WCW Saturday Night 8/5/1995

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW Television Champion The Renegade defeated Lt. James Earl Wright
2.) WCW Tag Team Champions Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater defeated Gary Jackson & Brian Wall
3.) Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated Chris Kanyon
4.) Shark & Kamala defeated The Specialists
5.) Jim Duggan defeated Terry Richards
6.) Harlem Heat defeated Mark Starr & Frankie Lancaster
7.) The Blue Bloods defeated Johnny B. Badd & Marcus Alexander Bagwell
8.) Arn Anderson defeated Rick Garcia

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Hulk Hogan starts the show knowing that the power of Hulkamania will be challenged again by facing another Giant. Hogan knows that the Giant’s power comes from Andre. That’s the direction they are going with here.

2.) Jimmy Hart shares some thoughts on Hulk Hogan saying he’s been very emotional. However, the Giant made a mistake getting in Hogan’s face at Bash at the Beach. The second mistake was at the Clash of the Champions choking out Hogan. The final mistake will be on the Main Event where Hogan will be wrestling Kamala. The Renegade enters the scene and cuts a promo on Paul Orndorff. He warns Orndroff to meet his creation at the event.

3.) Col. Robert Parker is interviewed following Buck and Slater’s squash victory. He looks forward to his men taking on Sting and Road Warrior Hawk tomorrow night. Parker notes a time that Sherri would pull his hair and his father gave him advice to just knock her out next time. Oh, that’s quite nice.

4.) Oh boy, we get comments from Kevin Sullivan and his father. Of course, they are at the Dungeon. Sullivan gives us a rundown of all the members that have joined the Dungeon of Doom. The members all have a history with Hogan in some form. They are Shark (Earthquake), Kamala and the Zodiac (Brutus Beefcake). We see footage of Hogan in the Dungeon when he got choked out by the Giant.

5.) We see footage from Bash at the Beach where Ric Flair went nuts after Vader lost to Hulk Hogan inside a steel cage. Vader had enough of Flair and went after him in the corner. Arn Anderson came out and saved Flair from any further onslaught. Vader makes it clear that he has had enough of Flair sticking his nose in his business. There’s a video basically highlighting the feud between the two men as of late in WCW.

6.) Badd and Regal started the tag match with Badd frustrating Regal early on. Badd takes Regal over with an arm drag and Regal goes to Eaton to recover. Bagwell tags in as Eaton entered the match and yanks down on his arm before taking Eaton to the mat hitting a leg drop. Bagwell knocks both Eaton and Regal with dropkicks to maintain control of the bout. Regal tries his luck with Bagwell but is controlled by a headlock. Regal sends Bagwell into the ropes and Eaton delivers a knee strike to stop Bagwell. Regal goes on the attack following the cheap shot with several strikes. Eaton keeps Bagwell on the canvas with a punch to the mouth. Regal works over Bagwell in the corner with uppercuts but Bagwell knocks Regal down and Badd tags in to knock Regal to the floor. Eaton was on the top but got crotched when Regal went to the floor. Badd slams Eaton off the middle rope. All four men are going at it with Badd hitting a suplex on Eaton. Regal tosses Badd over the top to the floor, which should be a disqualification but the match continues. Eaton connects with a swinging neck breaker on the floor to control Badd. Regal hammers on Badd with uppercuts to maintain control but Badd gets a backslide and nearly wins the match.

Regal stops Badd with a butterfly overhead suplex. Eaton leaps off the top but misses an elbow drop. Regal gets tagged in but misses a rolling senton attempt. Bagwell gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes. Bagwell clotheslines Eaton over the top to the floor and takes Eaton over with a suplex. Badd knocks Regal out but the referee is distracted as Eaton hit a top rope leg drop and that allows Regal to pin Bagwell for the win. (**. Not a bad match and it’s obvious way Bagwell would be taking the fall here. A good win for the Blue Bloods, though.)

7.) Blue Bloods are interviewed following their victory. Regal wants to know what else they have to prove that they are worthy of a shot at the WCW Tag Team Championships. Regal doesn’t care about Gene’s opinion of their actions. Regal knows something about everything and says it is time for them to take all the steps to get the gold. They are going to conquer and they will.

8.) Hulk Hogan says that when Andre was buried that a part of him was buried with him. He talks about WrestleMania III and the biggest crowd he’s ever seen. He came out on top that night but didn’t think he’d be able to do it again. Hogan says that the Giant scared the daylights out of him. The rumors of Andre’s son was true.

9.) Arn Anderson and Ric Flair finish the show with an interview. They will both be fighting Vader tomorrow night at the Clash in a handicap match. Anderson says that a pack of wild dogs take down the lion. They are going to tire out Vader and then bounce onto him. Ric Flair chimes in and asks where Vader is now if he is so tough. He is laying on the ground daring Vader to come out. Flair says that Vader isn’t going to come out because he is with the baddest man alive, Arn Anderson. Flair promises that Vader is going to pay the price for jumping onto them.

Final Thoughts:
A decent feature match and the promotion for Clash of the Champions was done rather well. WCW is nowhere near what they were two years ago and has become too much of a cartoon show similar to WWF. WCW was great when they focused on wrestling and kept to that. This feels too much like a bad attempt of WWF cartoon storytelling.

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