WWF Heat 1/13/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 1/13/2002
From: New York, NY

1.) Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Crash Holly & Funaki
2.) Billy defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri
3.) Dudley Boys defeated Perry Saturn & Sgt. Slaughter by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Scotty and Funaki start the match with Scotty delivering a shoulder block. Scotty drives Funaki down with a back suplex and does a moonwalk. Albert tags in and Funaki quickly tags out to Crash. Albert takes Crash down with the giant swing, which lasted several moments. Albert tags in Scotty to continue the match and Scotty delivers a big boot to Crash. Funaki hits Scotty from the apron allowing Crash to hit a clothesline. Funaki works over Scotty with stomps in the corner and distracts the referee for Crash to get a brief choke in. Scotty takes Crash down with a neckbreaker and slowly crawls to the corner. Albert tags in and cleans house with right hands. Albert jabs both opponents to the mat followed by a press slam on Funaki. Scotty bulldogs Funaki and tries for the Worm, but Crash stopped it only to be splashed by Albert. Scotty bulldogs Crash and proceeds to hit the Worm for the win. (*1/4. Well, I was rather bored with that one, really.)

2.) Backstage, Dudley Boys ask Sgt. Slaughter were their locker room is at. Slaughter doesn’t like them asking him that question. Slaughter insults the Dudleys and gets in D-Von’s face. Slaughter points out that they are former tag champions and that pisses them off. D-Von attacks Slaughter from behind and they beat down the legend sending him into the wall. Bubba suggests that Slaughter find himself a partner and they wrestle tonight.

3.) Perry Saturn meets up with Sgt. Slaughter and wants to be by his side because they have a military background and they will be taking on the Dudley Boys.

4.) WWF Tag Team Champion Spike Dudley is the special guest this week. The fans chant for ECW since Spike and Tazz are on the stage as champions. Spike grew up as a fan and to win the titles in MSG was awesome. Tazz thinks Spike is a great partner. Spike got a call from Tazz in 1996 to get a job in ECW. Tazz suggests they put the titles on the line at the Royal Rumble against the Dudley Boys. Spike says they have no fear and tells them to come get it. Michael Cole thinks they should go to the clubs, but Spike tells Cole that they’d never pick anyone up.

5.) Backstage, Spike Dudley meets someone who says they can help Spike pickup hot chicks. The guy is doing the Japanese voiceover thing and is plugging a movie. A woman with one breast enters the scene and escorts Spike out of the room. That was one of the worse segments I’ve ever seen.

6.) Tajiri starts the match with a kick, but Billy gets the advantage before running into a boot in the corner. Tajiri continues to kick Billy a few times but gets driven down to the mat gut first by Billy. Chuck gets a cheap shot on Tajiri while on the floor. Billy drives Tajiri down to the mat with a vertical suplex for a two count. Billy scoop slams Tajiri before heading to the top rope. Tajiri crotches Billy and then delivers a dropkick to the back of Billy’s head. Tajiri hits a handspring back elbow and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Tajiri locks in the tarantula, but Chuck punches Tajiri. Tajiri kicks Chuck off the apron and Billy hits the Fame-Asser for the win. After the match, Hurricane hits a crossbody on Billy and takes Chuck out as well to save Tajiri. (*1/2. That might be a little bit of an upset since Tajiri is a champion and he had a successful 2001. A decent match.)

7.) Saturn and D-Von start the main event with D-Von delivering a few right hands. Saturn clotheslines D-Von and continues to deliver strikes and a shoulder ram. D-Von connects with a spinning uppercut. Saturn hits a springboard crossbody for a two count. Saturn tosses D-Von with an overhead suplex. Slaughter gets tagged in and clotheslines D-Von and Bubba followed by scoop slams. Saturn tags back in and D-Von hits a clothesline. Bubba drives Saturn down with a back suplex and knocks Slaughter off the apron. Dudley’s hit the What’s Up on Saturn. D-Von hammers away on Saturn in the corner before tagging in Bubba. Bubba decks Slaughter in the opposite corner. Bubba misses a senton splash off the middle rope and Saturn delivers a superkick. D-Von and Slaughter get tagged in with Slaughter knocking D-Von down several times. Slaughter takes D-Von over with a vertical suplex, but Bubba helps out his partner. Saturn sends himself and D-Von over the top to the floor. Slaughter goes for the cobra clutch and has it locked in on Bubba. D-Von enters the ring and decks Slaughter from behind. Slaughter clotheslines both Bubba and D-Von. Slaughter whips the Dudley’s with his belt and is disqualified. After the match, Slaughter spanks Keibler with his belt. (*1/4. It was cool to see Sgt. Slaughter competing in a tag match, but the match wasn’t all that great. The finish was to be expected so that Slaughter doesn’t lose nor do the Dudley Boys.)

Final Thoughts:
Kind of a boring show this week for Heat. The main draw seemed to be for Sgt. Slaughter, but it was a disappointing hour of programming.

Thanks for reading.