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WCW Worldwide 10/24/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
Date: 10/24/1992
From: Dothan, AL

1.) Johnny Gunn defeated Diamond Dallas Page
2.) Scotty Flamingo defeated Larry Zbyszko
3.) Van Hammer defeated Fred Avery
4.) Brad Armstrong defeated Vinnie Vegas by reverse decision
5.) Tony Atlas defeated Scott Allen
6.) Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas defeated Steve Austin & Brian Pillman by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Paul E. Dangerously opens the show and says he’s been on vacation looking for the next member of the Dangerous Alliance.

2.) Zbyszko takes Flamingo over with a fireman’s carry to start the match. Flamingo works over the left arm of Zbyszko until a right hand stops that. Flamingo shared some pre-tape comments focusing on Johnny B. Badd saying that he’s the prettiest man in WCW. Flamingo thinks there’s no man he can’t pin and there’s not a woman he can’t have. Zbyszko runs into a powerslam by Flamingo. Flamingo shoulder blocks Zbyszko and misses a crossbody flying through the ropes to the floor. Zbyszko punches Flamingo off the apron. Flamingo drops Zbyszko’s arm over the top rope and hit a top rope axe handle. Flamingo works over the left arm until a kick to the gut stops that. Flamingo blocks a brainbuster and pins Zbyszko with an inside cradle! (*1/2. I was not expecting that outcome at all. This is a major upset and a huge win for Flamingo. My jaw hit the table when the pin happened. A complete shock.)

3.) Armstrong uses his speed to avoid Vegas to start the match. Vegas misses another attack attempt in the corner. Vegas knee lifts Armstrong and continues with overhand strikes. Armstrong dropkicks Vegas to stagger the big man. Vegas forearms Armstrong and misses a clothesline. Vegas catches Armstrong on a crossbody attempt to hit a backbreaker. Vegas continues with a side slam for a near fall. Vegas keeps Armstrong on the mat with a chin lock. Armstrong elbows free of the hold, but is yanked down to the mat. Vegas misses a splash in the corner and Armstrong delivers several strikes in the corner. Armstrong hits a springboard back elbow and goes to the top rope looking for a crossbody and hits it for a two count. Armstrong grabs DDP and is met with a knee strike from behind. Vegas gets a rollup on Armstrong to win the match. After the match, Armstrong is double teamed until Van Hammer runs into the ring and cleans house. The referee has reversed the decision to give Armstrong the match. (1/2*. Well, the finish was stupid. At least Armstrong didn’t originally pin Vegas. That kind of loss would have really hurt Vegas.)

4.) Steamboat and Douglas send Pillman and Austin to the floor. Douglas and Austin start the match with Douglas getting a two count. Austin rams Douglas into the corner, but Douglas fights off both Austin and Pillman. Steamboat enters to chop Austin. Pillman sends Douglas into the corner chest first. The footage is going dark as Douglas dropkicks Pillman to the floor. Pillman gets control with strikes and Austin tags in to keep control with strikes. Douglas fights back with right hands and tries for a crucifix and almost wins the match. Steamboat takes Austin down to the mat with a headlock. Austin shoulder rams Steamboat against the ropes. Austin yanks Steamboat down to the mat by his hair. Pillman returns to the match and chops Steamboat a few times. Pillman drives Steamboat into the corner face first. Steamboat gets a backslide on Pillman for a two count. Pillman drives Steamboat face first onto the canvas. Douglas tries to get involved, but Austin works over Steamboat on the floor. Pillman forearms Steamboat followed by a chop. Steamboat fights back with a few chops and strikes in the corner. Pillman takes Steamboat down and tags in Austin. Austin works over Steamboat with strikes in the corner. Steamboat fights back with chops and a kick to send Austin backwards. Pillman stops Steamboat with a kick and a scoop slam. Pillman comes off the ropes to deliver an elbow drop. Pillman slams Steamboat and misses a splash as Steamboat got his knees up. Austin and Douglas get tagged in with Douglas hammering away on Austin and Pillman. Douglas slams Austin and Pillman. Austin and Pillman are sent into each other. Steamboat enters and all four men are going at it. We will find out what happened next week… (NR. The match was joined in progress and we still don’t get a result. That’s typical WCW. The energy and action here was much better than recent weeks on Worldwide. I would have liked a proper finish.)

Final Thoughts:
Despite the lack of a finish to the main event, I thought this was a decent episode. There’s a major upset victory for Flamingo and the main event had some solid energy behind it.

Thanks for reading.

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