and Bryce Benjamin slides into the ring to confront McClure. Their match is next…

Seventh Contest: Bryce Benjamin vs. Chandler McClure in a last man standing match: They exchange headbutts early in the match as the ring announcer is introducing the match. Benjamin ducks a wild right and nails McClure with knee strikes and kicks McClure to the floor. Benjamin sends McClure into the ring steps face first. Benjamin kicks the ring steps into McClure. McClure is sent back into the ring and Benjamin hits a springboard clothesline sending McClure to the floor. Benjamin leaps off the apron and McClure drops Benjamin over the railing chest first. McClure sends Lucas into the ring steps. McClure sends Benjamin into the guard railing again. McClure rolls Benjamin back into the ring and delivers a knee strike. McClure continues to beat on Benjamin with strikes. Benjamin kicks McClure off the apron and Prater gets on the apron only to get kicked and he no sells it. Benjamin delivers a second kick to knock Prater to the floor. Benjamin beats on McClure on the floor, and it appears McClure has been busted wide open. Benjamin continues to hammer away on a bloodied McClure in the ring.

McClure drops Benjamin with a Rock Bottom and demands the referee count, but Benjamin quickly gets to his feet and is met with another boot. McClure continues to work over Benjamin with strikes on the mat. McClure nails Benjamin with a running knee strike in the corner causing Benjamin to fall to the floor. McClure brings Benjamin into the ring and delivers a few more strikes. McClure goes for a slam, but Benjamin counters with a kick to the head. Benjamin beats on McClure with elbow strikes and a dropkick. Benjamin spikes McClure with a DDT followed by a sliding dropkick. Benjamin looks under the ring to grabs a steel chair. McClure stomps Benjamin onto the steel chair to gain the advantage. McClure plants Benjamin with a powerbomb. McClure connects with a brainbuster and waits in the corner. Benjamin gets to his feet and blocks a chair shot. Benjamin hits a modified Fame-Asser to drop McClure face first onto the chair.

Benjamin leaps off the top to leg drop McClure face first onto the chair. Jesus distracts the referee to stop the count. Benjamin puts his hands on Jesus, but McClure comes over and gets dropkicked out of a chair. Benjamin works over McClure with right hands in the corner. Benjamin sits McClure on the top turnbuckle and gets crotched on the top. McClure hooks Benjamin to hit a middle rope Touchdown DDT. Benjamin gets to his feet at the count of nine and McClure proceeds to wreck Benjamin with an unprotected chair shot to the head. McClure wins the match. (***. It’s a good match and it held my interest, but they really didn’t do much to live up to the stipulation. I was expecting some crazy spots, but it was kept rather tame. Benjamin was impressive despite the loss, though.)

Backstage, AAW Heritage Champion Jimmy Jacobs says that he has some heat with AAW management for going to any place to make money. He notes that when he loses the title, he was told he’d be fired. Jacobs proclaims he won’t lose the title no matter who he wrestles in AAW. Nobody will stop him from making money.

Eighth Contest: Eric Priest vs. Steve Stone: Priest attacks before the bell and stomps away on Stone in the corner. Priest sends Stone hard back first into the corner. Priest continues to hammer away on Stone to maintain control. Stone fires back with right hands of his own. Priest misses a splash in the corner and Stone knee lifts Priest. Stone clotheslines Priest over the top to the floor. Stone baseball slides Priest into the guard railing and rams Priest face first onto the apron. Stone beats on Priest on the floor for a few moments. Stone takes Priest over with a snap suplex in the ring. Stone ducks a clothesline and tries for a rollup, but Priest holds onto the ropes. Priest takes Stone over with a back suplex. Priest chokes Stone on the mat and delivers several right hands. Priest continues with a leg drop for a near fall. Priest drops Stone with a back elbow and chokes Stone on the mat. Priest chokes Stone over the middle rope and delivers a splash over the ropes. Stone fights back with strikes, but a knee lift stops his momentum. Priest continues to work over Stone with strikes and chokes Stone over the ropes some more. They trade a few strikes until Priest traps Stone in the ropes and delivers a few kicks. Priest drops Stone with a big boot leading to a near fall.

Priest continues to shoulder ram Stone in the corner several times followed by stomps. Stone fires back with a few right hands. Stone gets a sunset flip and avoids an elbow drop. Stone plants Priest with a Sky High for a two count. Stone hits a springboard back elbow followed by a clothesline in the corner. Priest boots Stone in the corner and runs into a powerslam by Stone for a two count. Stone tries for a neckbreaker, but Priest counters with one of his own. Priest goes to the top rope managing to hit an elbow drop. Priest has Stone on his shoulders and hits the swinging F5, but pulls Stone up on the cover. Priest hits the move a second time to win the match. (*1/2. A rather forgettable match, but it gives Priest some added momentum as he appears to be in the championship hunt.) After the match, Priest hits his finisher for a third time.

Backstage, Russell Scoops tries to speak with Billy Whack. Scoops wants to know the stipulation for the match between Brave and Black. Jim Jesus enters the scene and wants to know why Robert Anthony is in AAW after they defeated him. Whack tells Jesus that Anthony was fired, but Ego has a contract. Danny Daniels enters the scene and wants to know what is going on. Daniels wants Ego on November 25th. Daniels slaps Scoops.

Ace Steel is in the ring and talks about Jimmy Jacobs and says that the Heritage Championship means a lot to him, but Jacobs cheated him out of the title. Steel wants Jacobs in the ring so he can beat him up. AAW Heritage Champion Jimmy Jacobs makes his way out, but he waves to the back and brings out Rasche Brown. Jacobs isn’t up for light work tonight so that’s why Brown is here.

Ninth Contest: Ace Steel vs. Skullcrusher Rasche Brown: Steel goes after Brown with right hands in the corner. Steel shoulder blocks Brown and runs into a powerslam. Brown continues to stomp on Steel. Brown drops Steel with a forearm shot. Brown continues to work over Steel with strikes. Brown hooks Steel and connects with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Brown keeps Steel on the mat with a chin lock. Brown elbows Steel coming off the ropes and taunts the crowd. Steel bites his way free, but Brown yanks Steel down by his hair. Brown slaps Steel to taunt his opponent. Steel fires back with right hands to stagger Brown. Steel clotheslines Brown followed by a forearm strike. Steel stomps on Brown’s foot and knocks Brown down with a running forearm shot. Steel dropkicks Brown and hits a springboard twisting senton for a near fall. Brown grabs Steel, but Steel counters a chokeslam with an arm drag and a backdrop. Steel goes to the top rope hitting a springboard tornado DDT. Jimmy Jacobs enters the ring and attacks Steel with right hands. Rasche Brown decks the referee and the bell sounds. Steel is beaten down by Jacobs and Brown. Steel won by disqualification. Jacobs headbutts Steel and stomps while Brown holds Steel. Silas Young slides into the ring and goes after Jacobs since their match is next…

Tenth Contest: AAW Heritage Champion Jimmy Jacobs vs. Silas Young in a best two out of three falls match: Young rams Jacobs face first into the corner followed by stomps. Jacobs sends Young into the corner, but Young comes back with a clothesline. Young monkey flips Jacobs out of the corner. Jacobs kicks Young in the corner, but Young hits a rolling German suplex to get a three count and gets the first fall! Young: 1 – Jacobs: 0

Jacobs backs Young into the corner and slaps the challenger. Jacobs gets a rollup on Young for a two count and taunts Young in the corner. Jacobs avoids a back suplex, but can’t avoid a dropkick. Young is sent to the apron and Young yanks Jacobs down by his hair. Young hits a slingshot rolling neck snap. Young fakes out a suicide dive attempt and kicks Jacobs. Jacobs sends Young chest first into the guard railing. Jacobs drops Young chest first over the railing to maintain control of the contest. Jacobs drops Young over the railing a third time. Jacobs chokes Young with something on the floor before returning to the ring managing a two count. Jacobs keeps a front face lock on Young in the middle of the ring. Young shoulder rams Jacobs in the corner several times. Jacobs leaps off the middle rope to hit a clothesline. Jacobs gives the referee some money to get a fast count and doesn’t get a three count on Young. Jacobs chokes Young over the middle rope to keep control. Jacobs leaps onto Young’s back over the middle rope. Jacobs keeps a sleeper hold on Young and delivers a few more strikes to the face.

Young breaks free from Jacobs by stomping on Jacobs foot. Jacobs tries for a suplex, but Young counters with a front suplex. Jacobs leaps off the middle rope and is met with a savant kick. Young nearly wins with a bridging suplex. Young hammers away on Jacobs and drops Jacobs to the mat gut first. Jacobs elbows free and Young hits a rolling German suplex for a two count. Young sits Jacobs on the top turnbuckle and tries for a suplex. Jacobs bites Young’s forehead and hits a middle rope cutter. Jacobs hits the Contra Code to get a three count and even the falls. Young: 1 – Jacobs: 1

Jacobs tries for another pin, but Young kicks out at two. Jacobs heads to the top rope hitting a senton splash for a two count. Jacobs goes to the top looking for another senton, but Young got his knees up. Young plants Jacobs with a snap powerslam for a near fall. Jacobs hammers away on Young but Young counters the Contra Code hitting a rolling fireman’s carry and the victory flip for a two count. Young misses another moonsault attempt and Jacobs hits a running spear for a two count. Jacobs grabs the championship in the corner. The referee stops Jacobs, but Jacobs low blows Young. Steel accidentally clotheslines Young and Jacobs manages to pin Young for the win. (**1/2. Okay, the interference finishes are really getting tiring and really takes me out of the match. The action here was solid throughout, but if you don’t want Young taking losses, don’t put him in matches that he’d have to lose. I could see a triple threat match happening now for the championship.)

Main Event: AAW Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black vs. Keith Walker: Walker backs Black into the corner and cleanly breaks away giving Black the finger in the process. Black shoves Walker in the corner and tries to tune out the fans. Walker shoulder blocks Black. Walker hip tosses Black and they trade arm drags until Black bails to the floor. Black returns to the ring and delivers a few strikes in the corner, but they don’t have much impact. Walker tosses Black into the corner and delivers several chops. Black eye rakes Walker in the corner but Walker press slams Black sending Tyler to the floor. Walker shoulder blocks Black and connects with a spinebuster for a two count. Black goes to the corner to regroup. Walker sends Black into the corner and Black crashes over the top to the floor. Black has Amy in front of him, but Jim Jesus decks Walker from behind allowing Black to send Walker face first into the ring steps. Black chokes Walker on the floor to keep the advantage.

Black works over Walker with strikes on the floor and rams Walker face first into the steps again. Black continues to work on Walker in the ring and tries to use the ropes for leverage on a pin attempt, but Walker kicks out quickly. Walker counters a head scissors with a side slam for a two count. Walker has Black over the shoulder, but Black sends Walker into the corner and connects with a dropkick leading to a near fall. Black continues to work over Walker on the mat with a head scissors, but Walker doesn’t give in. Black tries for a cover after an elbow drop. Black forearms Walker several times, but Walker plants Black with a back suplex for a two count. Black boots Walker in the corner and connects with a DDT for a near fall. Black keeps a sleeper on Walker for a few moments. Walker prevents his arm from dropping three times and elbows Black, but doesn’t break free. Black yanks Walker down to the mat to keep control of the contest.

Black goes to the top rope, but Walker stops Black with a strike. Walker hooks Black hitting an overhead suplex. Walker forearms Black and hits a powerslam for a near fall. Walker forearms Black in the corner followed by a running knee strike for a near fall. Walker delivers a few strikes but misses a clothesline and Black hits a Pele kick. Black nearly wins after a spinning round kick. Black hits a standing shooting star press for a two count. Walker almost pins Black with a chokebomb for a two count. Black avoids Walker in the corner and nails Walker with a running boot. Black misses a frog splash. Walker slaps Black several times followed by a lariat, but Jesus put Black’s boot on the bottom rope. Walker is obviously pissed by this. Walker decks Jesus off the apron. Black gets the championship from Amy, who didn’t want to give it to him. Black decks Walker with the championship leading to a near fall. Black delivers a few kicks to Walker’s chest. Walker spears Black into the referee and the referee falls through the ropes to the floor. Walker hits the Walker Driver and has the cover, but there’s no referee.

Eric Priest slides into the ring to low blow Walker as Walker went for another Walker Driver. Priest whacks Walker with a steel chair a few times. Priest tells Walker that he made him and believes he should be in the spot. Priest drops Walker with the FU 69. Black is put on top of Walker as the referee is rolled in, but Walker kicks out at two! Black hits a top rope frog splash and wins the match to retain the title. (***. The match had a big match feel to it with Walker heading to the WWE developmental. However, AAW’s constant inability of putting together a good finish hinders their entertainment level. This match would have been rated higher, but the finish was lame and again left me feeling sour on the match.)

Eric Priest enters the ring and gets some shots in with Tyler Black. Marek Brave enters the ring and takes both men out. Tyler Black decks Brave from behind and Brave is double teamed now. Black has gotten barbed wire and places the barbed wire in Brave’s mouth! Keith Walker has gotten up and runs the heels from the ring. Brave is bleeding from the mouth. Black tells Walker good riddance from AAW. Black wonders how well Brave can announce his stipulation with a mouth full of blood. Brave gets the microphone and announces that on November 25th it will be no rope barbed wire and Black doesn’t like the sound of that. Eric Priest laughs at Black who is distraught about that announcement. Keith Walker is given a toast in the ring with several other AAW wrestlers for his sendoff.

Walker gets a microphone and says AAW wrestlers are his brothers forever. Walker thanks the fans, who give him an ovation. Walker credits the fans that he wouldn’t be here without them. Walker promises to make them all proud. Walker notes that his mother isn’t with him and will make her proud, as well. Walker ended up being with the WWE for less than a year before being released.

Final Thoughts:
There were a couple of fun matches on the show, but they would have been better had there been better finishes to the matches. That’s the problem with AAW is their inability to put strong finishes together. I’d say this was an average show, but that is rather disappointing since it could have been much better with better planning.

Thanks for reading.

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