The latest update to the blog features mostly WCW TV reviews between ’94 – ’99, WWF Heat 1998 and ECW Hardcore TV from 1999!

WCW Main Event 5/22/1994
WCW Main Event 6/5/1994
WCW Main Event 6/19/1994
WCW Main Event 7/3/1994
WCW Main Event 7/10/1994

WCW Saturday Night 8/5/1995
WCW Saturday Night 8/12/1995

WCW Pro 4/13/1997</strong>
WCW Pro 4/20/1997
WCW Pro 5/4/1997
WCW Pro 5/11/1997
WCW Pro 5/25/1997

WCW Saturday Night 5/10/1997
WCW Saturday Night 5/17/1997
WCW Saturday Night 5/24/1997
WCW Saturday Night 5/31/1997

WCW Saturday Night 7/4/1998
WCW Saturday Night 7/11/1998
WCW Saturday Night 7/18/1998
WCW Saturday Night 7/25/1998

WCW Saturday Night 7/3/1999
WCW Saturday Night 7/10/1999
WCW Saturday Night 7/17/1999
WCW Saturday Night 7/24/1999
WCW Saturday Night 7/31/1999

WWF Heat 10/4/1998
WWF Heat 10/11/1998
WWF Heat 10/18/1998
WWF Heat 10/25/1998
WWF Heat 11/1/1998
WWF Heat 11/8/1998
WWF Heat 11/15/1998
WWF Heat 11/22/1998
WWF Heat 11/29/1998

ECW Hardcore TV 3/14/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 3/21/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 3/28/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 4/4/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 4/11/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 4/18/1999
ECW Hardcore TV 4/25/1999

About Bob Colling Jr.
29-year old currently living in Syracuse, New York. Longtime fan of the New York Mets, Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Vikings. Looking forward to covering the Syracuse Mets and seeing the future of the Mets franchise locally!

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