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WWF Heat 11/8/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 11/8/1998
From: Houston, TX & Dallas, TX

1.) Scorpio & Bob Holly defeated Too Much
2.) The Godfather defeated Marc Mero
3.) Jeff Jarrett fought Droz to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Scott Taylor tells Brian Christopher that he loves him before the first match. Al Snow says that there is a secret group within the WWF and they are tired of not getting a push. Snow introduces Scorpio and Bob Holly. They are wearing t-shirts that have “JOB Squad Black and Blue Crew.”

2.) Holly shoulder blocks Taylor to start the match. Taylor elbows Holly to break free and tries for a hip toss, but Holly counters. Taylor hip tosses Holly anyway. Holly arm drags Taylor a few times to keep control of the match. Holly plants Taylor with a pump handle slam for a two count. Scorpio goes after Christopher in the corner. Christopher sends Scorpio to the floor and clotheslines Holly to help Taylor. Holly gets an inside cradle on Taylor while Christopher stood on the top rope and he mouthed “that’s not the finish.” Holly pins Taylor with the inside cradle. (*. Well, they must have messed up the finish because the referee stopped after two out of confusion. It’s funny that the guys not getting a push is how they end up getting a push.)

3.) Backstage, Val Venis is interviewed about last week. Venis calls Terri a liar. Venis says he has to take precautions for his career and he can’t have children due to a vasectomy. If he could have children then there would be many of them around. So, it would appear that Terri hasn’t been faithful.

4.) The Undertaker comes out prior to X-Pac’s scheduled match with Steven Regal. Paul Bearer is with Undertaker and calls X-Pac “X-Punk”. Pac grabs the microphone and tells Taker he has respect for him and doesn’t know the deal. Pac threatens Bearer and that causes Taker to attack Pac by hitting a chokeslam. Bearer taunts Pac before walking off with Taker. I’m guessing there’s not going to be a match.

5.) Backstage, Sgt. Slaughter is with Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe. Slaughter is chatting with them as they had been beaten up inside a steel cage by Bossman on RAW. Vince McMahon arrives in a limo and they briefly interact before the camera pans away.

6.) Shane McMahon is the referee for the Godfather/Mero match. Godfather wants to hook Shane up with some hoes a little later, which Shane is interested in apparently. Godfather says that he’s going to keep his women away from Mero, considering Mero’s lack of luck with women. We see Vince McMahon who says if Shane doesn’t do well he’ll be demoted to ring crew.

7.) Mero works over Godfather in the corner with strikes. Mero gets rammed head first into the corner by Godfather. Mero backdrops Godfather over the top to the floor. Mero rolls Godfather into the ring and hits a slingshot splash for a two count. Mero chokes Godfather over the middle rope and that allows Jacqueline to choke Godfather while distracted by Mero. Mero slams Godfather but gets crotched over the top rope. Godfather atomic drops Mero followed by a clothesline. Godfather splashes Mero in the corner and delivers a savant kick. Godfather plants Mero with a DDT for a two count. Mero tries for the TKO, but Godfather counters with the Piump Drop for the win. After the match, Jacqueline slaps Godfather and escapes with Mero. (*1/2. A solid enough match, though I didn’t like the focus put on Vince and his buddies backstage during it.)

8.) Backstage, X-Pac warns Undertaker that tomorrow night on RAW they are going to fight.

9.) WWF Tag Team Champions Road Dogg and Billy Gunn make their way down to the ring and do their catchphrases. Vince McMahon is wheeled out with his cronies by his side. McMahon has two words for them says that one week from tonight there will be a triple threat match at Survivor Series. The New Age Outlaws will be defending against The Headbangers and the team of D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry.

10.) Owen Hart makes his way down to ringside and joins the commentary table. Owen has retied from the World Wrestling Federation due to the Dan Severn situation. We see footage from RAW where Owen decked Severn, who was in a neck brace. Steve Blackman made the save and attacked Owen backstage. Blue Blazer came out and attacked Blackman. Owen came to RAW to show the truth that he’s not the Blue Blazer. Owen is retired and no longer on the WWF roster.

11.) Droz elbows Jarrett, but runs into a knee lift. Jarrett drives Droz face first into the corner. Jarrett boots Droz and hits a swinging neckbreaker followed by a stomp. Droz plants Jarrett with a powerslam. Jarrett backdrops Jarrett over the top to the floor. Hawk attacks Droz and pummels on Droz with strikes. Animal goes after Hawk and beats on Hawk with Droz. Animal puts Hawk on his shoulders and Droz hits the Doomsday Device on Hawk! (1/4*. I actually liked the advancement for the story between the Legion of Doom here. Hawk being presented as a drunk is a bit much, though.)

12.) The Rock makes his way down to the ring to close the program with a promo. The Rock is here to be the number one contender to the WWF World Championship. Rock wants to set the record straight. Rock says he’s telling Vince McMahon that he’s going to be in that spot. McMahon says this is just business and not personal. McMahon says from a personal standpoint he has a problem with the people. If he has a problem with the people, then he has a problem with Rock since he’s the People’s Champion. McMahon just sees Rock as another piece of meat on the WWF roster. McMahon says that Rock is going to be in a match on RAW against Mark Henry. McMahon says if Rock doesn’t win by pin or submission then he’ll be fired. Rock doesn’t like that announcement. However, if Rock does win then he’ll be inserted into the Survivor Series pay per view. Rock says he’d rather be the people’s ass than to ever kiss his.

Final Thoughts:
The main focus of this episode was angle advancements since the wrestling wasn’t very strong at all. The advancements were effective enough, I’d say.

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