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AAW My Bloody Valentine 2/4/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

AAW presents My Bloody Valentine
Date: 2/4/2006
From: Berwyn, IL

Jerry Lynn is arriving to the arena earlier in the day and doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Lynn is not interested in talking and wants to kick Jimmy Jacobs ass.

Billy Whack is the new CEO of the company and his interview is cutoff several times by three people until Danny Daniels enters the scene. Daniels stands on a chair to be taller than everyone. He also puts a shirt over the female interviewer. Daniels says he’s the Cruiserweight champion and tells Whack he has a problem. Daniels thinks that Silas Young doesn’t meet the weight limit and is over 215 pounds. Whack suggests that Daniels hasn’t made weight for the title himself. Whack is renaming the Cruiserweight championship as being the Heritage Championship.

Opening Contest: Ricky Thomas vs. Eric Priest: Priest starts off with a boot and right hands on Thomas. Thomas hip tosses Priest followed by a dropkick to send Priest into the corner. Thomas monkey flips Priest out of the corner. Priest drops Thomas with a big boot. Priest shoulder rams Thomas in the corner and tosses Thomas across the ring to keep the advantage. Priest pulls Thomas by the hair to keep the cheap advantage. Priest chokes Thomas in the corner and argues with the referee. Priest drops Thomas with the FU-69 and wins the match. Thomas looked to have whacked his head on the mat really bad on that finish. (1/2*. It went less than two minutes with the idea to give Priest a showcase since he’s the number one contender. Priest trained Thomas so that was a nice backstory added to the encounter. Priest comes across like a viable contender and I’d be interested to see if he gets a shot with the title.)

Backstage, Chandler McClure is about to be interviewed, but Jerry Lynn is still storming around and they try to get a word with him and he’s not interested. Lynn thinks he saw Jimmy Jacobs and threatens to hit him and realizes it’s not him.

Lucas (who is Joey Eastman, I believe), a gay character, says there are very few men that make him happy and proceeds to name Stamos and Hasseloff as two men that do that. He introduces Billy Whack to come to the ring. The crowd really doesn’t know how to react to him. Eastman thanks Whack for joining him in the Closet. Whack notes this is his return to wrestling after being out for a while and that he’s on this segment. Whack suggests that Lucas sit on the legs of the chair. Whack has a few things he wants to address. Whack asks how everyone is doing and they are happy to be here. Whack does a hand gesture that he tries to get over. Whack mentions February 25th where they will have a show called Audition where everyone’s jobs are on the line. March 25th says that there will be a four man match for AAW Heavyweight Champion Mike Venom.

They get cutoff by Jim Jesus and Amy. He mentions his group JJ Inc. and says he runs things in AAW. Jim believes that he’s the top guy in the company. He’d like to get a spot in the Final Four match on March 25th. Whack reminds Jim that he’s not the CEO. Whack doesn’t want any issues with Jim Jesus. Jim says he runs the show and people don’t ask for things without his permission. Jim says the title match tonight is off. Whack tells Jim that the contract is already signed. Whack threatens Lucas that his talk segment might be gone after this. This just came across as three inexperienced people trying to get a segment completed with Whack really hurting the segment. Lucas essentially offers his body for Whack if he needs it.

Backstage, Dan Lawrence is about to be interviewed but Dave Prazak and Trik Davis get involved and call Lawrence horrible. Meanwhile, Davis was recently in ROH. Lawrence puts his hand on Prazak but Davis decks Lawrence and they say they are going to take all the AAW guys out. Lawrence gets to his feet and takes Davis down with right hands to close the segment.

Second Contest: Chandler McClure vs. Ryan Boz: Boz backs McClure into the corner and McClure bails to the floor to regroup. McClure slaps Boz in the corner and goes to the floor again. McClure fakes being slapped by Boz and Boz drops McClure with a real slap followed by a suplex and a big boot to the face. McClure drop toe holds Boz over the top rope and drops Boz over the ropes again. McClure works over Boz to keep him on the mat. McClure rams Boz face first into the middle turnbuckle. McClure chokes Boz in the corner and chokes Boz over the middle rope. McClure delivers an axe handle from the middle rope. Boz clotheslines McClure coming off the middle turnbuckle. Boz hammers away on McClure and hits a slingshot suplex for a two count. Boz goes for a slam, but McClure reverses and drops Boz over his knee. McClure delivers a running dropkick for a two count. Boz plants McClure with a Rikishi Driver to win the match. (*1/2. I’ve always liked Boz and his undefeated streak continues in AAW. I can see Boz getting a shot at the title and possibly getting a decent run with it. Boz has a good look and usually has a solid match. The match here was basic and to the point, really.)

Backstage, Robert Anthony is about to be interviewed when Jim Jesus enters the room. Jesus asks Anthony what he’s doing and he’s pissed about Anthony going for the rematch. Jesus tells Anthony he let him win the championship and Anthony thinks he won it on his own. Jesus reminds Anthony that he made him a star. Jesus tells Anthony the next guy to walk through the door will be a star. That man just happens to be… Chandler McClure.

Third Contest: High Society (Derek St. Holmes & Weston Benton) vs. Jayson Reign & Marco Cordova: Holmes slaps Cordova with a glove and they bail to the floor. Reign and Benton start the match officially. Reign backs Benton into the corner and cleanly breaks free but Benton delivers a forearm strike. Reign arm drags Benton a few times and keeps arm control on the mat. Cordova enters the match and shoves Benton to the corner because he wants Holmes. Holmes quickly tags out to let Benton continue. Cordova arm drags Benton several times to maintain control of the contest. Benton forearms Cordova, but Cordova avoids a leapfrog and decks Benton to the corner. Holmes is tagged in again and doesn’t look all that excited about it. Holmes tags back out to Benton, who is a little frustrated by this. Reign takes Benton down with an arm breaker for a two count. Reign kicks Benton several times, but Benton gets the advantage and tags in Holmes. Holmes quickly rolls around with Reign and it looks sloppy. Benton holds Holmes boot to avoid a tag for Reign and Holmes big boots Reign to keep control. Holmes delivers a double knee strike and Benton almost wins with a rollup.

Benton uppercuts Reign and bites his forehead in the corner. Holmes returns to the match hammering away on Reign followed by a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Benton returns to the match and dropkicks Reign for a near fall. Benton knocks Cordova off the apron and stomps on Reign allowing Holmes to enter and deliver a few overhand strikes. Holmes uppercuts Reign in the corner and they end up colliding heads. Cordova plants Benton with a modified Burning Hammer for a two count as Benton reached the ropes. Holmes begs off in the corner allowing Benton to distract Cordova. All four men are brawling with Reign and Holmes going to the floor. Holmes sends Reign into the ring steps. Cordova takes Holmes and Benton out with a dive over the top to the outside. Both teams brawl on the floor leading to a double count-out. (**. The match clearly sets up for another match and I’m intrigued to see what they do there as I thought the action here was solid throughout. Heading into this I wasn’t familiar with High Society or Cordova and I thought all three men looked good and Reign was fine as per usual. Holmes plays the old school heel rather well and Benton seems to have a lot of potential.)

Fourth Contest: AAW Heritage Champion Danny Daniels vs. Silas Young: Daniels keeps arm control on Young to start the match with Young kipping up and cartwheels free to put a headlock on Daniels. Daniels runs the ropes and is met with a hip toss, but kicks Young away and delivers a forearm. Young sends Daniels through the ropes to the floor. Daniels backs Young into the corner and delivers a forearm strike. Young fights back with chops but a knee lift stops him. Young fires back with more chops and elbows Daniels in the corner. Daniels knocks Young off the middle rope to the floor. Daniels chops the ring post as Young ducked and slams Daniels arm over the railing and ring steps. Young also bites Daniels hand. Daniels stops Young with a swinging neckbreaker over the middle rope as Young was returning to the ring. Daniels slingshots Young throat first into the bottom rope. Daniels continues to choke Young over the bottom rope. Daniels decks Young with a clothesline after flipping Young to counter a boot managing a two count. Daniels sends Young shoulder first into the ring post leading to a near fall.

Daniels hits a release vertical suplex for a two count. Daniels maintains control of the contest with a sleeper hold. Young gets to his feet and rams Daniels back first into the corner a few times. Young staggers Daniels with a kick to the back of his head. Young hammers away on Daniels, but Daniels tries for a suplex. Young drops Daniels with a dropkick and clothesline. Young nearly wins with a springboard crossbody. Daniels kicks Young away in the corner and goes to the apron. Daniels shoulder rams Young and tries for a sunset flip, but Young counters with a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Young has Daniels on the middle rope, but Daniels hits an atomic drop and tosses Young into the corner with a suplex. Young hits a rolling fireman’s carry and hits a slingshot moonsault leading to a near fall as Daniels reached the ropes. Young counters a backslide and rams Daniels into the corner. Young decks Daniels from the apron, but Jason Dukes trips Young on the apron and rams Young on the apron a few times. Daniels was distracting the referee and spikes Young with a piledriver to win the match. (**1/2. A solid match with Young displaying some fun moves and counters to Daniels. Daniels may have won the match, but Young was made to look good here and likely a huge factor in AAW’s future just based on his presentation.)

Dan Lawrence is attacked by Trik Davis as Lawrence was coming out to confront Daniels. Silas Young was still laid out in the ring. The match is happening now…

Fifth Contest: Trik Davis vs. Dan Lawrence: Davis works over Lawrence in the corner with stomps and right hands. Davis misses a clothesline and Lawrence atomic drops Davis a couple of times. Davis bails to the floor to regroup. Davis tries for a crossbody to the floor, but lands on Lawrence’s knee. Lawrence takes Davis out with a suicide dive. Lawrence splashes Davis in the corner and delivers a few boot washes in the corner. Lawrence gets held by Prazak and Davis dropkicks Lawrence on the knee for the cheap advantage. Lawrence almost wins with a rollup, but Davis chop blocks the leg and keeps Lawrence on the mat with a leg lock. Davis keeps Lawrence’s legs spread on the mat but doesn’t get a submission. Davis keeps working over Lawrence’s knee. Davis hooks Lawrence’s leg under the middle rope and delivers a few more shots in the corner. Lawrence battles back with a back suplex for a near fall. Lawrence is shoved into the corner and Davis misses a boot. Lawrence drops Davis with a kick to the head. Prazak gets on the apron and tosses a chair into the ring. Davis tries to use the chair but almost hits Prazak. Lawrence dropkicks Davis into the chair, which knocks Prazak off the apron. Lawrence drops Davis onto the steel chair and the referee calls for the bell giving the match to Davis by disqualification. (*1/2. I was kind of bored by this as Davis didn’t really do much of anything to hold my interest. The finish was fine as it puts more heat on Davis and Prazak while advancing the issues in the process, too.)

Sixth Contest: AAW Tag Team Champions Machine & Safari Stu vs. Bryce Benjamin & Jason Dukes: Machine and Benjamin start off with Machine using his size to knock Benjamin down to the mat until Benjamin tags out to Dukes. Dukes runs into Machine and staggers after they collide. Benjamin and Stu do the same spot and they both drop to the mat. Stu gets arm control on Benjamin for the early advantage and switches to a headlock. Benjamin elbows free and runs the ropes only to be met with a dropkick. Stu clotheslines Dukes to the floor while Benjamin bailed to the floor to regroup. Stu takes Benjamin over with a suplex and Machine enters to keep control with strikes on Benjamin. Machine drives Benjamin down with a shoulder breaker and punches Dukes off the apron. Stu hits an axe handle off the middle rope leading to a near fall. Stu knocks Dukes off again and drives Benjamin down with a face buster. Stu grabs Lucas, but Lucas pulls Stu to the floor with help from Dukes. Benjamin holds Stu for Dukes to hit a clothesline off the apron. Dukes returned to the match and hits a over the shoulder gut buster.

Dukes uppercuts Stu a few times followed by right hands and a clothesline for a two count. Stu is double teamed with stomps. Benjamin slams Stu leading to a leg drop for a two count. Benjamin slams Stu and tags in Dukes. Dukes hits a Rocket Launcher splash off the top for a two count. Machine gets tagged in and cleans house with clotheslines to Dukes as Benjamin leaves the ring. Machine slams Dukes and Benjamin attacks from behind. Machine plants both men with a spinebuster for a two count. Machine goes to the middle rope and Stu launches Machine onto Dukes, but Benjamin pulls the referee out to break the cover. Lucas tosses powder into Stu’s face and Dukes connects with a clothesline. Silas Young comes out and plants Dukes with a DDT and helps Stu hit a leg drop leading to a three count. (*1/2. I’m fairly certain these guys are just locals or students and the put forth a decent effort, but it wasn’t all that interesting to me. I know that Benjamin goes on to have some success in better tag teams for AAW while the other guys seemingly have short runs in AAW.)

Backstage, Zack Gowen cuts a promo putting over the Michigan Invasion. Gowen insults Marek Brave and Tyler Black. Mattson puts over Gowen who pinned Big Show and doesn’t know who Brave and Black think they are. Martini says that Brave and Black are just a stepping stone and they are coming for the tag titles. Gowen proceeds to drop the n-word similar to Booker T did at Spring Stampede 1997.

Seventh Contest: JJ Drake vs. Chase Richards: They trade right hands to start the match. Richards starts choking Drake on the mat and they roll to the floor. Richards elbows Drake to the mat and continues to choke Drake. Drake hits a swinging neckbreaker on Richards. Drake drives Richards down with a vertical suplex and dumps Richards to the floor. Drake distracts the referee to allow Richards to be beaten up by Drake’s friends. Richards drops Drake on his head with a German suplex. They trade strikes from their knees with Richards getting the better of them. Richards sends Maddox over the top while the referee was distracted. Drake collides with Zero on the apron and Richards wins with a rollup. (DUD. The definition of a students match.)

Backstage, Mike Venom is interviewed, well, Eric Priest enters the scene to remind Venom that he’s the number one contender. Priest says that Venom isn’t worried and he’s going to prove it tonight. Venom is cutoff again by Priest. Priest wants Venom to be confident that he’s there for him. Priest is excited for a teacher versus student match. Priest assures the interviewer that Venom will retain the title tonight and he’s not concerned with the future challengers. Every single interview gets cutoff by someone and I find it bizarre.

Eighth Contest: Marek Brave & Tyler Black vs. Michigan Invasion (N8 Mattson & Truth Martini): Brave and Martini start the match with Brave backing Martini into the corner and backs away after Martini complains of a hair pull. Martini tries for a cheap shot, but Brave ducks and delivers a few shots. Brave tosses Martini over the top to the floor and the same happens to Mattson. Mattson legally enters the match and Black is tagged in as well. Martini decks Black from behind allowing for Mattson to get the advantage. Black clotheslines Mattson and dropkicks Martini to the floor. Brave rams them into each other on the floor and rolls Mattson into the ring. Black slams Mattson and Brave hits a leg drop after a drop to hold by Black for a two count. Brave forearms Mattson several times and Black returns to the match hitting a double vertical suplex for a two count. Brave goes to the top as Black slams Mattson and Brave hits a leg drop for a two count. Mattson comes off the ropes and is backdropped to the mat. Black heels kicks Mattson and Brave gets a two count. Gowen pulls the ropes down and Brave lands on his feet. Mattson baseball slides Brave to save Gowen from an attack.

Martini returns to the match and hip tosses Brave for a two count as Black broke the cover. Martini delivers a few headbutts to drop Brave. Martini continues with a knee drop. Gowen punches Brave from the floor. Mattson works over Brave with right hands in the corner but runs into a knee. Brave misses a somersault off the middle rope and crashes to the mat. Martini nails Brave with a running knee in the corner followed by a back strike and delivers another strike to the chest on the mat for a two count. Martini atomic drops Brave and comes off the ropes to deliver a clothesline for a near fall. Mattson returns to the match and taunts Brave with kicks to the head. Matton uppercuts Brave against the ropes and misses a clothesline. Brave drops Mattson with a dropkick. Brave tags in Black as Martini gets tagged in. Black atomic drops Martini and backdrops Mattson. Black takes Mattson over with a hurricanrana and rams Martini into the corner face first several times. Mattson decks Black from behind with right hands. Black forearms Mattson followed by a running boot and a northern lights suplex for a two count.

Brave hammers away on Martini, but Martini drops Brave with a palm strike. Mattson stops Black with a strike to the back and Black clotheslines Mattson over the top to the floor. Black tries for a slingshot crossbody, but Mattson hits Black with the ring bell on the outside. Brave hammers away on Martini in the corner. Mattson has Gowen’s cane and whacks Brave in the midsection to cause a disqualification. After the match, Martini Curb Stomps Brave while Black is still laid out on the floor. Martini tosses the referee to the floor. Brave is dropped chest first over a chair in the middle of the ring. Machine and Stu run into the ring and send the Michigan Invasion bailing to the floor. (**1/2. It was a fine tag match and I would assume is going to setup something bigger down the line. I’m surprised that neither one of these teams are the tag champs since they are far better than the actual champions in the company. I’m interested in a rematch with a stipulation down the line.)

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs thinks that the dog collar is ridiculous. Jacobs says that AAW and Jerry Lynn think he has something to prove. Jacobs is a professional wrestler and not an animal. Jacobs will wrestle the match if that’s what he has to do.

Ninth Contest: AAW Heavyweight Champion Mike Venom vs. Robert Anthony: Venom shoulder blocks Anthony sending the challenger to the floor. Anthony boots Venom in the midsection and tries for a crossbody, but Venom hits a fallaway slam and clotheslines Anthony over the top to the floor. Venom follows to the floor and rams Anthony face first onto the apron. Venom misses a clothesline on the floor and hits the ring post shoulder first. Anthony beats on Venom and hits a somersault dive over the top to take Venom out on the floor. Anthony sends Venom into the post and over the guard railing arm first. Anthony slams Venom’s arm onto the ring steps before returning to the ring. Anthony kicks Venom several times and locks in an arm bar. Venom hits Anthony over the back, but Anthony delivers a dropkick and leg drops the arm. Anthony comes off the middle rope to leg drop Venom’s arm for another two count. Anthony wraps Venom’s arm around the ropes. Venom hammers away on Anthony but Anthony delivers an arm breaker to stop the champion. Anthony goes for an arm bar, but Venom rolls to the ropes to break the hold. Anthony chops Venom in the corner a few times. Anthony delivers a double knee breaker to Venom’s arm. Venom decks Anthony with a few clotheslines and a spinebuster for a two count.

Venom signals for the end as Anthony struggles to his feet. Venom tries for a swinging slam, but his arm gives out. Anthony connects with an arm breaker for a two count and tries for another arm bar. Venom reaches the ropes to break the hold. Anthony heads to the top, but Chandler McClure comes out and crotches Anthony on the top rope. Venom tosses Anthony with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Venom has the cover and wins the match. (**1/4. I was enjoying the action and thought they were meshing rather well together. They only went eight minutes and I’m not sure if this finish does Venom a lot of favors. They have clearly setup two other feuds, which is great storytelling, but Venom probably would have benefited from a better finish over Anthony.)

A video package highlighting November 5th, 2005 is aired. Allison Danger notes it’s the debut of Shimmer Wrestling. They held their show at the same venue that AAW runs. Danger says they proved that women’s wrestling belonged in the United States. Lacey notes that she was robbed against Daizee Haze where she was robbed. Lacey mentions that her and Rain are issuing an open challenge. The video continues with footage from the first taping.

Main Event: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jerry Lynn in a dog collar match: Jacobs attacks Lynn from behind with the chain before the bell sounds. Jacobs digs the chain into Lynn’s forehead and delivers a few stomps in the corner. Jacobs chokes Lynn with the chain in the middle of the ring. Lynn fights his way out of the hold with a right hand, but Jacobs continues to beat on Lynn with strikes. Jacobs delivers a right hand with a chain. Jacobs tosses Lynn over the top and chokes Lynn with the chain. Jacobs boots Lynn to the floor and follows to the floor. Jacobs sends Lynn over the railing into the crowd. Jacobs rams Lynn face first into the guard railing a couple of times. Jacobs gets yanked off the middle rope and lands chest first over the guard railing. Lynn sends Jacobs over the railing into the crowd and Lynn drags Jacobs chest first into the guard railing. Lynn yanks Jacobs over the railing to the ringside area. Lynn rams Jacobs face first onto the timekeepers table. Lynn rams Jacobs face first into the railing and sends Jacobs face first into the ring post. Lynn pulls the chain and sends Jacobs into the post face first again. Jacobs has been busted wide open. Lynn punches Jacobs with the chain and gets a two count. Lynn places Jacobs in a tree of woe in the corner. Lynn wraps the chain around his hand and decks Jacobs in the corner.

Lynn eye rakes Jacobs in the middle of the ring and continues with right hands. Lynn wipes Jimmy’s blood over his body and rams Jacobs face first into the corner. Lynn places the chain on the top turnbuckle and rams Jacobs face first onto it for a near fall. Lynn chokes Jacobs with the chain as Jacobs continues to bleed. Lynn wraps the chain around Jacobs forehead. Lynn tosses Jacobs over the top to the apron. Lynn is sent throat first into the top rope by Jacobs pulling down on the chain. Jacobs heads to the top and clotheslines Lynn with the chain for a two count. Jacobs whips Lynn with the chain to the midsection. Jacobs whips Lynn again with the chain. Lynn kicks out on a cocky cover attempt. Jacobs drives Lynn down with a neckbreaker with the chain around Lynn’s throat for a two count. Jacobs delivers an elbow drop with the chain wrapped around his elbow. Jacobs delivers another one and gets a two count. Jacobs slams the back of Lynn’s head onto the chain and goes to the middle rope missing an elbow drop and lands on the chain!

Lynn yanks the chain to drop Jacobs to the mat a few times followed by a clothesline. Lynn whips Jacobs with the chain several times. Lynn DDTs Jacobs onto the chain leading to a near fall. Jacobs low blows Lynn with the chain and tries for a tombstone, but lets go and sits down on Lynn using the ropes for leverage to win the match. After the match, Lynn drops Jacobs with a cradle piledriver onto the chain. (**. A bit of an underwhelming main event as dog collar matches tend to be difficult to deliver high quality matches, in my opinion. The action was fine, but I didn’t find it overly exciting or interesting. They relied on the chain quite a bit and restricted their overall performance.)

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs is in the bathroom cleaning his wound and said he prevailed tonight. Jacobs has clawed his way over the past seven years. He gave Lynn a reminder on how to be a bitch or whore in professional wrestling. Jacobs doesn’t have an attitude problem, but rather he’s mad that Lynn won’t step out of the way. Jimmy took Lynn’s spot and says that this is the show in 2006 holding up the chain.

Final Thoughts:
There’s a few entertaining matches, but there’s nothing on the show that reaches the level of must-see or recommended viewing. I can’t say this is a good show, but it was a fine way to start off 2006 with introductions to angles and feuds moving forward.

Thanks for reading.

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