WCW Saturday Night 6/7/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
Date: 6/7/1997

1.) Public Enemy defeated Jerry Flynn & Mark Starr
2.) Hector Garza defeated Billy Kidman
3.) Ultimo Dragon defeated Damien
4.) Buff Bagwell defeated Rick Fuller
5.) Harlem Heat defeated Power Company
6.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Konnan by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jerry Flynn gets put through a table in the ring allowing Public Enemy to win the match. Apparently, Public Enemy are above any kind of disqualification.

2.) Kidman staggers Garza with a few forearms, but Garza delivers a few strikes. Garza misses a handspring elbow in the corner and crashes to the floor. Kidman head scissors Garza followed by an arm drag. Garza splashes Kidman in the corner followed by a snap suplex for a two count. Kidman hits a standing dropkick and comes off the ropes with a clothesline for a near fall. Garza plants Kidman with a powerbomb and a standing moonsault for the win. (**. For a rather quick match, I enjoyed it. They got some decent stuff in and Garza looked pretty good. Sure, Garza was a little sloppy, but he could be a good addition to the Cruiserweight division.)

3.) Lee Marshall interviews Sonny Ono and WCW Women’s Champion Akiro Hokuto. Ono says that Madusa is desperate to get the championship back. Madusa has made a career ending mistake by putting her career on the line. Hokuto says she will be champion forever and Madusa will forever be a wannabe.

4.) Dragon arm drags Damien early on to send Damien to the floor for a moment. Dragon takes Damien down to the mat and walks on his back. Dragon does a handstand in the corner before delivering a kick. Damien stops Dragon with a clothesline and taunts the crowd. Dragon arm drags Damien to the floor and fakes out a dive as Damien walked away. Damien spin kicks Dragon in the corner for a two count. Damien slams Dragon before hitting a splash. We see Psychosis watching the match from the aisle. Damien dropkicks Dragon for a near fall. Dragon hits a springboard twisting crossbody, but Damien rolls through for a two count. Dragon spin kicks Damien to the mat. Dragon takes Damien over with a standing hurricanrana for a near fall. Dragon sits Damien on the top turnbuckle to hit a hurricanrana. Dragon locks in the Dragon Sleeper for the submission victory. (**. Damien got a lot more offense than I was expecting to see. It was a decent match and didn’t feel like it was dragging along. Dragon looked crisp with his stuff and his match with Psychosis should be solid at the PPV.)

5.) Madusa was interviewed recently and she said she came to WCW to be the WCW Women’s Champion. She’s overcome a lot of things in her life. Madusa mentions that she had Hokuto right where she wanted her, but was beaten by Ono hitting her with the American flag. Madusa knows that she will get her shot again. Madusa had her at Spring Stampede, but Luna Vachon came in and took her out from behind again. Now, Madusa has put her career on the line. Madusa doesn’t give up and she will put her career on the line.

6.) Harlem Heat continued to attack the Power Company after their match, until the Steiner Brothers run into the ring and make the save.

7.) Lee Marshall interviews Hugh Morrus regarding his feud with Konnan. Morrus says that Konnan took it upon himself to attack him on Nitro. Morrus recalls all the things that has happened to him in WCW. Morrus says the laugh is always there. Morrus says that Konnan is going to find out why they call him “the laughing man”.

8.) DDP shoves Konnan away early on and we get a cut to the fans for a bit, so I’m assuming Konnan grabbed his groin. DDP has a hammerlock on Konnan until there’s a rope break. Konnan pulls DDP down to the mat by his hair. DDP takes exception to that and kicks Konnan on the butt while in the ropes. Konnan delivers a shot to DDP’s ribs and chokes DDP over the middle rope. DDP decks Konnan with a discus clothesline, which was a little sloppy. Hugh Morrus enters the ring and attacks Konnan. DDP plants Morrus with a diamond cutter. I think this means Konnan won by disqualification. After the match, Konnan stomps on a laid out Morrus, Well, I guess DDP is given the match for some reason. (1/4*. This was not a match for the most part. WCW doing this kind of thing honestly drives me nuts.)

Final Thoughts:
There was some decent wrestling matches thrown in there for this hour episode of Saturday Night. They touched on some of the undercard feuds and gave them some focus. I enjoyed it overall.

Thanks for reading.