Rebooking 2CW: Show #7, 2006

Squared Circle Wrestling
From: Syracuse, NY
Attendance: 275

The event starts off with a pre-tape promo by Steve Corino, similar to what happened last month. Corino is sitting on a chair and looking down at the floor and when he raises his head he’s smiling. Corino enjoys knowing that he’s inside Brodie Lee’s head while not being at 2CW events. Brodie is chasing for a championship that he will never obtain for as long as Corino is around. Corino isn’t going to be staying for long, however. Corino reveals that he’ll be returning to 2CW next month on July 15th. He’s teaming with Jimmy Olsen and is challenging Brodie Lee to find a partner to take them on in a tag team no disqualification match. Corino doesn’t believe that Brodie will find someone willing to put their body on the line for him. Corino is willing to put his body on the line for 2CW Champion Jimmy Olsen and that makes them the winner before the bell even sounds.

Opening Contest: Antonio Thomas vs. Loca Vida: Thomas appeared to be showing a new level of intensity as he’s looking to breakaway from the stigma as a comedy wrestler that he had developed in the WWE. Thomas looked at Vida as being such a wrestler, and quickly took his frustrations out on Vida by hitting a backbreaker and a sit out spinebuster in the early moments. Vida battled back with a head scissors and a tornado DDT for a two count. Vida took Thomas out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor and danced over Thomas’ body, which appeared to tick Thomas off. On the floor. Thomas regrouped and sent Vida face first into the ring steps with a drop toe hold and a back suplex on the floor. Thomas rolled Vida into the ring and hit a middle rope leg drop to a hunched over Vida. Thomas quickly picked Vida up to hit a bridging northern lights suplex for the win after nine minutes of action.

A pre-tape promo by Jason Axe is shown. Axe talks about having won his feud with Frankie Arion and his most recent victory against Josh Daniels as a sign that he’s on the rise in 2CW after a slow start. Axe believes that it’s just a matter of time before he’s in the main events and winning championships. Tonight, he continues his upswing as he will show John Walters and the entire world that Jason Axe is a main event guy.

Second Contest: Brian Fury vs. Isys Ephex: Ephex started the match focusing on Fury’s left knee trying to prevent Fury from hitting his fast pace, hard hitting offense. Ephex delivered a knee breaker and jumping neckbreaker for a two count in the early moments of the match. Ephex missed a splash in the corner allowing Fury to hit a German suplex, but was bothered by his knee. Fury looked to hit a spear in the corner, but Ephex moved and Fury hit the ring post shoulder first. Ephex lifted Fury onto his shoulder to hit an electric chair slam for a near fall. Ephex attempted to deliver a Vertebreaker, but Fury rolled over and spiked Ephex with a piledriver. Fury continued his offense with uppercuts and a running knee strike in the corner. Fury took Ephex over with a belly to belly suplex and signaled for a top rope move. Ephex managed to avoid a splash off the top and looked for a Burning Hammer. However, Fury landed on his feet and surprised Ephex with an inside cradle to win the match after eleven minutes of action. After the match. Ephex didn’t handle the loss very well and kicked Fury in the groin before hitting two Burning Hammers.

Third Contest: John Walters vs. Jason Axe: Axe attacked Walters during his entrance and sent Walters into the guard railing several times before the match even started. Axe continued the attack with a side slam onto the ring steps. They entered the ring to officially start the match with Axe confident with Walters rolling around in pain holding his back. Axe comes off the middle rope to deliver a knee drop to the lower back. Axe kept a body scissors on Walters and kept a sleeper on, but Walters didn’t give up. Walters stood up and rammed Axe back first into the corner to break free. However, Axe jumped off the middle rope to connect with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Axe gets a little too cocky by pie facing Walters and that leads to Walters responding with several stiff chops in the corner. Walters knocks Axe silly with a short arm clothesline. Walters continues with a series of snap suplexs and a delayed vertical for a near fall. Walters is noticeably gritting his teeth and holding his lower back. Walters sits Axe on the top rope and stands on the top rope, but with the referee out of position, Axe is able to deliver a low blow. Axe shoves Walters backwards to the mat. Walters struggles to his feet holding his back after the fall and Axe connects with a Death Valley Driver to pickup an upset victory after ten minutes of action!

A pre-tape segment with 2CW Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Olsen, Colin Olsen and Max Bauer is shown. Colin is clearly freaking out about his match with Brodie Lee later on. Jimmy is telling them that Steve Corino wouldn’t be happy to see them acting like cowards. Tonight is their chance to eliminate Brodie Lee and Spike Dudley. Bauer chimes in and says that he’s going to break that little bastard Spike Dudley in half. Colin is wondering why he’s stuck with having to take on Brodie and questions the decision making on that one. Jimmy gets in Colin’s face and says that this is about protecting the 2CW Heavyweight Championship and that Colin is more than capable to get the job done. Jimmy tells Colin to wake up and see that he has the ability to beat a guy twice his size. That appears to motivate both men and as they leave the scene Jimmy’s face turns to worry.

Fourth Contest: All Money Is Legal vs. Up In Smoke: The tag team rivalry continues with all four men going at it to start the match. Murda and Pusha hit stereo dives to the floor much to the delight of the crowd. AMIL hit a vertical suplex/crossbody combo on Cheech for a two count. Cheech stops Murda with a jawbreaker and tags in Cloudy to hit a missile dropkick. Cloudy continued his offense with a spinning heel kick and a side Russian leg sweep on Murda. Cheech returned to the match and they hit a side slam/leg drop combo for a two count. Cheech nails Murda with a clothesline in the corner, but misses a moonsault as Murda got his knees up. Murda connects with a swinging neckbreaker and tags in Pusha. Pusha hits a top rope blockbuster, but Cloudy made the save on a cover attempt. Late in the match, Up In Smoke drop Pusha over the top rope throat first and Cheech hit a lifting reverse DDT leading to a three count as Cloudy kept Murda on the floor. The match went on for ten minutes.

Fifth Contest: Brodie Lee vs. Colin Olsen: Olsen tries to attack as soon as the bell sounds, but Lee tosses Olsen across the ring and delivers a discus clothesline to knock Olsen silly. Lee sits Olsen on the top turnbuckle and slaps him around a bit. Lee runs the ropes and big boots Olsen off the top to the floor. Lee takes his time going to the floor and Olsen manages to pull Lee face first into the ring post. Olsen hammers away on Lee with wild strikes, but Lee is able to stop Olsen with a palm strike. They return to the ring where Olsen tries for a head scissors, but Lee counters with a side slam. Max Bauer and 2CW Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Olsen come out to show support and distract Lee. Colin low blows Lee and almost wins after a neckbreaker. Colin comes off the middle rope to deliver a forearm drop, but still can’t win the match. Late in the match, Bauer gets on the apron to distract the referee and Jimmy slides the championship to Colin. Lee ducks a title strike and big boots Jimmy off the apron before finishing Colin off with a swinging side slam for the win after eight minutes of action. After the match, Lee brawled with Bauer at ringside and chased the champion backstage to end the segment.

Backstage, Spike Dudley cut a pre-tape promo regarding his match with Max Bauer. Spike says he doesn’t have any fear against any opponent he’s ever wrestled. Spike mentions some of the big men that he’s overcome throughout his career and tonight Bauer will be added because his heart is bigger than Bauer.

Sixth Contest: Dizzie vs. Eddie Edwards: Early on they trade several chops with Edwards getting the advantage and hitting a leaping leg lariat for a near fall. Dizzie fought back with a spinning forearm and a front suplex for a near fall of his own. Dizzie continued his offense with a springboard clothesline and a backbreaker for a near fall. Edwards avoided a splash in the corner to connect with a Blue Thunder Driver to nearly win the contest. Dizzie rolled to the floor and avoided a suicide dive, which saw Edwards hit the railing. Dizzie put Edwards over the railing gut first and proceeded to deliver a leg drop off the apron. Dizzie rolled Edwards into the ring and jumped off the top looking for a swanton, but Edwards moved out of the way. Edwards delivers a running yakuza kick and a quick brainbuster to pickup the win after nine minutes of action.

Backstage, John McChesney cut a promo about his current momentum and says that getting a title shot for his third match is a blessing, but a curse for Jimmy Olsen. Tonight, the momentum continues and he’s walking out as the 2CW Heavyweight Champion.

Seventh Contest: Spike Dudley vs. Max Bauer: Spike dives off the top rope onto Bauer during his entrance, but Bauer caught Spike and slammed Spike through a ringside table in the opening moments of the match. Bauer grabbed Spike’s lifeless body and taunted the crowd before rolling Spike into the ring. Bauer took his time looking for a powerbomb, but took too long and Spike managed to deliver a low blow. Spike comes off the ropes to low blow Bauer again with a kick. Spike grabs Bauer and hits the Acid Drop to win the match after four minutes of action! After the match, Spike celebrates in the crowd while Colin Olsen is in the ring with Bauer asking what the hell happened.

A few matches to take place next week are announced with the show taking place on July 15th in Syracuse. The matches announced include..
Brian Fury in singles action against Isys Ephex
Jason Axe squares off against John Walters
Slyck Wagner Brown returns
The Briscoe Brothers make their 2CW debut to take on Up In Smoke
In the main event, current 2CW Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Olsen teams with Steve Corino to take on Brodie Lee and…. Spike Dudley in a no disqualification match!

Main Event: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Olsen vs. John McChesney: Olsen avoids McChesney at the start of the match by constantly going to the ropes. Olsen eye rakes McChesney for the cheap advantage and pummels McChesney with right right hands. Olsen tries for a backdrop, but McChesney countered by ramming Olsen face first down to the mat. McChesney comes off the ropes to deliver a big boot to spin Olsen around and hit a quick back suplex for a two count. Olsen bailed to the floor, but McChesney followed and sent Olsen into the guard railing. McChesney runs towards Olsen, but gets a drink thrown into his face and Olsen chop blocks McChesney on the floor. Olsen rolls McChesney into the ring and hits a slingshot elbow drop from the apron for a two count. Olsen focuses his attack on the left leg to keep McChesney on the mat. Olsen puts McChesney on the top rope and hit a hurricanrana for a two count. Olsen leaps off the middle rope, but misses a fist drop. McChesney comes off the ropes to deliver a few clotheslines and a running powerslam for a near fall. McChesney tries for a springboard moonsault, but Olsen got his knees up and manages to hit a piledriver for the win after twelve minutes of action. After the match, Olsen holds the title in the air as Colin Olsen and Max Bauer come out to celebrate. Jimmy is annoyed with them for losing and tells them that’s how you get the job done to end the show.

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