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OVW TV 3/2/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Louisville, KY

1.) Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway defeated Disciples of Synn (Payne & Damien)
2.) Big Bad John & Bull Buchanan defeated Flash & Trailer Park Trash
3.) Redd Dogg & Shelton Benjamin defeated OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Damaja & Doug Basham by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The show is in memory of Robbie Dicks, who worked in OVW as Slick Robbie D. Jim Cornette voiceovers the moment sending his condolences.

2.) Dinsmore and Damien kick off the tag match to start the program. Dinsmore controls the left arm of Damien with a wrist lock. Damien counters the wrist lock controlling Dinsmore’s wrist, but Dinsmore takes Damien down to the mat quickly controlling him with a hammerlock. Dinsmore tags in but Damien stops Conway with a right hand to the face. Damien works over Conway with shoulder rams and right hands in the corner. Conway battles back with strikes but an eye rake stops him. Damien clotheslines Conway in the corner and goes for a bulldog but Conway counters and comes off the ropes with a clothesline for a two count. Conway tries to keep Damien on the mat but can’t get a three count. Damien and Payne work over Conway in the corner with right hands. Conway comes out of the corner and punches Payne a few times. Conway delivers a standing stump puller followed by a swinging neck breaker. Dinsmore elbow drops Payne but can’t get a three count after Conway delivered a drop toe hold. Payne continues to work over Dinsmore in the corner. Dinsmore hits Payne with a missile dropkick off the middle rope for a two count. Conway tags in and Payne gets hip tossed as does Damien. Conway and Dinsmore send the Disciples into each other. Conway goes for a neck breaker but is sent over the top to the floor by Payne.

Damien allows Synn to slap Conway on the floor before rolling Conway back into the ring. Payne works over Conway in the corner with stomps. Conway tries to tag out to Dinsmore but is prevented from doing so. Damien tags in Payne and Conway continues to be double teamed. Payne takes Conway over with a snap suplex for a two count. Payne sends Conway into the corner but misses a splash hitting the turnbuckle chest first. Conway starts to fight back and delivers a boot to the midsection. Conway plants Payne with a DDT. Payne tags out to Damien but Dinsmore gets the hot tag. Dinsmore backdrops Damien and comes off the ropes with a forearm shot. Dinsmore connects with a spinning heel kick on Payne and super kicks Damien for a two count. All four men are in the ring and Synn sprays something in Damien’s eyes. Dinsmore hits a German suplex on Damien to win the match. (**. A formula match and an actual finish is cool with me. Synn seems to be losing some steam in recent weeks.)

3.) Jim Cornette talks about the new OVW Heavyweight Champion the Prototype. Leviathan has refused to be on OVW television until he gets a rematch with Prototype. Now, Prototype is dealing with David Flair, who recently pinned him on television. It looks like Flair may be involved in a heavyweight title feud.

4.) OVW Heavyweight Champion Prototype and Kenny Bolin are interviewed. Bolin says that something out of the norm did happen last week. Bolin accuses that Leviathan has a drug problem and that’s because of Synn. Bolin puts over Prototype as the perfect athlete. Prototype is fine with having a rematch and says that Leviathan needs to go to rehab first. Prototype claims that Leviathan was getting high during their show. Prototype has a title match coming up next Saturday against Nick Dinsmore. He says that Dinsmore’s lips are shaped like Danny Davis’ ass. Prototype is confident that he will not lose the title. Cornette brings up David Flair, who wants Prototype in the ring for another match. Prototype says that he’s not going to wrestle David Flair again. Prototype says that wrestling Flair would be like having sex with a farm animal. Sure, some people would like it, but it’s just wrong. Cornette shows footage of Sean O’Haire and Mr. Black having issues recently.

5.) Sean O’Haire and Mr. Black had a confrontation earlier in the night. Black thinks that O’Haire is a traitor for leaving him in the ring with the enemy. Whomever wins the match will be the boss.

6.) Trash and Flash storm the ring and brawl with Buchanan and John before the bell sounds. Buchanan is double teamed in the ring but goes for a double choke slam. Bull is taken over with a double suplex and John is met with a double bulldog. Trash gets a two count on John. Trash works over John in the corner with several strikes and chops. John runs into a big boot and Trash connects with a running clothesline. Flash comes off the top to deliver an elbow strike on John. John gets control hammering on Flash, but Flash takes John down with a springboard cross body. Flash slams John followed by a springboard leg drop from the middle rope for a two count. John is met with a double elbow strike and Trash continues to work over John with strikes. Bull sneaks a tag to hit Trash with a top rope double axe handle and John connects with a bulldog. Bull drops Trash with a back elbow strike and knocks Flash off the apron. Trash is double teamed in the other corner while the referee is distracted. John drives Trash down with a side slam but Flash breaks up the cover. Trash is worked over with a double shoulder block. Bull knee lifts Trash and hammers away on Trash against the ropes. Bull tags John back in and they deliver another double elbow strike for a two count as Flash breaks up the cover. Bull chokes Trash over the middle rope for a few moments. Bull drives Trash down with a back breaker for a two count. Bull continues to work over Trash but Trash nearly wins with a sunset flip. Bull cuts Trash off with a quick clothesline. Bull misses a splash in the corner and Trash tries to get to his corner. Bull cuts Trash off from making the tag. Trash leapfrogs Bull and tags in Flash. Flash dropkicks Bull and does the same to John. Flash cleans house and nearly pins Bull with a side kick. Trash hammers away on John in the corner with right hands. Flash hits the Whip Flash off the middle rope. John grabs Flash to hit a choke slam as the referee was distracted. Bull goes for the cover and gets the win. (*1/4. Nobody seemed to care about this match. Bull and John could be a good dominate heel team at some point. The action felt pretty bland and it was mostly uninteresting.)

7.) Jim Cornette brings out Nidia for an interview. Cornette puts over Nidia for what she’s accomplished with Tough Enough and her training. Nidia will be wrestling at Six Flags on April 5th. Nidia is very excited to finally have match in OVW. She quickly gets cut off by Synn. Synn doesn’t care about Nidia and doesn’t want to listen to Nidia’s crap. She is sick of seeing Nidia’s face on her television every week. She’s sick of the fans cheering for her and is annoyed that Nidia won a game show. Synn doesn’t think that Nidia is tough and says she’s the toughest bitch in OVW. She has been chokeslammed by Kane and put through a table by Jeff Hardy. Eventually, Nidia tackles Synn and they have a cat fight. Damien and Payne hold Nidia but here come Shelton Benjamin and Redd Dogg to make the save.

8.) Jim Cornette is with Robert Briscoe and Ray Ramsey, two officials in OVW. They have been having issues on television for several months. Cornette says their issues are impacting business now. Cornette blames the referees for two recent title changes. Briscoe thinks that Ramsey is jealous of him for taking his job seriously. Briscoe says “if you wanna cut the mustard, you have to get off the porch.” That’s something I’ve never heard of. Cornette jokes about them wrestling a grudge match but the referees actually want to do that. Cornette asks the fans if they want to see it. The fans aren’t very vocal, but Cornette does it anyway. Whomever wins the match will be named the senior official for OVW. Briscoe agrees to that stipulation.

9.) Benjamin and Basham kick off the tag match with Benjamin taking Basham down with a series of arm drags. Benjamin controls Basham with a wrist lock but is taken down to the mat but quickly kips back up. Benjamin springboards off the ropes and flips over. Benjamin counters a hip toss and drops Basham with a spin kick for a near fall. Basham trips Benjamin and tags in Damaja. Damaja gets kicked to the canvas and they do a double kip up. Benjamin atomic drops Damaja and catapults Damaja chest first into the corner for a near fall. Dogg gets tagged in and along with Benjamin drives the champs gut first into the canvas after lifting them into the air. Dogg hooks Damaja hitting a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Benjamin tags in and works over the left arm of Damaja. Damaja tags out to Basham and Basham hits a nice double under hook face slam, similar to an Angel Wings. Basham sends Benjamin hard into the corner back first. Damaja tags back in and continues to wokr over Benjamin hitting front slam for a near fall. Damaja puts Benjamin in the tree of woe and Basham delivers a dropkick to Benjamin’s midsection. Benjamin drop toe holds Damaja face first into the middle turnbuckle.

Dogg gets the hot tag and Basham gets tagged in as well. Dogg hammers away on Basham with right hands and backdrops Damaja. Dogg tosses Basham with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Dogg plants Basham with a power slam for a two count. Benjamin brawls with Damaja but here comes the Disciples of Synn to attack Dogg and Benjamin. Damaja hits the Brain Damage on Robert Briscoe! Synn sprayed mace into Benjamin’s eyes. Nidia attacks Synn until Payne plants Nidia with the Payne Killer! Payne holds Nidia on the mat and allows Synn to whip Nidia with a belt. Ray Ramsey is trying to get in the ring but can’t get in. The Disciples continue to beat on Dogg and Benjamin as Dogg is met with a Flatliner by Payne. (*1/2. It’s not too bad of a match, but it wasn’t all that exciting. The aftermath was solid enough.)

Final Thoughts:
There wasn’t much going on this week and it felt like a lackluster program. The idea of Prototype feuding with David Flair for the title makes me shake my head. I can’t believe Flair actually has a win over Prototype (Cena). Hopefully next week is better.

Thanks for reading.



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