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WCW Pro 6/1/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Pro
Date: 6/1/1997
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Ultimo Dragon defeated Bobby Eaton
2.) Hugh Morrus defeated Jerry Flynn
3.) Amazing French Canadians defeated Robbie Brookside & Doc Dean
4.) Jim Powers & Hardwork Bobby Walker defeated Casey Thompson & Johnny Swinger
5.) La Parka defeated Mark Starr
6.) Public Enemy defeated High Voltage

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Eaton backs Dragon into the corner but cleanly backs away as the fans chant for USA and Dragon gets annoyed by that. Dragon delivers a few kicks and Eaton fires back with right hands. Eaton sends Dragon into the ropes, but Dragon nails Eaton with a kick to the head and Eaton rolls to the floor. Eaton boots Dragon and rolls Dragon into the ring. Ono delivers a few kicks to drop Eaton to the mat. Eaton has Ono, but Dragon comes off the apron to axe handle Eaton from behind. Dragon tries for a handspring back elbow, but Eaton gets a sleeper locked in. Dragon hits a jawbreaker and connects with a crossbody, but Eaton rolls through for a near fall. Eaton scoop slams Dragon and misses an elbow drop. Dragon gets a rollup and pins Eaton to win the match. (*1/2. They weren’t given a lot of time, but it was okay for what it was.)

2.) High Voltage attack Public Enemy, but are sent into each other in the middle of the ring. Rocco goes to the top, but Rage shakes the ropes and Kaos nearly wins with a rollup. Kaos hammers away on Rocco and sends Rock into the ropes leading to a sunset flip attempt. Rage takes Rock down with a springboard bulldog. Kaos clotheslines Rock from the apron and then slips off the apron causing the crowd to laugh at him. Kaos and Grunge get the hot tag with Grunge cleaning house. Grunge clotheslines both Kaos and Rage. Voltage run into each other and Rage is sent to the floor. Rock goes to the apron and they hit the Drive By to pin Kaos. (1/2*. Well, High Voltage were made to look like complete goofs with all the miscommunication. Rage displayed a few decent moments, and appears to be the talented one of the group.)

Final Thoughts:
Well, that ended up being an episode that could have been skipped, really. I was intrigued by Eaton/Dragon and to see how High Voltage would be presented. Turns out, neither were all that great.

Thanks for reading.

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