WWE Smackdown 7/4/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Boston, MA

Lilian Garcia sings America The Beautiful to start the programming to celebrate America’s birthday. That is until Lance Storm, Test and Christian come out to cut that off. Storm says they have taken as much as they can of this crap. Storm kicks Garcia out of the ring and building. Christian notes the importance of July 4th for America and asks the question of do they know why they are even celebrating. Christian thinks the fans believe it’s in reference to the Will Smith movie. Storm is going to tell us what really happened and how America was founded as a British colony. Storm says that they turned their back on Britain in 1776. Storm blames America for the wars that happened. Storm mentions that they lost the Vietnam War and how they are hypocrites. Test chimes in and says they hate America just like the other countries. Rikishi makes his way out to have a match with Lance Storm.

Opening Contest: Lance Storm vs. Rikishi: Rikishi starts off with right hands and a backdrop to Storm. Rikishi clotheslines Storm over the top to the floor. Storm regroups on the floor and punches Rikishi from the floor. Storm tries for a springboard clothesline, but Rikishi hits a clothesline in midair. Rikishi sends Storm into the corner back first a few times before lifting Storm up and slamming him down to the mat. Rikishi misses a running back splash in the corner and Storm nearly wins after a heel kick. Rikishi elbows Storm a few times followed by a clothesline. Rikishi delivers a sit down splash. Christian is punched off the apron and the same goes for Test. Rikishi drags Storm to the corner. Christian distracts Rikishi allowing Test to deliver a big boot from the apron and Storm gets the three count. (1/2*. Sure Storm wins, but he didn’t get a lot of offense in and needed help from his buddies. I guess that’s good for creating heat, but it’s not great for gaining momentum.)

In the parking lot, WWE Undisputed Champion the Undertaker has arrived for his title match against Kurt Angle.

Backstage, Stacy Keibler is looking for John Cena as Mark Henry opened the door. Cena shows up and Stacy says that Vince McMahon would like to see him. Cena leaves and Stacy seemingly checks him out.

Second Contest: Rev. D-Von & Batista vs. Randy Orton & Val Venis: Batista and Venis start off the match with Venis hammering away on Batista. Venis tries for a clothesline, but Batista doesn’t budge. Venis kicks Batista on the knee and is met with a clothesline. D-Von tags into the contest dropping Val with a right hand. D-Von continues with a spinning elbow strike but runs into a boot in the corner. Venis slams D-Von to the mat and delivers a knee drop. Val hooks the leg for a two count. Orton tags in and elbows D-Von a few times. Orton hits a standing dropkick for a near fall. D-Von grabs Orton on the middle rope to hit a neckbreaker for a near fall. D-Von pummels Orton in the corner and chokes Orton for a moment. D-Von delivers a forearm shot. Orton boots a charging D-Von and hits a leaping bulldog off the middle rope. Venis enters and drops D-Von with a few right hands. Venis decks D-Von with a clothesline and a shoulder block. Venis counters with a sleeper with a sit out powerbomb for a near fall.

Orton returns to the match to powerslam D-Von for a near fall. Batista sneaks a tag but Orton forearms Batista and drops D-Von over the top rope. Batista drives Orton down with a rolling fireman’s carry. Batista misses a spear hitting the ring post. Batista clotheslines Venis and Orton misses a crossbody. Batista hits a spinebuster to win the match. (*1/2. I think I can get behind the Batista/D-Von team.)

Backstage, Chris Jericho is with Vince McMahon talking about how he can’t believe that Edge attacked him last week. Vince tells Jericho that he’ll wrestle Edge at Vengeance. John Cena enters the room to meet Vince. McMahon was impressed by Cena’s debut showing ruthless aggression. Cena puts his hand out to meet Jericho, but Jericho isn’t impress and is rather annoyed that Cena would cut into his conversation. Jericho asks what kind of ruthless aggression does Cena have and is promptly met with a slap to the face.

During the commercial, Jericho told McMahon that he wanted Cena tonight.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd interviews Kurt Angle regarding the main event. Angle says that he’s the poster boy for ruthless aggression. Angle admits it took him a little longer than it should to beat Cena and says he had the flu. However, he’s feeling good tonight and he’s going to win the WWE Undisputed Championship. Angle shows Lloyd his highlight reel where he pinned Undertaker and made Hogan submit at the KOTR. Angle asks what better night than the 4th of July to win the championship. Angle insults Undertaker for not being the guy who should represent America.

Earlier in the day, WWE Tag Team Champions Billy and Chuck had their own picnic by eating hot dogs in the locker room. Rico entered the scene and said the hot dogs are disgusting. Rico says that Edge and Hogan are the greatest threat to their tag titles.

Third Contest: WWE Tag Team Champions Billy & Chuck vs. Hulk Hogan & Edge: Hogan and Chuck kickoff the tag title match. Hogan shoves Chuck into the corner and taunts Chuck. The fans are heavily behind Hogan. Chuck drops Hogan with a few right hands. Chuck scoop slams Hogan and poses. Hogan has gotten up and delivers a few right hands. Hogan clotheslines Chuck followed by an elbow drop. Hogan sends Billy into the corner and Billy is met with punches from both men. Edge legally enters and avoids a press slam by pulling Billy down by his neck. Edge comes off the middle rope to strike Chuck, but Billy decks Edge to keep control. Chuck tags back in and shoulder rams Edge in the corner several times. Chuck tosses Edge with a double under hook overhead suplex. Chuck tags in Billy to continue the offense. Chuck punches Edge from the floor and delivers an elbow strike over the apron. Billy gets a two count after a vertical suplex.

Chuck returns to the match and casually pokes Edge with his boot a few times. Chuck elbow drops Edge for a two count. Edge fights back with right hand, but is sent over the top to the floor. Billy holds Edge, but Rico accidentally kicks Billy. Billy drops Edge face first off the apron onto the ring steps. Billy keeps a front face lock on Edge in the middle of the ring, but doesn’t get a submission. Billy sunset flips Edge for a two count and delivers a clothesline. Chuck tries for a slam, but Edge counters with a face buster. Hogan gets the tag and Billy begs off. Hogan hammers away on Billy and does the same to Chuck. Hogan clotheslines both men and sends the champs into each other. Hogan big boots Billy and goes for the leg drop, but Chuck connects with a superkick. Billy has the cover, but Hogan kicks out at two. Hogan clotheslines the champs. Hogan tags in Edge, who comes off the top to hit a double clothesline. Edge spikes Chuck with a jumping DDT. Rico trips Edge from the floor and Hogan comes around to deck Rico with right hands. Hogan drops Rico over the railing groin first. Billy comes off the ropes and is met with a spear for a two count as Chuck broke the cover. Chuck is punched by Hogan and a double boot to Chuck. Edge and Hogan hit leg drops leading to Edge pinning Chuck to win the tag titles. (***. This might mean the end for Billy and Chuck as a top team in the WWE and with the rise of Storm’s heel stable that could be the next focus. The action here was solid and they got plenty of time to tell a story. I’m never a fan of non-tag teams winning tag titles. I don’t see this lasting all that long.)

Fourth Contest: Chris Jericho vs. John Cena: Jericho goes right after Cena with right hands against the ropes and chops. Jericho delivers a back elbow strike, but Cena takes Jericho down to get a few punches in. Jericho bails to the floor to regroup, but Cena quickly follows. Cena rolls Jericho into the ring and catapults Jericho chest first into the corner. Cena plants Jericho with a spinebuster for a two count. Jericho rolls to the floor to take a break. Jericho decks Cena on the floor with a clothesline and drops Cena face first over the announcers table. Jericho kicks Cena in the ribs a few times. Jericho chokes Cena over the middle rope and jumps onto Cena’s back. Cena runs into a boot in the corner but dropkicks Jericho in midair. Cena clotheslines Jericho a few times. Cena forearms Jericho a few times and delivers a powerslam. Cena splashes Jericho in the corner followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Jericho rolls out of a sunset flip and tries for the Walls of Jericho. Cena counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Jericho chops Cena in the corner a few times. Cena plants Jericho with a DDT for a near fall. Cena misses a splash in the corner and Jericho connects with a bulldog but misses a springboard moonsault. Cena drives Jericho down with a spinebuster and nearly wins with a rollup. Jericho drops Cena with the Flashback and uses the ropes for leverage to win the match. (**. A decent match between these two as Cena continues to get a big rub working with the top heels on Smackdown in his first two matches. I was surprise that Jericho used the Flashback as that’s his third finisher. There’s no denying that Cena has ability and potential.) After the match, Jericho fakes Cena out on a handshake by decking him with a right hand. Cena ducks a clothesline and drops Jericho with spinning slam. Cena stands tall.

A brief video promoting the debut of Rey Mysterio Jr. is aired.

We see footage of Torrie Wilson winning the golden thong award. Stacy Keibler said that Torrie is sleeping with Maven, who is a judge. Torrie refuted by saying that Stacy is banging Vince McMahon and that led to a brawl.

Earlier today, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble brought Nidia to a trailer park with her eyes covered. Nidia is shocked to see a brand new double wide trailer. Noble says they can afford everything because his aunt died, too. Plus, he’s a champion. They enter the trailer take a tour. Noble shows Nidia running water and she’s amazed. Noble brings her to the bedroom and it has a full size bed for them to break in.

Fifth Contest: Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler in a bra and panties match: Keibler slaps Wilson to start, but Wilson sends Keibler into the corner a few times face first. Wilson kicks Keibler through the ropes to the floor. Keibler drop toe holds Wilson and they trade rollups that don’t count for the match. Wilson catapults Keibler into the corner chest first and rips off her top. Keibler kicks Wilson, but Torrie takes her down and they rollover the referee. Keibler nails Wilson with a standing spin kick. Keibler staggers Wilson with a jawbreaker. Wilson drops Keibler over the top rope and manages to take off Keibler’s bottoms to win the match. (DUD. I’m never a fan of this stuff to fill programming and sexualizes women in wrestling.) After the match, Wilson takes her clothing off to reveal her bra and panties.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd interviews the Undertaker. Taker thinks Lloyd is a very observant person and he’s pissed that Vince McMahon doesn’t have faith and confidence in him. Taker does admit that he’s thinking about next weeks episode of Smackdown where the Rock returns to the show. Taker is going to shove his fist down Rock’s throat at Vengeance. Taker asks who Lloyd would rather have an American bad ass or an American hero when it come to battle to end the segment.

Main Event: WWE Undisputed Champion the Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle: Taker starts off shoving Angle to the mat to show his power advantage. Taker shoulder blocks Angle and Angle bails to the floor to regroup. Taker shoulder blocks Angle to the mat once again. Angle took Taker down to the met for a moment and goes to the floor to avoid Taker’s attack. Taker yanks on Angle’s arm but Angle drop toe holds Taker followed by an arm drag. Taker big boots Angle to the floor. Angle returns to the ring and takes Taker down but is soon nailed with a clothesline. Taker clotheslines Angle in the corner. Taker snake eyes Angle and comes off the ropes to connect with a big boot for a two count. Angle tosses Taker with a German suplex. Angle hits a back suplex and covers Taker for a near fall. Angle backs Taker into a corner to deliver more right hands. Taker battles back with right hands in the corner. Taker ducks a clothesline to shoulder block Angle. Taker plants Angle with a DDT for a two count. Angle gets out of a slam attempt, but Taker goes for the tombstone. Angle wiggles free to get the ankle lock on Taker!

Taker rolls through to break the hold, but Angle hits an Angle Slam for a near fall. Angle drops his straps and locks in the ankle lock again. Taker refuses to give in and kicks Angle away. Taker stops a charging Angle and connects with the chokeslam for a near fall. Taker tries for the Last Ride, but Angle gets a triangle choke on Taker! Taker has Angle’s shoulders down and appears to submit at the same time leaving the referee confused as we go to commercial. (**1/4. The match would be better if they didn’t rely on using the ankle lock to fill time. I was expecting something better from these two so it was a little disappointing.)

Back from commercial, three referees can’t decide on who won the match. Thus, the original referee calls the match a draw. That doesn’t sit well with Angle who attacks Taker and puts him in the ankle lock again before leaving and saying he made Taker submit to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was a good show this week with three top matches to keep viewers interested in the program. The Noble segment was fine to give the character some more depth, which is always good. Smackdown flows really well compared to RAW at this point and I look forward to SD more so than RAW.

Thanks for reading.

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