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WCW Saturday Night 8/12/1995

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Johnny B. Badd defeated Steve Armstrong
2.) Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated Eddie Jackie
3.) WCW United States Champion Sting defeated Dino Cassanova
4.) WCW Tag Team Champions Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater defeated the Nasty Boys
5.) WCW Television Champion the Renegade defeated Chris Sawyer
6.) Blue Bloods defeated Tracy Benton & Brian Logan
7.) Kamala defeated Mike Ligacy
8.) Ric Flair & Arn Anderson defeated Jim Duggan & Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Footage from Clash of the Champions on August 6th is shown where Vader saved Hulk Hogan from an attack by the Dungeon of Doom at the Dungeon. Vader clubbed Giant several times, but they didn’t hurt the big man and they had a standoff.

2.) Tony Schiavone interviewed Johnny B. Badd following his victory. Badd doesn’t like the sound of being a former WCW Television Champion. However, now that his friend Sting is the WCW United States Champion and wants a shot at his friend. There’s nothing more that he wants than the WCW United States Championship. Sting will find out that he is a bad man!

3.) A vignette promoting the debut of Cobra is aired. He has an issue with Sgt. Craig Pittman, who apparently deserted him during war. He’s out to destroy Pittman.

4.) Sgt. Craig Pittman is interviewed by Mean Gene following his victory. Pittman is getting quite use to winning matches in WCW. Gene asks Pittman if the name Cobra means anything to him. Pittman backs away and points at Gene. Pittman for sure knows the name and doesn’t appear to like hearing it.

5.) More footage from Clash where we see a complete video of Giant’s attack on Hogan at the Dungeon. They rehashed the angle where Giant rips Hogan’s cross off his neck, similar to what Andre did in ’87. After a beating from the Dungeon, Vader made the surprise save allowing Hogan’s buddies to make the save to get Hulk out of the dungeon.

6.) Hulk Hogan met up with Vader in Vader’s locker room to find out what he’s all about. Hulk has the same problems that Vader has and that’s the Dungeon of Doom. Vader is heard screaming and enters the room where Hogan is and he wants to know why Hogan is there. Vader says that Hogan has something he wants and he wants one more time to come after the gold. Hulk suggests that Vader teams with him and hie men to take on the Dungeon of Doom at Fall Brawl. Vader agrees to help Hogan as long as he gets a WCW World Championship match. Vader gives Hogan his word and they will be side by side. “I’m gonna take a shower!”, is kind of a hilarious last line for Vader to end the segment.

7.) Sags and Slater kick off the tag match with Slater working over Sags with a series of strikes. Sags battles back with a few blows to knock Slater to the canvas delivering a head butt to his lower midsection and Buck experiences the same. Sags atomic drops Slater to the floor. Buck legally enters as does Knobbs who pummels Buck in the corner. Knobbs plants Buck with a vertical suplex. Knobbs sends Buck face first into Sags armpit and Buck pretends to vomit in the corner. Slater enters and stops Knobbs with an elbow shot to the neck. Knobbs fights back and sends Slater face first into Buck’s armpit! Slater gets shoulder blocked by the Nasty Boys to the floor. Sags rams Slater face first into the door at the entrance way. Buck brawls with Sags on the floor for a few moments. Slater controls Sags with a swinging neck breaker and stomps on the canvas. Buck drops Sags with a big boot and more stomps. Sags is double teamed in the corner while Knobbs distracted the referee. Sags goes to the floor where Col. Robert Parker cheap shots Sags and Buck whips Sags with his belt. Buck rams Sags head first into Slater’s knee in the corner but doesn’t stay down long despite the offense.

Sags drops Slater with an axe handle shot and Knobbs gets the hot tag cleaning house with strikes. Knobbs scoop slams Buck and rams the champs into each other head first. Buck accidentally punches Parker off the apron. Parker tosses a drink into Sags face and Slater hits him with his boot. Slater has the cover and gets the three count! (**. A fine brawl between the two teams, but it feels like the Nasty Boys don’t really have much of a direction. While the victory isn’t a clean one, this is still a big win for Buck and Slater to build their creditability. I enjoyed what they did here.)

8.) Footage from WCW Pro is shown where Diamond Dallas Page attacked Dave Sullivan after Jimmy Hart had Dave’s rabbit. Maxx Muscle confronted Jimmy Hart, but The Renegade made the save. Apparently Jimmy had saved the rabbit.

9.) WCW Tag Team Champions Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater alongside Col. Robert Parker are interviewed regarding Sherri Martel and Harlem Heat. Parker says that Gene doesn’t know anything about romance. Parker was worried about Martel when she got hurt coming off the ropes. Now at Fall Brawl they will let their teams fight it out on their own to determine the champions.

10.) Lord Steven Regal and Earl Robert Eaton are interviewed following their victory. Regal and Eaton are appalled that Harlem Heat would get a WCW Tag Team Championship match at Fall Brawl instead of them. They know they deserve a shot and they will go about getting one at any cost.

11.) Kevin Sullivan is interviewed following Kamala’s victory. Sullivan says that he shook hands with Vader before Bash at the Beach and suggests that Hogan can’t trust Vader. Sullivan says that next week the balance of power will switch.

12.) Footage from Clash of the Champions where Vader defeated Ric Flair and Arn Anderson in a handicap match. Anderson was pinned by Vader and afterward Flair went nuts on Anderson for losing the match. They are still on the same page, though.

13.) Arn Anderson reassures everyone that they are on the same page and they will prove their dominance as a team against Duggan and Bagwell.

14.) Duggan and Anderson kick off the tag match. Anderson tries to cheap shot Duggan in the corner but Duggan counters with several strikes of his own. Arn elbows Duggan in the corner but walks into another elbow. Duggan blocks a big boot attempt and atomic drops Anderson. Bagwell decks Anderson and Arn bails to the floor. Bagwell tags in and controls Anderson with a hammerlock. Anderson nails Bagwell with an elbow but misses an elbow drop a couple of times. Bagwell punches Arn from the floor but Arn blocks a shoulder ram from the apron with a knee strike. Bagwell leaps off the top hitting a cross body for a two count. Anderson staggers to his corner and tags in Flair. Flair brings Bagwell to the corner and delivers a few strikes but Bagwell tries to fight back with jabs causing Flair to fall on his face. Bagwell backdrops Flair but is met with a boot to the midsection. Bagwell counters a suplex attempt with a rollup. Bagwell decks Flair with a right hand and Flair begs off before hitting a low blow. Bagwell is sent into the corner and Anderson enters. Duggan enters and works over the left arm of Anderson for a few moments. Duggan keeps Anderson on the mat with a hammerlock before sending Arn shoulder first into the corner.

Bagwell tags back in and hammers away on Arn a few times. Arn stops Bagwell with a left hand and Flair tags into the bout nailing Bagwell with a chop. Flair scoop slams Bagwell followed by a knee drop. Anderson tags into the match and continues to pummel Bagwell with strikes against the ropes. Bagwell battles back with strikes and Duggan comes back in to continue the strikes. Duggan punches Flair on the apron, but Flair doesn’t sell it. Flair knees Duggan while on the apron and drops Duggan across the top rope. The referee is distracted by Bagwell as Duggan continues to be worked over in the corner. Duggan tries to tag out to Bagwell but Flair prevents that from happening by dropping Bagwell over the top rope throat first. Duggan rolls to the floor after Flair pulled on his mouth. Duggan runs over Flair with a leaping clothesline. Anderson tags back in and hammers away on Duggan briefly. Duggan comes off the ropes and they collide heads knocking both men down. Bagwell and Flair tag in and they begin to trade strikes with Bagwell getting the advantage. Marcus backdrops Flair and scoop slams both Flair and Anderson. Bagwell power slams Anderson and puts a fisherman suplex on Flair for a near fall. All four men are battling it out until Anderson plants Bagwell with a DDT and Flair pins Bagwell to win the match. (**. A decent match to close the show. It was obvious that Bagwell would be eating the pin. I was kind of expecting some dissension between Flair and Anderson but nothing happened. Bagwell looked good in there with the veteran heels.)

Final Thoughts:
Two feature matches is also a good thing to see on Saturday Night. I enjoyed the show this week although the angles aren’t all that strong at this point.

Thanks for reading.

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