WWF Heat 11/29/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 11/29/1998
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) WWF Lightweight Champion Duane Gill fought Christian to a no contest
2.) D’Lo Brown fought Steve Blackman to a no contest
3.) Godfather & Val Venis defeated The Headbangers
4.) WWF European Champion X-Pac defeated Mark Henry to retain the title
5.) Kane defeated Jeff Jarrett by disqualification
6.) Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman defeated Al Snow & WWF Hardcore Champion Mankind

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This edition of Heat was shown live and wasn’t part of a PPV broadcast.

2.) Christian attacks Gill from behind to get the early advantage with stomps in the corner. Christian continues with chops and a powerslam. Christian hits a standing dropkick, two snap suplexs and a front slam. Christian heads to the top rope but misses a splash. Gill tries to steal a win, but Christian powers out. Blue Meanie enter the ring as Christian hit the Un-Prettier on Gill. That leads to everyone brawling between the Brood and the JOB Squad. The match has been thrown out. Cornette mentions that Blue Meanie wrestles for ECW and isn’t part of the WWF.

3.) Blackman dropkicks Brown into the corner and delivers several strikes. Blackman connects with a clothesline and a scoop slam followed by forearm drops. Brown heel kicks Blackman and taunts the crowd. Brown slams Blackman followed by a leg drop. Brown works over Blackman with a chop in the corner a few times. Blackman fires back with right hands and dropkicks Brown to the floor. Blackman brawls with Brown outside the ring. Blue Blazer shows up from under the ring, but his cape gets caught in the apron and Blackman hammers away on Blazer. Blackman gets counted out. After the match, Blackman chops Blazer in the ring and Blazer bails to the floor. (*. The angle between Blackman and Blazer must continue.)

4.) Vince McMahon is chatting with his stooges telling them to kiss the ass of their guests, but we don’t know who the guests are.

5.) Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviews the Oddities. Luna Vachon says the ICP are scum for joining with the Headbangers recently. Luna issues a challenge to a four vs. four match at Rock Bottom. Kurrgan says that an angry freak isn’t a bad thing.

6.) Headbangers attack Venis and Godfather from behind for the cheap advantage and drive Venis down to the mat with a flapjack. Mosh splashes Venis in the corner and taunts the crowd. The Oddities come down to ringside to distract the Headbangers. Mosh forearms Venis, but runs into a powerslam. Godfather gets tagged in and nails Mosh with a clothesline. Mosh connects with a DDT to drive Godfather down to the mat. Thrasher enters the match and scoop slams Godfather. Godfather has Thrasher and hits the Pimp Drop for the win. (1/2*. Well, that felt really clunky and didn’t flow well at all. The finish felt weird and the crowd didn’t know how to react to it.) After the match, the Oddities briefly brawl with the Headbangers.

7.) Vince McMahon brings in the New Age Outlaws to hangout with his stooges. McMahon wants to talk some business with the Outlaws. McMahon has something important to say and naturally that’s where the scene ends.

8.) Back to Vince McMahon talking to the Outlaws. McMahon appears to be pitching to the Outlaws to join the Corporation. Road Dogg was playing a game on a piece of napkin and Shane McMahon chimes in to say that there is benefits to being with them.

9.) Mark Henry has one thing to say to Chyna, his sweetheart. Henry recites a poem saying that Chyna is a superstar and he can’t wait for tomorrow night.

10.) Henry grabbed a magazine from a fan at ringside and is met with a baseball slide by Pac. Pac chops Henry against the ropes and follows up with a sloppy dropkick. Pac nails Henry with a spinning heel kick. Pac comes off the top, but is caught by Henry and slams Pac to the mat. Henry misses a splash in the corner and Pac delivers a few kicks. Pac hits the bronco buster in the corner. Henry splashes Pac in the corner and gets directions from D’Lo Brown. Pac hits a middle rope X-Factor to win the match. (*. That was a good finish to the match and the progression for Henry’s angle was progressed well.)

11.) Kevin Kelly enters the ring to interview WWF European Champion X-Pac. Pac tells Henry to think about Chyna all he wants, but if Henry gets out of line with Chyna then it will be his last date. Kelly notes that the Outlaws are chatting with Vince McMahon. Pac hopes that they aren’t kissing ass. Outlaws decide to leave the meeting.

12.) Steve Austin was interviewed by Jim Ross in Boston saying that he’s pissed off about being nearly killed by Undertaker. Austin is going to show up on RAW and kick ass.

13.) The Undertaker provided pre-tape comments saying that Steve Austin has tested fate way too many times. Taker says this goes far beyond retribution because he impedes his ministry. Taker says that Monday was the beginning of the end. Austin’s soul will be sacrificed. Paul Bearer chimes in and calls Kane a total idiot. Bearer has the authority to sign papers to lock Kane up forever.

14.) Jeff Jarrett has a pre-tape promo saying that baseball pisses him off. I guess they are really going for the whole “don’t piss me off” type of character.

15.) Debra distracts Kane to allow Jarrett to get a few strikes in. Kane quickly clotheslines Jarrett over the top to the floor. Kane drops Jarrett chest first over the railing. Kane side slams Jarrett and heads to the top rope. Kane hits a leaping clothesline. Jarrett chop blocks Kane’s left knee and plants Kane with a sloppy DDT. Jarrett boots Kane in the corner and heads to the top rope, but Kane catches Jarrett in midair and tries for a chokeslam. Debra gets in the ring and distracts Kane again. Jarrett grabs a guitar and smashes Kane over the head, but Kane doesn’t budge. Jarrett bails from the ring and Kane stalks towards Jarrett to the backstage area. (NR. That kinda went exactly as I envisioned it would.)

16.) Shamrock and Snow brawl in the ring while Bossman brawls with Mankind. Snow drops Shamrock with a spin kick and more right hands. Snow headbutts Shamrock a few times. Shamrock takes Snow over with a hurricanrana and a clothesline. Bossman enters and works over Snow with right hands in the corner. Snow avoids Bossman in the corner and tags in Mankind. Mankind pummels Bossman with right hands to drop Bossman to the mat. Bossman decks Mankind from behind and delivers his sliding right hand on the floor. Bossman splashes Mankind in the corner and tags in Shamrock. Shamrock back elbows Mankind, but is met with a swinging neckbreaker. Snow gets tagged in and stomps away on Shamrock. Snow comes off the ropes but Shamrock hits a belly to belly suplex. Mankind goes after the Rock at the commentary table. Bossman nails Snow with the nightstick and pins Snow to win the match. (1/2*. The match was for sure an afterthought as the main focus was on Rock and Mankind.) After the match, the JOB Squad run into the ring to save Snow and the Brood run into the ring to brawl with the Squad. Mankind and Rock brawl backstage to end the program.

Final Thoughts:
A lackluster episode of Heat this week. The matches felt like the same formula and there wasn’t anything big in terms of development taking place.

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