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WWF Heat 11/15/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 11/15/1998
From: St. Louis, MO

1.) Scorpio & Bob Holly defeated Animal & Droz
2.) Val Venis defeated Tiger Ali Singh
3.) Gangrel defeated Steve Blackman

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Heat takes place just one hour before the Survivor Series pay per view.

2.) Animal and Droz attack before the bell with Animal working over Scorpio for a moment. Animal plants Scorpio with a powerslam after countering a leapfrog. Scorpio superkicks Animal followed by a spinning heel kick. Holly tags into the match and Animal scoop slams Holly. Droz misses an elbow drop and Holly connects with an atomic drop and clothesline. Droz clotheslines Holly leading to a two count. All four men are in the ring trading right hands. Scorpio is met with a double clothesline. LOD try for the Doomsday Device and they hit it on Scorpio. Holly knee strikes Animal to the floor. Al Snow nails Droz with Head and that allows Scorpio to pin Droz for the win. (**. I like the JOB Squad team as they work well with two different styles. I’m not sure if this has a big impact compared to the Hardy Boys winning a couple weeks ago over LOD. Regardless, I think it was the right decision.)

3.) Backstage, Steve Austin is being annoyed by Slaughter, Briscoe and Patterson.

4.) Venis misses a running elbow strike in the corner and Singh hammers away on Venis with right hands and stomps in the corner. Venis clotheslines Singh followed by more right hands. Venis gets an abdominal stretch on Singh. Singh low blows Venis to avoid a backslide and continues to deliver strikes. Venis regains control with knee strikes against the ropes followed by a side Russian leg sweep. Venis pummels Singh with more right hands before going to the top rope. Singh crotches Venis to knock Val to the floor. Singh comes off the apron to deliver an axe handle and drops Venis over the railing chest first. Godfather comes out and sends Singh into the post before rolling Singh into the ring. Venis hits the fisherman suplex for the win. (*. I guess it’s the best Singh match that I’ve ever seen. I kinda wish they didn’t use Godfather to seemingly protect Singh, though.)

5.) Bradshaw and Faarooq attack Skull and 8-Ball at ringside. Bradshaw uses a chair while Faarooq is using ring steps. Paul Ellering gets beaten up in the ring as Bradshaw hits a powerbomb with Faarooq helping. Bradshaw and Faarooq are wearing matching gear and appears they are forming a tag team.

6.) Backstage, WWF Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws are interviewed. Road Dogg says they will keep knocking them down. Billy Gunn begins to spray paint the Survivor Series sign, but they are jumped by both the Headbangers and then D’Lo Brown runs in with Mark Henry to lead to a massive brawl in the hallway.

7.) Sable comes out and is interviewed by Kevin Kelly in the ring. Sable guarantees that she will become the new WWF Women’s Champion tonight. Marc Mero makes his way down to the ring to cut into the interview. Mero says he’s here to give Sable a chance. Mero says Sable isn’t a wrestler and Jacqueline is going to hurt her. Jacqueline comes in from behind and decks Sable with the championship from behind.

8.) Backstage, Sable gets checked on with ice on her neck and she’s not feeling so great.

9.) Blackman takes Gangrel down to the mat, but Gangrel fires back with right hands and a shoulder block. Gangrel runs into a savant kick. Blackman delivers a few headbutts and chops. Gangrel decks Blackman with a clothesline for a two count. Gangrel takes Blackman over with a snap suplex for a two count. Gangrel trades strikes with Blackman before getting the advantage with knee strikes. Gangrel drops Blackman over the top rope chest first. Blackman delivers a few strikes but is knocked back down to the mat. Gangrel sends Blackman into the corner back first a couple of times. Blackman boots Gangrel and trades more strikes. Blackman knocks Gangrel down with a forearm and dropkick. Blackman hits a belly to belly suplex on Gangrel. Blackman shoulder blocks Gangrel, but Edge comes off the top to missile dropkick Blackman. Christian was distracting the referee for that to happen. Gangrel plants Blackman with a DDT for the win. Christian hits a diving headbutt for good measure. (*1/2. Interesting to see Gangrel win, even if he needed help to do so. The action wasn’t too bad and Blackman can put a few moves together that make sense and help the flow of the match.)

10.) Blue Blazer comes down from the rafters and is stuck in the harness. Blackman goes to the aisle way and beats on Blazer with chops. Blackman continues to beat on Blazer. Blazer slowly gets pulled back up to the rafters.

11.) Patterson, Briscoe and Slaughter want The Rock to head to the ring, but he’s not coming.

12.) Vince McMahon is at ringside with the WWF World Championship and guarantees that someone will win the WWF World Championship. It will also be a Survivor Series we will never forget. McMahon calls out the Rock to come out. McMahon calls out Shane McMahon, who is acting as a referee for the show. Steve Austin is the last one to come out and gets a huge reaction. McMahon talks to Shane, Austin and Rock in the ring. Well, that is until the Undertaker cuts off Vince and makes his way down to the ring. Austin hammers away on Taker on the aisle way. Taker and Austin get in the ring trading more strikes. Rock and Austin hammer away on each other and go to the floor. X-Pac comes out and is met with a chokeslam. Big Bossman, Goldust and Mankind run into the ring. Steven Regal and Ken Shamrock run into the ring to brawl as well. Al Snow runs into the ring to get in on the action. The lights go out and Kane makes his entrance. The show ends as Kane enters the ring.

Final Thoughts:
I felt like this was pretty much “by the book” promotion for the pay per view taking place in an hour. It would be a good way to kill the last hour before the pay per view began, but it’s not crucial viewing or anything.

Thanks for reading.


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