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WWF Heat 11/22/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 11/22/1998
From: Columbus, OH

1.) Hardy Boys fought Too Much to a no contest
2.) Al Snow fought Gangrel to a no contest
3.) Big Bossman defeated Marc Mero
4.) Jeff Jarrett defeated Kurrgan
5.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock defeated Val Venis by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) WWF World Champion The Rock makes his way down to the ring alongside the Corporation. Vince McMahon says that he resents what everyone is saying in that Steve Austin would have won the title on RAW against the Rock had it not been for the Undertaker. Vince believes that Rock was just warming up and hadn’t even broken a sweat yet. The Rock will defend the WWF World Championship at Rock Bottom next month. Rock will defend the championship against Mankind at the event. McMahon says that there is no chance in hell that Austin will ever be WWF World Champion again. Undertaker gave Vince an idea after using a shovel. Vince announces that Steve Austin will be one of the thirty men involved in the Royal Rumble if he qualifies. Austin has to beat the Undertaker at Rock Bottom in a buried alive match on December 13th. McMahon will announce a new commissioner, who is independent from the Corporation for the fans who think he has too much power.

2.) Michael Cole announces that Steve Austin suffered a blackout following his match in San Jose.

3.) Too Much attack the Hardy Boys before the bell in the corner. Matt backdrops Taylor and Jeff hits a top rope swanton. Christopher nails Jeff with a dropkick and hits a double powerbomb on Jeff. They do a little bit of dancing until the Acolytes, Bradshaw and Faarooq, enter the ring to destroy both teams with powerbombs. Jackal is at commentary and he’s liking the onslaught.

4.) Jack Lanza calls into the show from San Jose and says that Austin passed out. Austin is being seen by a doctor at this point.

5.) Sgt. Slaughter is with Pat Patterson and Briscoe. They have good news for Vince McMahon and enter the locker room. Briscoe tells McMahon that Austin blacked out and want McMahon to be happy. Vince doesn’t come across all that happy about it.

6.) Snow hammers away on Gangrel with right hands. Snow hits a German suplex out of the corner followed by a clothesline. Gangrel hits an overhead belly to belly suplex to get control on Snow. Snow takes Gangrel down to the mat and hits a wheelbarrow suplex. Gangrel counters the Snow Plow to hit a jumping DDT, but Bob Holly pulls Gangrel out of the ring. Holly decks Christian at ringside. Gangrel tries for another DDT, but Snow hits the Snow Plow. Edge hits a missile dropkick from behind. Scorpio dropkicks Edge and the referee throws the match out. (*. I honestly think that Snow and Gangrel could have a good match if given the time to have one. Instead, I’m assuming this will lead to a six man tag match taking place at some point.)

7.) Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviews Animal and Droz regarding the Hawk incident. Droz says that the new Legion of Doom isn’t going to focus on the past. Instead, they are moving forward and show all the teams just how dominate they are. Animal didn’t say a word during the interview and didn’t seem onboard with what Droz was saying.

8.) Bossman works over Mero with a few forearms and hits a splash in the corner. Bossman slides under the bottom rope to throat thrust Mero. Bossman back rakes Mero, but Mero plants Bossman with a quick DDT. Jacqueline trips Mero on accident and Bossman hits the Bossman Slam for the quick win. (NR. That was literally less than thirty seconds and it would appear that Mero is on the way out, folks.) After the match, Mero gets on the microphone and says he brought Jacqueline into the WWF to take care of Sable. However, Sable has taken care of Jacqueline. Mero proceeds to dump Jacqueline.

9.) WWF Hardcore Champion Mankind makes his way down to the ring to cut a promo. Mankind mentions it has been awhile to voice his opinion on situations. Mankind has a leaf blower and says it could have been Vince’s. Mankind doesn’t want Vince to blame him when his lawn turns bad. Mankind is divorcing his family! Mankind will never forgive Vince for making him wear dress shoes. Mankind tosses the shoes into the crowd. Mankind notes his second issue is wondering where Mr. Socko is at. Turns out, Socko is on Mankind’s foot! Mankind is going to shove Socko down McMahon’ throat.

Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon appear at the top of the aisle and wants to explain something to Mankind. Vince says that Mankind is a prime example of shit not being able to be shined. Vince says that love hurts and he has no other options. Vince reveals that Mankind will defend the WWF Hardcore Championship on RAW against Ken Shamrock and Big Bossman.

10.) Jarrett attacks Kurrgan from behind and ducks a big boot. Kurrgan plants Jarrett with a side slam. Jarrett runs into a clothesline and is bet with a swinging side slam. Jarrett attacks Kurrgan while ICP confronts the other Oddities at ringside. Kurrgan big boots Jarrett and clotheslines Jarrett to the floor. Debra gets in the ring to distract Kurrgan. Jarrett smashes a guitar over Kurrgan’s head as the referee was dealing with the Oddities. Jarrett wins the match. (1/4* The rarity where Jarrett did nothing but punches and still wins the match. I knew the guitar was going to be used and was the only way to justify Jarrett winning.) After the match, Sable confronts Debra at ringside but nothing happens between the two.

11.) Backtage, Kevin Kelly interviews Val Venis regarding his match with Shamrock tonight. Venis says this first time is going to be much like another first time. Shamrock is going to be hurt, confused and isn’t going to know what happened to him.

12.) Jack Lanza provides another update on Steve Austin, who is resting at the hospital. Austin has a concussion which is in reference to the shovel incident with Undertaker on RAW last week.

13.) Venis almost wins with a crossbody to start the match. Shamrock connects with a kick to the chest followed by right hands. Shamrock forearms Venis, but runs into a spine buster. Shamrock sends Venis into the corner followed by a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Shamrock kicks Venis, but Venis connects with a powerslam for a two count. Venis knee lifts Shamrock a few times against the ropes followed by a side Russian leg sweep. Veins does his pose over Shamrock before delivering a right hand. Shamrock takes Venis down with a drop toe hold and locks in the ankle lock! Mankind enters the ring with a leaf blower and decks Shamrock with it. Big Bossman enters the ring and beats on Mankind with a nightstick. Shamrock htis Mankind with the leaf blower. That’s how the show ends. (*1/4. For what the match was, it wasn’t too bad. This was mostly just a way to promote the handicap match taking place tomorrow night.)

Final Thoughts:
Every segment served a purpose and they promote what’s going to happen on RAW rather well on Heat. I enjoyed the episode this week.

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