AAW Point Of No Return 5/13/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

AAW presents Point Of No Return
Date: 5/13/2006
From: Berwyn, UL

We see a video package highlighting last months three way dance between Tyler Black, Jimmy Jacobs and Jerry Lynn. Black pulled Lynn out of the ring to pin Jacobs in an elimination match leading to a singles match. Jacobs hit Lynn with the championship while the referee was distracted allowing Black to win the match with a rollup. After the match, Marek Brave stormed the ring and attacked Black from behind leading to a pull apart brawl.

Outside the arena, Marek Brave says that he doesn’t need Tyler Black and he proved that when he was beating Black up in the ring. Brave promises that Black won’t be lucky when he’s in the ring with him.

Backstage, Jerry Lynn cuts a promo on Jimmy Jacobs saying that Mouse Trap is similar to Stairway To Hell. Lynn says that Jacobs is the rat that will get caught in the trap. Lynn promises that Jacobs will get caught in the barbed wire and says he’ll issue the suffering.

Backstage, Jason Dukes talks to Billy Whack and wants a piece of Silas Young, but he’s already booked to wrestle Bryce Benjamin. Havoc is wearing a mask and Whack knows that it’s him. Havoc runs away after distracting Whack.

Jim Jesus is in the ring with AAW Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black in the ring and Jesus says that Tyler Black will not be wrestling Marek Brave at any point. Black tells Jesus to stop it and calls out Brave. Brave slides into the ring and they quickly brawl until the backstage area empties to break them apart. Brave dives over the top to take everyone out with a dive to the floor.

Opening Contest: Mississippi Madman vs. Dan Lawrence: Lawrence prevents Madman from taking a guy out in the ring and hammers away on Madman with right hands. Lawrence dumps Madman over the top to the floor and hits a somersault dive to the floor. Lawrence tries for a top rope crossbody, but is caught. Madman plants Lawrence with a press slam. Madman casually slams Lawrence to the mat. Madman misses a splash coming off the ropes. Lawrence fights back with a spinning heel kick and a couple of clotheslines. Madman misses a splash in the corner and Lawrence hits a missile dropkick. Trik Davis enters and is kicked to the floor by Lawrence. Madman hits a spinning Samoan Drop to win the match. (*1/2. I really wasn’t expecting Madman to win the match, but once Trik Davis got involved it was apparent what was going to happen here. I thought Lawrence looked good in there and Madman worked fairly well for a big man.)

Backstage, Marek Brave is kicked out of the area and Brave says that he doesn’t care about the championship but rather cares about Tyler Black. Brave will beat someone in the top ten.

Backstage, Jim Jesus is pissed about Danny Daniels not being in the ring to help Tyler Black. Jesus says they are supposed to work together and Daniels assures Jesus that Brave will be handled tonight.

After the last show, Bryce Benjamin was with Lucas and Lucas entered a bathroom to attack a woman. Bryce held the door shut and Lucas exited the bathroom having laid her out.

In the ring, Jason Dukes has a talk with Lucas. Dukes isn’t happy with Lucas not getting him a match with Silas Young tonight. Dukes tells Lucas he either manages him or Bryce Benjamin. Lucas doesn’t want to have choose between either man because he loves them both. Dukes clotheslines Lucas.

Second Contest: Jason Dukes vs. Bryce Benjamin: Benjamin hammers away on Dukes with strikes against the ropes. Dukes misses a clothesline and Benjamin connects with a clothesline and a dropkick. Dukes stops Benjamin with a low blow in the corner. Dukes chokes Benjamin over the middle rope. Dukes hits a slingshot suplex for a near fall. Benjamin fires back with forearms and a running clothesline in the corner followed by a forearm strike. Dukes stops Benjamin with a heel kick for a near fall. Dukes drops Benjamin with a headbutt and staggers himself. Benjamin shoulder rams Dukes from the apron and hits a sunset flip for a two count. Benjamin kicks Dukes to the floor and tries for a crossbody, but Dukes catches Benjamin and drives Benjamin back first into the ring steps. Dukes delivers Garvin stomps on Benjamin to keep control. Dukes tries for a neckbreaker, but Benjamin breaks free only to run into a clothesline. Dukes is calling Benjamin Silas Young as he’s clearly focused on Silas during the match. Benjamin fights out of a headlock and is met with a knee lift to the midsection. Dukes hits a middle rope leg drop leading to a near fall. Dukes works over Benjamin with a chop and uppercut to the corner.

Dukes scoop slams Benjamin and hits a middle rope elbow drop for a near fall. Dukes goes to the top rope and connects with a leg drop, but Lucas gets Benjamin’s boot on the bottom rope. Lucas runs from Dukes on the floor and slides into the ring. Benjamin gets an inside cradle on Dukes and wins the match. (**. I’m not really a fan of the finish and I’m rather confused on if Benjamin and Lucas are being presented as faces considering the previous segment was shown before the match. I thought these two worked rather well together and I was impressed by Dukes offense as he held my interest throughout the match.)

Backstage, Billy Whack is cutoff by Robert Anthony and tells him that he needs to win his match tonight no questions asked. Anthony is confused as Whack leaves.

Third Contest: Chandler McClure vs. Robert Anthony: McClure slaps Anthony against the ropes to start the match. Anthony works over McClure in the corner with chops followed by an arm drag and a standing dropkick. McClure bails to the floor to regroup and Jim Jesus distracts Anthony. Anthony decks McClure with a forearm strike followed by a spinning back suplex. McClure boots Anthony in the corner and Anthony backdrops McClure. Anthony works over McClure with strikes and sends McClure back first into the corner. Anthony heads to the apron and is caught on a slingshot attempt with McClure dropping Anthony face first over the top turnbuckle. McClure continues to work over Anthony with a boot strike. Anthony nearly wins with a springboard sunset flip. McClure boots Anthony leading to a near fall. McClure drops Anthony over his knee and delivers an elbow strike to drop Anthony to the mat. McClure works over Anthony with right hands, but Anthony fires back with strikes of his own. McClure plants Anthony with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.

McClure tries for a suplex, but Anthony counters with a German suplex. Anthony clotheslines McClure a few times and drops McClure chest first to the canvas. Anthony puts a surfboard on McClure, but doesn’t get a submission. Anthony slams McClure near the corner and hits a split legged moonsault for a two count. McClure drops Anthony to the mat face first for a two count. Anthony fights out of an elevated DDT attempt, but gets speared into the corner after Jesus distracted him again. McClure sits Anthony on the top rope and delivers a few more strikes. Anthony shoves McClure to the mat and leaps off only to be caught in the Rings of Saturn in the middle of the ring. McClure forces Anthony to submit and win the match. (**. That has to be seen as a major upset and clear indicator that McClure is on the rise in AAW with his association with Jim Jesus. I’m a fan of a clean finish to give him some huge momentum.)

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs notes he’s beaten Jerry Lynn twice already. Jacobs has barbed wire on a table in front of him. Jacobs tells Lynn that this is the final match between them. Jacobs tells Lynn that one of them will not walkout of the ring tonight. Jacobs is sure that his face will get busted open by the barbed wire, but he’s also sure that Lynn won’t walk after the match.

Fourth Contest: Michigan Invasion (N8 Mattson & Truth Martini) & Eddie Venom vs. Charlie Manson Jr., Safari Stu, & Tyrne Paige: Venom is sent to the floor following a triple dropkick in the early moment of the match. Martini starts off with Stu and Martini gets met with an atomic drop. Stu almost wins with a rollup after Martini is punched in the corner. Mattson and Manson tag into the match and they are incredibly awkward in the ring. Mattson atomic drops Manson and Manson bails to the floor. Manson hits a springboard crossbody followed by a head scissors and dropkick before tagging in Paige. Mattson is chopped against the ropes and is met with a double dropkick. Paige connects with a standing moonsault and hammers away on Mattson in the corner. Manson returns to the match and is dropped throat first over the top rope. Venom works over Manson with a right hand upon tagging into the match followed by a chop to the chest. Venom press slams Manson with one arm.

Martini returns to the match and takes Manson down with a spinebuster for a two count. Martini sends Manson into the corner and Mattson returns to the match. Mattson drops Manson with an uppercut and misses a clothesline. Stu enters and cleans house with strikes to the heels. Gowen distracts Stu on the apron and Venom drops Stu with a running big boot. Venom delivers several chops in the corner and another running big boot to send Stu to the floor. Mattson axe handles Stu from the top rope. Mattson drops Stu with a spinning back elbow strike and tags in Martini. Martini runs the ropes to clothesline Stu and spits at his partners to cause a distraction. Gowen enters to toss Stu with an overhead suplex and Venom gets a near fall. Stu kicks Venom but is met with a snap powerslam for a two count. Martini returns to the match and chops Stu on the back. Martini slams Stu and tells the crowd it’s over. Martini goes to the top, but gets crotched by Stu. Paige enters and cleans house managing to hit a nice hurricanrana on Venom followed by a springboard crossbody. All six men are in the ring at this point brawling. Mattson almost pins Paige after a neckbreaker. Manson crotches Mattson on the top rope and hits a hurricanrana for a two count. Venom gets a near fall on Manson after a sit out slam. Stu leaps off the top to hit a DDT on Venom for a near fall. Gowen has his cane and wants to shake hands, but Stu gets the cane and decks Gowen with it. Martino comes up from behind and pins Stu with a rollup. (**. In think the heels could have won this match cleanly and not need to use a distraction. Paige impressed with his high spots throughout the match and Venom came across like a viable big man in a strong performance. The match went a little too long, but was effective in showcasing the Michigan Invasion.)

Backstage, Robert Anthony tells Billy Whack that he didn’t get a fair shot tonight. Anthony wants to be in the tag title tournament next month. Danny Daniels tells Anthony he was a champion when nobody was here. Anthony calls Daniels a little midget who has a belt and Daniels slaps him. Anthony hilariously puts Whack in front of him because Whack was not about to hold him back.

Fifth Contest: AAW Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black vs. Shane Hollister: Black shoves Hollister to the mat to start the match and taunts his challenger. Hollister arm drags Black a few times and avoids an arm drag to deliver a dropkick and head scissors. Black misses a clothesline and Hollister connects with a running knee strike for a two count. Hollister hammers away on Black until Black delivers a powerbomb and a package DDT for the win. Well, that was quick.

Black and Jim Jesus are about to leave, but they are stopped by Ryan Boz on the floor and it looks like Black is going to have another defense. Billy Whack is at ringside and makes the match a title match with Boz.

Sixth Contest: AAW Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black vs. Ryan Boz: Black chops Boz a few times, but Boz isn’t fazed by it at all. Black is corned and avoids Boz managing to get on his back and deliver a few strikes. Boz tosses Black to the mat and gives the champ a wedgie. Boz press slams Black gut first to the mat. Boz forearms Black in the corner and atomic drops Black followed by a clothesline to the floor. Jesus holds Boz on the apron to allow Black to deliver a dropkick and a few stomps followed by a leg drop. Black hooks Boz for a suplex, but Boz blocks it. Black knee lifts Boz and takes Boz over with a snap suplex. Boz fights back with right hands, but Black keeps Boz on the mat and delivers a knee drop. Black taunts the fans and delivers right hands against the ropes. Boz takes Black over with a snap powerslam for a two count. Boz kicks at Jesus on the floor. Black stops Boz with a jawbreaker and dumps Boz through the ropes to the floor. Boz stalks towards Jesus on the floor, but Black pulls Boz up to the apron and is bitten on the forehead. Black dropkicks Boz and tries for a scoop slam, but Boz blocks it. Black manages to scoop slam Boz on a second attempt for a two count. Black kicks Boz on the back and Boz stands up not being hurt by any strikes.

Boz lifts Black up by his neck and hits an overhead suplex for a two count. Black eye rakes Boz followed by a backbreaker for a two count. Black chops Boz several times but Boz hits a sit out slam to counter a wheelbarrow attempt. Black hammers away on Boz, who is hulking up. Boz points at Black and delivers a big boot after right hands. Boz connects with a leg drop for a two count as Jesus pulls the referee out. The referee did slap the mat three times, but the third time was due to being pulled out. Boz goes after Jesus on the floor and Black tries for a slingshot hurricanrana, but is caught and sent head first into the steps. Jesus runs away from Boz on the floor again. The referee is distracted by Jesus as Black delivers a kick to the head and decks Boz with the championship for a two count. Black plants Boz with a tornado DDT for another near fall. Black misses a big boot and Boz hits a Tiger Driver for a two count. Boz crotches Black on the top rope and gets low blowed by Jesus on the apron. Black manages to double stomp Boz from the top and wins the match. (**1/2. The finish protects Boz, who I’m continuing to find entertaining. The action was fine and it’s obvious that Black’s reign is going to be dependent on Jesus, who is probably going to be the source of heat for the champion. I’d like to see these guys wrestle again.)

Daizee Haze cuts a promo to promote her match with Rebecca Knox (Becky Lynch) taking place in Shimmer. They will be competing in a best two out of three falls match. Haze says they are going to continue to change the industry. Sara Del Ray will be wrestling Mercedes Martinez in a no time limit match, as well.

In the ring, Jayson Reign and Marco Cordova are interviewed. Cordova has his arm in a sling having suffered an injury last month. Cordova says he broke his shoulder socket and promises the fans it’s really broken, though they aren’t buying it. Cordova mentions the tag tournament next month and they want the AAW Tag Championships. High Society make their way out to confront them. Derek St. Holmes is sure that Cordova’s shoulder hurts. St. Holmes tells Benton that he’s out of shape and that’s why he lost a match. Cordova tells them that he will heal and he promises that. Zero and Bailey Mannix make their way out to join the segment. The Lady Thrillaz also come out dancing to join the segment. Billy Whack comes out and says that the tag titles are important to him and makes a four way match and the team that gets pinned woll not be in the tournament.

Seventh Contest: Jayson Reign & Marco Cordova vs. Bailey Mannix & Zero vs. High Society (Derek St. Holmes & Weston Benton) vs. Lady Thrillaz (Mikey Maxim & Woody Maguire): Cordova is working the match with his arm in a sling. Everyone is brawling around ringside and in the ring. St. Holmes works over Maguire in the corner as the match has slowed down with actual rules. Benton hits a standing hurricanrana on Maguire and St. Holmes tags himself in and leg drops Maguire’s leg. St. Holmes continues to tag himself in while Benton was in control. Benton hits a splash off the top with help from St. Holmes for a two count. St. Holmes knocks Maxim off the apron and Maguire continues to be double teamed. Maguire powerbombs Benton and tags in Maxim. Maxim runs the ropes and stomps Benton followed by a knee drop for a two count. Maguire dropkicks Benton on the mat, but Benton delivers a jawbreaker. St. Holmes returns to the match delivering a few knee strikes. They collide to the mat with a headbutt.

Everyone gets in the ring and that leads to another brawl with everyone as the referee isn’t even trying to break them apart. Billy Whack is back at ringside as Reign tosses guys with German suplexs as a lot of guys are brawling on the floor. Reign cleans house with right hands and a suplex to Zero. Reign superkicks Zero to the floor and everyone brawls again. Reign hits a swinging facebuster and gets a submission in the middle of the ring to make Maguire submit. (*1/2. It was just guys brawling and really no storytelling for the most part. It wasn’t bad, but it was just there.)

Eighth Contest: Trik Davis vs. Marek Brave: Brave runs into the ring and dropkicks Davis to the floor. Brave follows and hammers away on Davis outside the ring. Brave continues with forearm shots and rolls Davis into the ring. Brave catapults Davis chest first into the ropes and plants Davis with a lifting reverse DDT. Brave goes to the top, but Prazak grabs Brave on the apron allowing Davis to dropkick Brave off the apron to the floor. Davis yanks Brave arm first over the railing and taunts the crowd. Davis dropkicks Brave into the ring steps and taunts him. Davis rolls Brave into the ring and keeps control with a few stomps. Davis chokes Brave on the mat and argues with the referee. Prazak chokes Brave while the referee is distracted. Davis ties Brave’s arm on the bottom rope and kicks Brave’s arm. Brave tries to fight back with right hands and gets a sunset flip, but Davis counters by knee dropping Brave’s arm for a two count. Davis continues to work over Brave on the mat with strikes. Davis wraps Brave’s arm over the top rope and delivers right hands on the mat. Brave fights back with right hands, but Davis hits an arm breaker for a near fall. Davis chops Brave in the corner several times. Davis runs into an elbow in the corner and Brave hits a middle rope blockbuster.

Brave clotheslines and chops Davis but can’t hit a back suplex. Brave instead hits a sit out suplex for a two count. Prazak gives Davis a weapon and Davis decks Brave behind the referee’s back for a two count. Prazak gets on the apron and gets yanked down by Dan Lawrence. Brave spears Davis and somersaults into the pin for the win. (*1/2. They didn’t get a bunch of time and the finish continues the issues between Davis and Lawrence. Brave probably should have had a more dominating win since he’s clearly the top challenger to Tyler Black at this point.)

Ninth Contest: AAW Heritage Champion Danny Daniels vs. Silas Young: Young has his ribs taped up for the match. They lockup and go to the mat and roll to the floor. The referee breaks them apart on the floor. Daniels backs Young into a corner and delivers a right hand and they trade strikes. Daniels backs away as Young is fired up. The fans want a new champ tonight. Young keeps a headlock on Daniels for a moment. Daniels sends Young chest first into the corner and Young takes Daniels over with another headlock. Lynn uppercuts Daniels and keeps Daniels on the mat with a side headlock. Daniels controls Lynn with a wrist lock and switches to a hammerlock. Young breaks free and dropkicks Daniels leading to a near fall. Young forearms Daniels into the corner, but Daniels counters a head scissors by dumping Young over the top to the floor face first. Daniels drops Young chest first over the railing. Daniels catapults Young chest first into the railing. Daniels tries for a suplex, but Young counters only to be dropped over the railing chest first again. Daniels rolls Young into the ring managing a two count. Daniels beats on Young with strikes to maintain control.

Young misses a clothesline and Daniels tries for a piledriver, but Young hits a backdrop and both men are down. Daniels hammers away on Young in the cortner with chops and taunts the crowd. Daniels runs into a back elbow but manages to drop Young with a backbreaker for a near fall. Daniels yanks Young down to the mat to counter a wrist lock. Daniels punches Young into a corner and continues to deliver strikes. Daniels misses a splash in the corner and is dropped over the turnbuckle. Young hits a springboard crossbody for a two count. Young works over Daniels with chops in the corner and sits Daniels on the top turnbuckle. Daniels tries for an atomic drop, but Young avoids it and clotheslines Daniels for a two count. Daniels delivers a neckbreaker and a backpack stunner for a two count. Daniels tries for a piledriver, but Young backdrops Daniels. Daniels drives Young face first down to the mat for a two count. Daniels delivers a jawbreaker, but Young comes off the ropes to hit a tornado DDT for a near fall. Young drags Daniels to the corner and lands on his feet missing a moonsault. Young almost wins with a rollup. Daniels collides with the referee twice on a piledriver attempt. Robert Anthony heel kicks Daniels and Young hits a moonsault for the win. (**. I hate the finish as it really takes away from a big win for Young. They sacrifice the match for an angle advancement for Daniels and Anthony, which didn’t need to happen here at all.) After the match, Jason Dukes appears on the aisle way and stares down Young at ringside until officials come down to prevent anything from happening. They will be wrestling in two months, according to Dukes.

Main Event: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jerry Lynn in a Stairway To Hell match: Jacobs runs from Lynn as Lynn gets the ladder and rams Jacobs in the face on the floor. Lynn rams Jacobs into the ladder on the floor and sends Jacobs back into the railing. Lynn returns to the ring and gets eye raked by Jacobs. Jacobs hammers away on Lynn to keep control of the contest. Lynn whacks Jacobs hand onto the ladder and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker to keep Jacobs on the mat. Lynn sets a ladder up but gets the ladder dropkicked into him. Jacobs bites Lynn’s forehead and rams Lynn face first into the corner. Lynn sends Jacobs back first into the corner and nearly wins with an inside cradle. Lynn grabs the ladder and places it on the mat. Jacobs drops Lynn face first onto the ladder with a drop toe hold followed by a leg drop. Jacobs grabs the ladder, but Lynn holds on from the floor until Jacobs baseball slides the ladder into Lynn. Lynn jumps down onto the ladder causing the ladder to hit Jacobs in the face. Jacobs headbutts Lynn into the corner and continues with strikes. Jacobs is driven face first onto the ladder. Lynn sets the ladder up in the corner and bites Jacobs forehead.

Lynn tries for a running powerbomb, but Jacobs counters with a hurricanrana sending Lynn onto the ladder. Jacobs sets the ladder up and begins to climb towards the barbed wire. Lynn stops Jacobs and gets kicked away. Jacobs drops the ladder onto Lynn and delivers a few right hands and headbutts in the corner. Jacobs drives the ladder into Lynn’s midsection in the corner. Jacobs tries for a cocky cover and Lynn kicks out. Jacobs sets the ladder up again and begins to climb for the barbed wire. Lynn tips over the ladder causing Jacobs to land on the ropes and crashes to the floor. Lynn begins to climb the ladder while Jacobs climbs the ropes and dropkicks the ladder over causing Lynn to crash to the mat. Jacobs places the ladder against the ropes. Jacobs headbutts Lynn, but Lynn plants Jacobs with a powerbomb onto the ladder. Lynn misses a middle rope leg drop and lands on the ladder. Lynn sets the ladder up again and climbs towards the barbed wire as Jacobs climbs the other side.

They trade strikes on the ladder with Lynn dropping Jacobs to the mat after ramming his face on the ladder. Lynn retrieves the barbed wire and is met with a low blow by Jacobs. Jacobs places the barbed wire in the corner and tries to ram Lynn into it, but Lynn avoids it. Jacobs eye rakes Lynn and places the barbed wire in the middle of the ring. Jacobs tries for a suplex, but Lynn drops Jacobs face first onto the barbed wire. Lynn grabs the barbed wire and digs into Jacobs forehead. Lynn continues to dig the barbed wire into Jacobs forehead. Lynn puts Jacobs in the tree of woe and places the ladder in front of Jacobs along with barbed wire. Lynn dropkicks Jacobs with both items in the corner upside down. Lynn goes for the cover and gets a two count. Jacobs is busted wide open at this point. Lynn rams Jacobs into the barbed wire in the corners four times. Lynn hits the cradle piledriver onto the barbed wire and wins the match. (***. A solid main event and a fine amount of violence to conclude their feud. It was an effective feud with Jacobs winning two matches and Lynn winning the blowoff so it benefits both men. They worked the stipulation fairly well and Lynn took some good bumps that I wasn’t expecting to see from him.)

Final Thoughts:
I was most interested in seeing Jacobs/Lynn since the stipulation they had is one that I’m always curious to see how it plays out. The main event was a solid match and the undercard delivered a lot of average wrestling, at best. Thus, I can’t recommend the whole show and will consider this an average show with nothing must-see.

Thanks for reading.

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