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ECW Hardcore TV 3/14/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
Date: 3/14/1999
From: Dover, DE

1.) Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten defeated FBI & Danny Doring/Roadkill in an elimination match
2.) FTW Champion Sabu defeated Jerry Lynn
3.) Lance Storm defeated Shane Douglas

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) In case you were wondering where the 3/7/99 edition of Hardcore TV is, I decided against reviewing it because it was a recap/promo show.

2.) The tag match is joined in progress was Doring hit a top rope leg drop on Guido and is able to eliminate the FBI. Doring clotheslines Mahoney after Roadkill picked him up. Mahoney drops Doring with a back suplex. Rotten and Roadkill get tagged in with Rotten cleaning house. Mahoney superkicks Roadkill while Doring gets tossed to the floor. Roadkill gets decked with two chair shots and is pinned.

3.) Taz was on a radio show where the host said that Taz would destroy Sabu. However, Taz says that he’s not sure and suggests the host wrestle Sabu. Taz says that because Sabu gives him a battle every time they fight. It’s the first time they wrestle for the ECW World Championship. They both will be living dangerously and he’s looking forward to having the fight of his life.

4.) Joey Styles announces that Mustafa will be wrestling New Jack at Living Dangerously.

5.) Jerry Lynn says he’s been a patient guy with Global, USWA, WWF and WCW. Now he’s being patient with ECW. He always knew he’d get to the top with his wrestling ability and not by kissing ass. Tonight, Sabu is going to see that he’s not a patient man anymore.

6.) Justin Credible and Lance Storm cut a promo where both of them can’t agree on who is going to be the next hardcore legend. They agree on there being only one Beulah.

7.) New Jack cuts a promo saying that everyone he’s ever tried to help they come after him. Jack let Mustafa be part of the Gangstas, but Mustafa hold Jack out. Jack says he could have given Mustafa money, which is what the Dudley’s did. Jack promises to beat Mustafa up badly at Living Dangerously. Jack is going to try and kill Mustafa, and if he doesn’t, he’ll die trying. Jack claims that Mustafa is a white guy trying to portray a black guy.

8.) Dudley Boys and Mustafa cut a promo with Mustafa counting money, which is a bunch of $100. They just walk off.

9.) Tommy Dreamer says he’s not going to talk about the Beulah situation. Shane Douglas tells the camera that Dreamer said he’s not going to talk, but he will. Douglas says that Justin Credible and Lance Storm are trying to steal the spot instead of being patient like they had done previously. Douglas doesn’t like to be pushed around and tells them to ask Scott Hall, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. Douglas was going to walkaway but they had to get involved. They aren’t going to hand over the reigns without a fight. Douglas recalls the various things that have happened to Francine, but each time she got up. She got up from Credible and Storm’s attack. Douglas says the newest installment of the Triple Threat is the most dangerous. Douglas welcomes them to the extreme. Francine says they’ve made a big mistake.

10.) Bill Alfonso cuts a promo with RVD and Sabu saying they are going to walk out with the belts. RVD says that Lynn doesn’t stand a chance against Sabu. RVD doesn’t even know the name of the belt that Sabu has, which is hilarious. RVD is rather dismissive about Sabu. RVD says if Lynn would win they’d have a title vs. title match, but RVD would regain the title. RVD hopes that Sabu wins the match.

11.) So, prior to the Sabu/Lynn match they decided to show highlights from Sabu/Sandman from last years PPV. I don’t believe they cut anything from the match for this week.

12.) Lynn gets Sabu on the mat with a cross arm breaker, but Sabu reaches the ropes quickly. Sabu hammers away on Lynn, but Lynn comes back with a few right hands to the injured jaw. Sabu misses a springboard side kick and Lynn hits a flying back elbow for a near fall. Lynn slams Sabu to the mat before going to the top rope. Sabu cuts Lynn off with a few right hands. Sabu takes Lynn over with a top rope hurricanrana, but Lynn rolls through with a rollup for a two count. Sabu tosses Lynn to the floor and baseball slides Lynn into the crowd. Sabu springboards off the top to dive onto Lynn in the crowd! Lynn sends Sabu into the railing, but gets backdropped back to ringside. Sabu leaps off the railing and hits the apron face first. Lynn drops Sabu gut first to the mat. Lynn drives Sabu down with a gut buster. Lynn comes off the middle rope to hit a leg drop for a near fall. Sabu crotches Lynn on the top rope and smashes Lynn with a chair shot. Lynn lays onto a table on the floor. Sabu springboards off a chair, but misses a splash and crashes through the table as Lynn rolled off.

Rob Van Dam runs out to check on Sabu. Alfonso is wrapping a towel around Sabu’s jaw. Lynn decks Sabu with the championship and Sabu is bleeding from the mouth. RVD is telling Sabu to give up the belt, but Lynn dropkicks Sabu into RVD on the apron. Lynn low blows Sabu and springboards off Sabu’s back to put RVD through a table on the floor! Sabu goes for a dive off a chair, but Taz makes his way out. Taz and Sabu trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Taz gets stopped with a low blow. Sabu hits a triple jump moonsault! Alfonso sets a table up in the corner. Sabu puts Taz through the table face first to end the segment. (**1/2. I enjoyed the action between Lynn and Sabu. Lynn having a mean streak was good to see and I could take him seriously. The layer of RVD suggesting to Sabu that he give it up because the title wasn’t worth it was a nice touch, too.)

13.) Ron Zombie does a promo letting us know that we’re watching ECW. He also sang Lance Storm’s theme music.

14.) Tommy Dreamer comes out with a ladder to confront Lance Storm, who issued a challenge. Jason Knight comes up from behind and confronts Dreamer for injuring his neck. Dreamer turns his back to the aisle way and that allows Justin Credible to attack from behind. Credible crotches Dreamer over the railing and delivers a kendo stick shot. Storm baseball slides a chair into Dreamer’s face. Shane Douglas comes out with a chair to runoff Credible and Jason. Storm suggests that Douglas step up and fight him instead. Storm takes credit for kicking Dreamer’s ass. “Beulah” promises to kick Francine’s ass, too.

15.) Douglas clotheslines Storm a few times managing to send Storm over the top to the floor. Storm pulls Douglas to the floor, but Douglas hammers away on Storm a few times. Storm misses a right hand and Douglas rams Storm groin first into the ring post before dropping Storm over the railing. Storm superkicks Douglas after “Beulah” caused a distraction. Storm drives Douglas ribs first into the apron followed by a chop. Storm continues to beat on Douglas with a few kicks and strikes. Douglas punches Storm in the corner, but is met with a boot in the corner. Storm gets a two count after a dropkick. Storm knee lifts Douglas a few times on the mat. Douglas fights back with several strikes. Douglas crotches Storm over the top rope and wiggles the ropes. Douglas continues with chops to drop Storm to the mat. Douglas low blows Storm and soon hits a front slam. Douglas takes Storm over with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Douglas dropkicks Credible to the floor. Francine decks Beulah with a kick off the apron. Credible whacks Douglas with a kendo stick. Storm has an inside cradle and pins Douglas. That all happened with the referee distracted by Francine. After the match, Credible nails Douglas with a kendo stick shot. Credible misses a kendo stick shot on Francine. Douglas is held against the ropes and met with a kendo stick shot over the head. Tommy Dreamer runs into the ring with a steel chair to make the save, but the damage has been done. (**1/2. I’m glad that Storm was able to get the win, even if he needed help from Credible. The heels have a lot of momentum going into the PPV, which makes me think they will not win. Storm and Credible should go over in this angle since Douglas is on the way out and Dreamer is a character that doesn’t need to win to get over. Dreamer gets over in losses.)

Final Thoughts:
A good episode this week for Hardcore TV. We got a few good matches and they properly promoted the major feuds leading into the pay per view.

Thanks for reading.

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