UWF-TNA 2/10/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

United Wrestling Federation/Total Non-Stop Action
Date: 2/10/2006
From: Harrisonburg, VA

Opening Contest: Todd Stone vs. Short Sleeve Sampson in a little person TLC match: Hermie Sadler is in the middle of the two guys brawling. Sadler gets shoved down and they roll onto Sadler. Sadler holds them apart by their heads. Sadler books the match as they were not originally booked. People bring out children toys to serve as weapons. Sampson takes Stone out with a suicide dive to the floor to start the match. Stone nails Sampson with the toy table a couple of times. Stone misses a shot with a whiffle bat and hits his face two times. Sampson hits the Worm on Stone for the three count. (NR. Well, clearly this was used as a comedy match and went less than three minutes. The fans seemed to enjoy it. Sampson is a good worker and I hope he’s not seen as a joke.)

Second Contest: Shannon Moore vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Cassidy Riley vs. Jerry Lynn: Dutt and Lynn start the match with Dutt arm dragging Lynn and taunting the fans. Lynn comes back with an arm drag to send Dutt to the floor. Dutt boots Lynn in the midsection before they standoff. Lynn stops Dutt with a tilt a whirl backbreaker to send Dutt rolling to the floor. Riley enters and shoulder blocks Lynn, but Lynn delivers a scoop slam. They miss elbow drops and trade arm drags leading to a standoff. Moore tags in as Riley ran the ropes and kicks Lynn as Lynn had a rollup on Riley. Moore taunts the fans as he’s beating on Lynn. Moore hammers away on Lynn against the ropes. Dutt chokes Lynn over the middle rope. Lynn head scissors Moore and continues with an arm drag. Lynn keeps Moore on the mat with an arm bar. Moore collides with Dutt and Lynn takes Moore down with a snapmare. Lynn hip tosses both Dutt and Moore. Lynn hip tosses Riley and the referee because he’s on a roll. Moore works over Riley with several strikes to get the advantage. Riley arm drags Moore followed by a sit out slam for a two count.

Moore counters a head scissors in the corner and low blows Riley. Dutt tags in and stomps Riley. Dutt comes off the ropes to deliver an elbow drop and a knee drop. Riley is double teamed by Moore and Dutt, but they can’t agree on who gets the cover. Moore takes Riley over with a snap suplex and locks in a sleeper. Riley hammers away on Moore, but a knee lift stops him. Moore tries for a middle rope crossbody and lands on Riley’s knee. Lynn gets tagged in and clotheslines Moore a few times. Moore dumps Lynn to the apron, but Lynn leg drops Moore over the middle rope. Dutt gets clotheslined by Riley. Riley slams Dutt and heads to the top rope. Moore stops Riley on the top rope with a right hand. Riley shoves Moore off and hits a frog splash. Dutt misses a shining wizard, but hits a standing shooting star press. Lynn spikes Dutt with a cradle piledriver. Moore boots Lynn in the corner and gets a sunset flip with the ropes for leverage to win the match. (**. This was pretty much by the books and they didn’t veer far from the norm. I was hopeful that Lynn would prevail, but it would appear that Moore is getting some focus in the company. Moore was probably the least entertaining worker in the match for me.) After the match, Moore gets the microphone and talks to Hermie Sadler. Moore notes that Sadler finishes last in every race. Moore can’t wait to end up in the ring with Sadler.

Hermie Sadler remains in the ring to interview Maven. They are in Maven’s hometown. Maven thought it was a no brainer to be on the show. Maven notes he’s been all over the world and lists places he has wrestled. Maven considers this to be the lowest part of his life. Maven doesn’t want to entertain the people and wrestle in front of them. Maven tells Sadler that he’s meeting the real Maven tonight. Maven complains about signing autographs for fans. Maven says he’s going to sell everything that he has in the area after his match to rid himself of the area.

Third Contest: NWA-TNA Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted vs. The James Gang in a non-title match: Harris tags in Storm and walks up the aisle to avoid BG in the opening moments of the contest. Storm takes BG down to the mat and slaps him. BG comes back with a slap and shoulder blocks Storm. They do drop downs leading to Storm falling out of the ring to the floor. Kip and Harris enter the match and Kip kicks Harris as he’s doing pushups. Harris beats on Kip against the ropes bur is met with a dropkick to the knee. Kip hip tosses Harris leading to a near fall. Storm decks Kip in the corner and delivers a few strikes. Kip kicks Storm in the corner and puts Storm in a tree of woe. Harris is rammed into Storm’s face and Storm lands into a 69 position to embarrass the champions. Storm hammers away on BG in the corner and continues with a clothesline. BG is met with a double back elbow and choked over the middle rope by Storm. Harris chokes BG with tape from his wrist.

Harris clotheslines BG with the tape to keep BG on the mat. BG tries to fight back, but Harris stops BG with an eye rake in the corner followed by strikes. BG boots Harris in the corner and is met with a clothesline for a two count. Harris has an abdominal stretch in BG and gets help from Storm for an illegal advantage. BG ducks a double clothesline and knocks AMW down with a clothesline of his own. Kip is waiting for the hot tag on the apron. Kip gets tagged in and cleans house with strikes. Kip hits a splash in opposite corners and hits the Fame-Asser on Harris for a two count as Storm broke the cover. BG and Storm brawl on the floor while Harris chokes Kip in the corner. Kip tries for a cobra clutch slam, but Storm enters to smash Kip over the head with a beer bottle and Harris pins Kip. (*1/2. Action wise this was a little boring. However, it went a suitable amount of time and the crowd reacted to the finish, which was done well. The comedy of embarrassing the heels kept this from being a more serious match, but that’s to be expected in a non-TNA event.)

Fourth Contest: David Young & Elix Skipper vs. Ron Killings & Spike Dudley: Skipper bails to the floor to avoid Spike early on. Skipper forearms Dudley in the midsection to get the advantage. Spike takes Skipper over with a hip toss, but Skipper bridges out and surprises Spike. Skipper decks Killings off the apron and bails to the floor not realizing Killings is there and is met with a right hand. Spike works over Skipper with right hands to maintain control of the match. Young gets tagged into the match as Skipper recovers on the floor. Young tosses Spike across the ring and Killings tags into the match. Skipper holds Killings against the ropes and Young accidentally hits Skipper with a right hand. They do the same spot, but this time Young doesn’t hit Skipper. Killings hip toss Young and keeps arm control. Spike tags in and hits a double axe handle off the top. Young sends Spike into the corner and delivers a few strikes. Young misses a splash, but Skipper clotheslines Spike from the apron.

Skipper hits a gut wrench slam on Spike for a two count. Skipper kicks Spike over the back and taunts Killings. Skipper tries for a cover, but Dudley is in the ropes. Spike is lifted into the air and dropped to the canvas gut first. Skipper sends Spike into the ring steps shoulder first. Spike fights back on Young with right hands. Skipper returns to the match and takes Spike down to allow Young to hit a sliding dropkick. Skipper takes Spike down into a submission hold, but Spike isn’t going to give in. Young comes off the ropes to elbow drop Spike and locks in a chin lock. Skipper dropkicks Dudley while the referee is distracted. Young forearms Spike into the ropes and tags in Skipper. Young has Spike over the shoulder leading to Skipper hitting a top rope elbow strike for a two count. Dudley continues to be double teamed in the corner. Skipper hits a belly to belly suplex and tags in Young. Dudley gets out of a chin lock, but Young yanks Dudley to the mat by his hair. Young sits Dudley on the top turnbuckle to deliver a few strikes. Young hooks Dudley for a suplex, but Dudley holds onto the ropes. Spike bites Young and shoves Young to the mat. Spike hits a double stomp off the top rope.

Skipper tags in and Killings enters as well. Killings cleans house with strikes and a forearm strike on Young. Skipper decks Killings with a forearm and misses a clothesline. Killings hits a spin kick and nearly wins the match. Dudley head scissors Young and tries for the Acid Drop, but Young sends Dudley to the floor. Young and Skipper hit a double front slam on Killings for the win! (**. That was a complete shock to me. I was fully expecting for Killings and Dudley to prevail here, but I’m glad that the actual tag team was able to prevail. This is a big win for Young and Skipper to get a pin on Killings.)

Fifth Contest: Abyss vs. Sabu in a casket match: Abyss works over Sabu with several strikes and stomps. Sabu tries to clothesline Abyss, but only staggers him. Sabu dropkicks Abyss on the leg and delivers a leg drop. Abyss stomps on a chair to stop Sabu from using the weapon. Abyss hammers away on Sabu in the corner. Abyss wedges a chair in the corner and Sabu fights back with right hands. Abyss low blows Sabu before sending Sabu head first into the steel chair in the corner. Sabu rolls into the casket, but is able to get out of the casket. Abyss hammers away on Sabu in the corner with several strikes. Sabu avoids a splash to hit a springboard tornado DDT. Sabu rolls Abyss towards the casket, but Abyss holds onto the ropes. Sabu stomps on Abyss but is holding his hand in pain. Abyss knee lifts Sabu and grabs a steel chair. Abyss goes for a chokeslam, but Sabu elbows free from the hold. Sabu leaps off the chair and clotheslines Abyss over the top to the floor.

Sabu sends Abyss into the guard railing a few times. Sabu sends Abyss into the casket gut first. Sabu hits a triple jump dive over the casket on the floor. Sabu grabs a trash can and tosses it into the ring. Sabu also grabs a table from under the ring. Sabu tosses the table into the ring and continues to work over Abyss with strikes. Abyss has a trash can and whacks Sabu over the head. Abyss lays the trash can over Sabu and hits a big splash. Abyss rolls Sabu into the casket, but can’t close it. Sabu whacks Abyss with the trash can followed by right hands. Abyss big boots Sabu coming off the ropes. Abyss sets a table up in the corner. Abyss puts a chair over Sabu and tries for a splash, but Sabu low blows Abyss with the chair. Sabu smashes Abyss with the chair. Sabu slips a springboard moonsault and crashes to the mat back first. Sabu plants Abyss with a DDT and sets a table up. Sabu smashes Abyss with a chair and locks in a camel clutch.

Abyss drives Sabu back first into the corner and signals for a chokeslam. Sabu staggers out of the corner and low blows Abyss. Sabu goes to the top rope with a chair and hits an Arabian face buster through the table. Sabu rolls Abyss into the casket and wins the match. (*1/2. A typical match between these two and sadly Sabu wasn’t on his game for this one.)

Main Event: Team 3D vs. NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett & Maven: D-Von and Maven start off the main event. Maven decides to stall by taunting the fans and dragging the start of the match out a little bit. Maven taunts D-Von and plays to the crowd. Maven takes D-Von over with an arm drag and taunts the fans by posing. D-Von shoulder blocks Maven into the ropes and shows off his muscles. D-Von drop toe holds Maven and is met with an elbow strike. D-Von hammers away on Jarrett followed by a shoulder block and scoop slam. D-Von comes off the ropes to hit a leg drop for a two count. Bubba tags in and Jarrett retreats to the corner to regroup. Bubba and Jarrett play to the crowd with Bubba getting the positive reaction. Jarrett arm drags Bubba and begins to do a strut and taunts the fans. Jarrett arm drags Bubba once again and taunts the fans by sitting over the top rope. Jarrett gets on a microphone and demands some competition. Jarrett gets a headlock on Bubba but Bubba press slams Jarrett. Bubba does a strut to taunt Jarrett. Jarrett wants a test of strength and Bubba makes Jarrett look like a fool. Bubba ducks a clothesline to hit a neckbreaker.

Maven enters and beats on Bubba to help out Jarrett. Bubba clotheslines both Maven and Jarrett. D-Von enters to work over Maven. Jarrett knee lifts D-Von from the apron allowing Maven to hit a clothesline. Maven chokes D-Von over the bottom rope to maintain control of the contest. Maven takes D-Von down with a standing dropkick. D-Von fights out of the corner with a few chops. Maven prevents D-Von from tagging out and Jarrett stomps on D-Von. Jarrett jumps onto D-Von over the middle rope. Jarrett sends D-Von into the ropes, but D-Von gets a sunset flip. Maven is distracting the referee once again. Maven enters to deliver a knee drop. Maven elbow strikes D-Von and locks in a sleeper. Maven gets an inside cradle on D-Von for a two count. Jarrett enters and locks in a sleeper hold. Jarrett keeps control on D-Von with a sleeper hold. D-Von’s arm drops two times, but on the third time D-Von wakes up. D-Von beats on Jarrett with right hands and Maven enters to stop D-Von with a strike. Maven misses a splash and D-Von clotheslines Jarrett!

Bubba gets the hot tag and cleans house on Jarrett and Maven with clotheslines. Bubba hip tosses Jarrett and backdrops Maven. Bubba scoop slams Jarrett followed by a side slam on Maven. Jarrett is distracting the referee and holds Bubba but is nailed by Maven. Bubba nearly pins Maven with a rollup. Bubba plants Maven with a DDT for a two count. Jarrett works over Bubba with strikes in the corner. D-Von and Maven brawl on the floor. Jarrett is sent into the referee in the corner. Bubba jabs Jarrett followed by an elbow strike. Team 3D hit the What’s Up on Jarrett. Maven staggers into a side slam/leg drop combo. Eric Young slides into the ring and low blows Bubba. Jarrett tosses the NWA Championship to Maven. Maven misses a shot with the title. Bubba decks Jarrett and Maven hits Bubba on the second try to get the three count. After the match, Rhino and Spike Dudley make the save for Team 3D. Rhino takes Jarrett over with a belly to belly suplex. Rhino GORES Jarrett! Spike hits the Acid Drop on Maven. Maven staggers to his feet to get clotheslined by D-Von. Bubba calls for a table. Bubba powerbombs Maven off the middle rope through the table. (**. Well, the logic they used earlier in the show about veteran tag teams defeating singles wrestlers was thrown out the window here. The action was okay and they played it by the book for the most part. The aftermath was enjoyable. I was surprised the faces didn’t go over.)

Final Thoughts:
A night full of average matches and some odd booking decisions. It felt heavy on the heel side winning the matches. Maven performed really well and it confuses me that he wasn’t given a chance in TNA at any point. There’s nothing here to checkout, but if you’re a diehard TNA fan then I guess you’d appreciate the atmosphere.

Thanks for reading.

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